10 Best Bitcoin WordPress theme In 2021

Best Bitcoin WordPress theme
Best Bitcoin WordPress theme

Bitcoin is one of the best coin in this marketplace. Which is dominated from last several years that is topped in business theme for your Bitcoin business. In this article I am going to mention 10 Best Bitcoin WordPress theme. As well as I will explain different metric of top WordPress bitcoin themes.

Best Bitcoin WordPress theme below

1. Cryptic

Cryptic wordpress theme
Cryptic WordPress theme

Like the first one is a cryptic Bitcoin WordPress theme, cryptic is the most beautiful theme. I think there is a 10 landing pages. It is so many beautiful pages in this theme, you can use these themes for see the Cryptocurrency chart.

That is working 100% properly and those are so beautiful and proper design and can clean calculate and design. It has, and I think this is all dominant in the bitcoin WordPress home market.

Featured of Cryptic WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $59  and Extended Licence $2800.
  • Include IEO listing demo.
  • You can be offering with ICO from this theme.
  • Full-screen sliders option, countdown timers, profiles and blog excerpt.

2. Tradent

Tradent WordPress theme
Tradent WordPress theme

Another one is Tradent Bitcoin WordPress theme. Tradent is the most beautiful theme. I think that is in three layouts, spatial layout you can use these things for your Crypto business or consultancy service, you can use.

I think it’s beautiful and white background is some blue colour combination. And as well as it has sharp option too, so you can use this properly. This WordPress focuses mainly Crypto business program. For instant, Crypto ICO, investment, exchanges, consultancy etc.

Featured of Tradent WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $59  and Extended Licence $1600.
  • All Cryptocurrency investment and trading WP theme.
  • Beautiful Cryptocurrency dashboard.
  • Multiple homepage with different beautiful pages included.

3. Itok is the list in Best Bitcoin WordPress theme

Itok WordPress theme
Itok WordPress theme

And another one Itok his most beautiful and amazing thing which has five different layouts which is definitely gone English spatial quality service like in your business. It is another Crypto business consulting, great ICO agency WordPress theme.

It says blog shop and contact form for a pricing panel tool and there is a beautiful calculator and chart. Which is a definitely effective for your business.

Featured of Itok WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $59  and Extended Licence $2600.
  • Nice Bitcoin trading and investment website template.
  • 5+ home page layout design.
  • WooCommerce friendly.

4. Kryptex One of the Best Bitcoin WordPress theme

Kryptex WordPress theme
Kryptex WordPress theme

And another one is a Kryptex. Kryptex is the most beautiful theme. I think there is three different layouts which is a scan box and then other different this team is especially used for blog I think and in this design is a totally professional blog look like.

And you can use those teams properly, and it has shown exactly it’s a shop and my currency late and also the current slider in the footer side of this of these themes. The Author also build some other beautiful Crypto website template that are awesome.

Featured of Kryptex WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $59  and Extended Licence $2600.
  • Unique Shortcode with WPbakery page builder.
  • Ideal for SEO friendly Crypto blog, magazine, ICO, investment etc.
  • Plugins include ThemeREX Donations  and WooCommarce.

5. XpexCoin

XpexCoin WordPress theme
XpexCoin WordPress theme

The other one is XpexCoin and XpexCoin going is the most beautiful theme I think and then being colour competition haha. Today only one is being colour combination and the other one is blue colour combination, so you can use the SIMs.

It has a good calculator price and member least a token solar list also, and then it has a combination panel which you can combine it the other coin with Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum coin also and that is a member profiles and review panel also which advisor bolt to can review other standard and beautiful header footer and then social icon too.

Featured of XpexCoin WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $49  and Extended Licence $2600.
  • Popular dynamic trading Crypto template.
  • 1 click installation with 2 home pages.
  • Pie Chart, Progress Bar for timeline.

6. Coinster

Coinster WordPress theme
Coinster WordPress theme

Another one is going to start Coinster has only just one piece, but it has been organized and then blog also a beautiful good colour combination design and most of all.

It has blogged and service panel which a useful for your business and footer is a really gorgeous you can use this and service panel you can use your service panel on this theme.

Featured of Coinster WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $49  and Extended Licence $2950.
  • Unison support WordPress Theme.
  • Bootstrap 3 base responsive theme.
  • Top class support.

7. Crypico is also Best Bitcoin WordPress theme

Crypico WordPress theme
Crypico WordPress theme

Okay, let’s click and go Crypico is the most adventurous thing I think it is a big slide on the main front and down scroll you can use those things in different part of your business like currency calculator. So it is another best Bitcoin WordPress theme

Also is as and speciality and top chart have done market trade and members profile and or advisory board profile and the different currency combination also. They offer free visual composer and revelation slider with the themes.

Featured of Crypico WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $59  and Extended Licence $2600.
  • The theme is design for Bitcoin wallet and Cryptocurrency site.
  • You get free visual composer, Redux framework.
  • Coin chart and WooCommarce with theme.

8. Cryption Is In Best Bitcoin WordPress theme

Cryption WordPress theme
Cryption WordPress theme

okay Cryption is another one beautiful theme, and it has three different layers on more than 15 different layers but, but you can use this layout for your better business solution I think. Look at MC hair is so beautiful design and gorgeous layout colour combination and member profiles. Members and many more. Okay Cryption and pricing panel. Okay, first time pricing panel on this theme, okay.

And it’s beautiful and content from to look at them footer, footer, sub footer and final footer. It was really organized. So, clipped radio is Am I really amazing team you can use those team profile business deals really and black and blue combination on top of the team you can see them coin price and market statistics so beautiful I think.

This team is really amazing colour and combination it’s wonderful for your business I think and motivation team panel members profile also and customer review too. So you can use these things for your business and

Featured of Cryption WordPress theme

  • Regular Licence $39  and Extended Licence $2590.
  • Specially build for Crypto agencies.
  • ICO and ICO advisor friendly.
  • 2 premium plugins included

9. Tolarec

Tolarec is fantastic theme like previous theme It has also top slider which is to provide your current rate and the moment and different block Coinbase and coin rate also.

And cryptocurrency rate and really amazing organized team It is, so you can use the same sentence properly. Also, now You can buy domain and hosting with Bitcoin to start your WordPress website.

10. Borsen

Okay, next one is roll person Person person is a really amazing Kim. Oh, it is used for specially I think and this is especially for ICO service and consultant service. If you have an experienced in consultancy, then you can use distance properly. The Best Bitcoin WordPress theme give you best performance htan other.

Best Bitcoin WordPress theme conclusion

It’s good for your business, I think See? So thank you for watching this video and like share and comments below. And I’m putting every single link with this name on the video view details on the below. So like share comments and do subscribe for next update. Enjoy