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Bkash to Nagad Exchange Guide In 2022

Bkash to Nagad Exchange Guide In 2022
Bkash to Nagad Exchange Guide

Are you looking for an exchange or a platform where you can easily convert your Bkash money to your Nagad account wallet? Then you are in right place to find it. Here I am going to explain step by step how you can complete Bkash to Nagad exchange easily.

It is Possible To Transfer Cash from bKash to Nagad in different ways. Yes, you are in the right place to do it.

Bkash exchange

Bkash is one of the most popular mobile banking service companies in Bangladesh. With Bkash you can purchase from online shopping, person-to-person balance transfer, bill pays and donate, etc.

Already many international websites are also accepting Bkash payments. It is a BRACK Bank product and BRACK bank already expanded its service worldwide. So, day by day Bkash getting popular on online platforms.

The user is are not allow to transfer Bkash to Nagad money transfer. But always an alternative you user can do it. Third-party online apps and websites have the opportunity to do it.

Below is a trusted third-party service provider where you can convert your Bkash to Nagad exchange. After converting the Bkash cash out charge is not very high.

1. Bkash to Nagad Exchange BTCtoBDT.com

This is an online m local money exchange where you can get instant Bkash to Nagad exchange. With a little number of fees, you can convert your Bkash balance to a Nagad balance wallet. The site is quick and trusted Bkash to Nagat convertor.

  • Free: 1% fees will be applied
  • Transaction time: It will take 15 minutes
  • KYC: No KYC need for transaction
  • Limit: It allows 10k maximum transaction

How to Send Money from bKash to Nagad

Read the instruction below so that you can learn how to transfer you Bkash balance to Nagat account easily and instantly. So, to send balance bkash mobile to another mobile banking wallet you need to press *247# from your mobile app.

  • The first step, go to the ➜ BTC to BDT website and register an account.

After registration, complete your email verification then selects

Bkash to Nagad option
Bkash to Nagad option
  • Now put the desired amount that you want to convert bkash to Nagad. After then put in your email and your Nagat mobile wallet number.

    Nagat mobile wallet number
    Nagat mobile wallet number
  • Now go to your bkash mobile wallet and send the amount to their Bkash wallet.

    bkash to nagad traction
    bkash to nagad traction
  • Finally, click on the exchange submite button with your send money transaction ID and wait 10 to 15 minutes to get your balance in your given mobile wallet.

Advantage of Bkash To Nagad Exchange

  1. Bkash transaction cost is high than Nagad mobile banking. Bkash and Nagad somehow have the same advantages but Nagad is more user-friendly than bkash.
  2. Nagad rapidly increasing its users and a number of people are using this mobile banking service.
  3. Charge or frees are cheaper than Bkash mobile banking.
  4. Nagad tranastion fees
    Medium Cash Out charge – Per 1000 (excluding VAT) Cash Out charge – Per 1000 (including VAT)
    USSD 12.99 taka 14.94 taka
  5. Bkash transaction fees
    Cash-out charge TAKA
    USSD Code * 247 # 18.50 Tk
    Bkash app cash out charge 17.50 Tk
    Bkash cash out charge From ATM 14 Tk
  6. Bangladesh government institute Dak Bivag is associated with this mobile banking service. On the other hand, Bkash is a BRACK bank associate.

Bkash to Nagad Exchange step by step Guide and this guide help you to send money directly to your nagad mobile wallet instantly and easily