Bitcoin Prepaid Card in Bangladesh

Bitcoin Prepaid Card

In Bangladesh there are many payment methods to receive money from the abroad. Bitcoin Prepaid Card is now popular worldwide. Some of the company provides ”prepaid master card”. Basically, a number of freelancers are working on the online platform. They need to get paid by their clients worldwide in different payment method. Many clients want to pay through Bitcoin for low transaction fees. So freelancer is always welcomed this cost effective currency Bitcoin.

As per post title Bitcoin Prepaid Card in Bangladesh I research and gather information about who provide a Bitcoin prepaid master card in this country. Moreover you can buy Bitcoin instantly with debit card from any part of the world.

They are usually known as “wallet cards” – you load the several Bitcoin pocketbook with BTC and you handily pay it where you wish. Several card suppliers allow you to withdraw different cryptocurrencies to fiat money, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Rippel, Cardona and different crypto wallets tied to cards they issue.

What is Bitcoin Prepaid MasterCard?

Day by day many people are investing money in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. For this popularity Bitcoin prepaid card provider company is raising card supply worldwide. It’s also called Crypto Debit Cards. If you do not sell your BTC and want to withdrawal faster than a BTC MasterCard is ideally and beneficial for you.

A Bitcoin prepaid master can be virtual or physical card. The Bitcoin ATM cards are a debit card meaning there is no credit line tied to them. Very fast this service expanding worldwide.

Prepaid card means what you have load in your card previously you can withdraw that amount only. You can load Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in a special crypto wallet, which is connected to a prepaid card.

When you want to pay or withdraw cash, it’s instantly converted to fiat currency like USD, EUR, GBP or any local currency as per country allow and the payment is made easily. You should be aware about the fees in different company serves.

Bitcoin Prepaid Card Features 

  • Low commission/ Transparent pricing and limits
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Both Chip & Pin and virtual cards are available
  • Accepted anywhere major cards
  • Shop any time, anywhere in across the world

Where I can get prepaid Bitcoin Mastercard?

One of the most excited product of the cryptocurrency is Bitcoin debit cards. You can easily spend your Bitcoin through VISA or MASTERCARD payment at an ATM. There are two types of card 1. Bitcoin prepaid card no 2. Real-time card. Buying Bitcoin with a debit card is really incrementally easy and we recommended some of the service below.

This card allow in Bangladesh to deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin. Included there service you can also take service gift card and Mobile Top-Up. Spectrocoin give you opportunity to get your Balance in your cash to hand through ATM.

  • Card Types: Anonymous, virtual and plastic.
  • Balance in: BTC, EUR
  • Country allow: All countries are allow with Bangladesh.
  • Card Price: For the first time plastic card $50 and virtual card €9.00
  • Delivery time: plastic card 2-4 business day and virtual card Instantly.
  • Monthly Fees: Plastic card $1 and virtual card €1.00.
  • Card Lord Via Wallet: Plastic card –1% and virtual card 1%
  • ATM Withdrawal: Plastic card $2.5 per withdrawal and virtual – no fees
  • POS/Online Transactions: Plastic card $0.25 and virtual card €0.25
  • Currency exchange: Both are 3% fees
  • Country: Lithuania

Another popular card Raxcard is allow money to withdrawals worldwide and allowed Bangladesh. Reloadble Bitcoin debit card, web-money, perfect money included the service. It is very first and easy to withdrawal bitcoin, perfect money and web-money via automated teller machine. Raxcard is a US registration base company providing service worldwide.

  • Country allow: Worldwide. Allow Bangladesh.
  • Delivery time: Generally 3-4 hours business day.
  • Card Price: For the first time you need $50
  • Monthly & Yearly Fees: Plastic card free.
  • Card Types: Mastercard.
  • Balance in: BTC, USD
  • Country: USA registration base
  • Card Expiry Date: 4 years
  • Active time: Very short time
  • ATM International Withdrawal: 0.99%

Payment card gives you digital money to fiat local currency instantly worldwide through ATMs. With highest security stander level and real-time accessibility worldwide. To reduce the gap between digital currency to fiat currency this is one of the trusted company. Paycent is one of the Texcent product and a global payment platform solutions provider. Paycent Hybrid App is one of the popular financial technology industry.

  • Card Types: Unionpay.
  • Country allow: Worldwide. From Bangladesh you can apply a card.
  • Card Price: For the first time you need $140
  • Delivery time: Generally 2-4 hours business day.
  • Monthly & Yearly Fees: Plastic card free.
  • Card Lord fees: $0.5 up to $2.50
  • Retails online transaction: free
  • Minimum lord amount: $10
  • Country: Singapore
  • Details fees: here

Uquid VISA Debit Card

You can pay through Uquid debit card safely and securely, person or shopping. Uquid will help you to upload your balance to your card to spend different country. At any time day or night or any place you can used this Bitcoin debit card. If you have any fault in your account than no problem they will back your balance securely. You can get the real time Bitcoin price.

Uquid VISA Debit Card
  • Card Types: Bitcoin debit card, virtual and plastic card.
  • Balance in: BTC, USD
  • Country allow: Country restricted.
  • Card Price: Fast and Free Delivery
  • Delivery time: Instant delivery with just 1 GBP/EUR/USD
  • Monthly Fees: free.
  • Card Lord Via Wallet: free
  • ATM Withdrawal: Unlimited ATM Withdraw
  • POS/Online Transactions: free
  • Valid: Valid for 3 years
  • Country: London, UK

Xapo Debit Card

Xapo is the first market Bitcoin card popular with many crypto enthusiasts by different country’s. But in the United State (US) is not valid this card, mainly available in most of the European country’s. This debits card funds come out directly from your Xapo web wallet account. From fiat to digital currency it is first and smooth transaction that’s made you happy. Service debit card are temporary stop/ coming soon.

Note: From October 15th 2017 Xapo suspended service on all existing debit card users who live outside of EU territory.

A freedom of liquidity for all over the world. Get a Bitcard to withdraw money through ATM anywhere and anytime. You do not need associated with any bank account. It is completely safe, valid and secure to shop. This company crypto wallet gives you an instantly recharge service. Any time you can cancel this card service. It is not only a credit or debit card, but also top up a limited amount.

  • bitpay cardCard Types: MasterCard.
  • Country allow: Spain. By gradually many country adding.
  • Card Price: €20
  • ATM Withdrawal: withdrawal fees €1
  • Reviews: There review rating is good.
  • Delivery Time: BitPay Card via US Mail in 7-10 business days.
  • Fees: Monthly transactions for a 1% processing fee.
  • Accept: Moreover they accept BTC, USD
  • Country: Atlanta, United States

Bangladesh allow Bitcoin Prepaid Card?

Cryptocurrency transaction and trading is illegal in Bangladesh but many people are involved to using digital currency. Already Bangladesh bank warned all other commercial banks of Bangladesh to worry about Bitcoin users. The foreign exchange police department and some other determent are monitored cryptocurrency deeply.

Already (BFIU) begun to look for Bitcoin trader and BTRC also assisted in this case. Some of important meetings held on the matter. Many freelancers already involve who trades and get paid their foreign client. People who regularly revel in the abroad they also purchased bitcoin and even some local celebrities, cricketers also involve with this cryptocurrency currency.

Already, government has warned people not to make any transactions with bitcoin!

Meanwhile, the govt. has warned individuals to not build any transactions with bitcoin. in step with Bangla Desh Bank, bitcoin is neither accepted nor thought of tender anyplace within the world, and it’s risky to use this currency. The commerce of this currency would possibly cause infringements of laws concerning hiding or funding terrorist act.

Information source

BFIU said Bank and some of financial organization order to consume trade cryptocurrency trading. In order Bangladesh law, there is no legal way to trade or purses digital currency through banking channel. Cybercrime working on this matter to hunt Bitcoin trader and users.

As per above circumstance:  Bitcoin prepaid card not legal in Bangladesh.

How to apply Bitcoin master card in Bangladesh?

Already we have mentioned it is not properly legal in Bangladesh but if you are still wanting to get a Bitcoin prepaid card in Bangladesh than there have some option to get it.

You can easily apply to get crypto or Bitcoin prepaid card. Just go to one of those mention website addresses and register your account. When you get your account, then you can deposit some BTC or USD to get your desire card. Somewhere there you no need to deposit money to get the card.

How to withdrawal Bitcoin in Bangladesh?

To withdrawals your fund to your hand cash, you can go to your nearest ATM booth. Punch your card in any VISA card supported machine, then put your password to withdraw the amount. You should have the amount of USD or BTC with fees to withdraw the balance.

Bitcoin to BTD convert through ATM booth

Already, a number of companies offered to convert your BTC to BDT. The mention site is providing the services you can check to converting your BTC to BDT through ATM card or direct bank account. You can visit a top cryptocurrency exchange and open an account to convert your cryptocurrency to USD to BDT.

Mobile top up with Bitcoin In Bangladesh

If you are searching to recharge your mobile phone with Bitcoin in Bangladesh than there have several online services. So, to do you need BTC into your wallet. Now pay the rechargeable amount that you want to top up in your mobile phone.

Mobile top up with Bitcoin

Simply to go service provider website and put your desire mobile number. After than put your desire amount that you want to recharge. Now there displays A BTC amount to send them. You can also check your order or transaction processing status. Most of the charge the recharges made instantly.

Mobile Recharge Website With Bitcoin


You can pay with Bitcoin, Dash or Steller to recharge your Bangladesh mobile phone using Bitcoin. However, It is a pretty good way to refill, and recharge Airtel, Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi and Teletalk with Bitcoin in Bangladesh.

Finally, Bitcoin Prepaid Card in Bangladesh is very important them who are wanting to use an instant money transaction. Hopefully, mention above web service provider give you opportunity as you need. However, one thing should remember, in the internet, there are a number of scammers are available. So, make sure your safety before making any transaction.