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Buy Bitcoin With Skrill At CEX.IO

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill at CEX is a great opportunity who has no alternative easy way to buy BTC. Thus, who is leaving the European Union country they can purchase Bitcoin using EUR at the best and cheap price. Since 2013 CEX.IO is one of the popular and trusted sources of buying Bitcoin through Euro using multiple payment method.

This reputable Cryptocurrency exchange has several payment funding option. So, people can use different payment method, namely via bank account, Skrill or SEPA.

You also able to buy Bitcoin with VISA card at CEX that is connected with your Bank Account. After linking your account by gradually you can buy Bitcoin. In the same way using your card you are able to withdraw your fund.

In this teach post here is all about how to buy Bitcoin with Skrill at CEX.

Buy BTC With Skrill At CEX

SEPA is a European Union financial payment service. It is a payment service system bank to bank using the Euro. This gives you the advantage to transaction first and secure.

So, to transaction in this way beneficiary needs an IBAN number to identify the bank. More you need an individual Bank AC number to complete transaction processing.

Skrill is digital, online payment service provider all around the world. Some of the country has the extra advantage for cheap deposit and withdrawal. Thus, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain under this facility.

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill at CEX follow the step bellow.

Step – 1

Create an account on CEX.COM with all the necessary information. After SignUp your account, go to confirm your email address. In this section you will be asked to verify your identity with a valid photo attache ID card. You also need to verify with face in camera in real time.

verify your identity
verify your identity

Step – 2

Log in to your CEX cryptocurrency exchange account. Chose an payment option to deposit for example Bank Account. In this area select Bank as payment option. When you click the option you will be redirected a new Bank payment option interface.

Step – 3

After funding your CEX account balance any of the above mention payment option method, you are able to buy Bitcoin. Buy BTC as well as other cryptocurrency using your CEX refill balance.

Buy BTC at

Exchanges Fees

Most popular trading pairs are USD/BTC in the cryptosphere market. Other currency fees is not high on this platform. However, if you want to buy Bitcoin with Skrill at CEX exchange, it’s needed a small fee.

Some of the crypto pair trading fees are zero. For instant, LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC is zero fee. Some of the customizable API and mobile app allow you lower fees. In the same fashion high liquidity.

However, sometime somewhere fees may vary as per location and the currency. So, be check before buy any Cryptocurrency.

Knowledge base information for CEX.IO

  1. The exchange service provide country area is United Kingdom.
  2. Verification process take approximately 1 weak.
  3. Moreover, average transaction fees is high.
  4. It’s integrated wallet so that you can transfer Crypto to your own wallet.
  5. Also there have Mobile App, Business Accounts featured.
  6. It has affiliate program and cold Storage.

Supported payment methods

  • Credit / debit card
  • Wire transfers (including SEPA)
  • CryptoCapital accounts

Buying BTC Limits

The exchange platform two categories account for buying limit. The basic account holder can buy $1000 worth of Bitcoin per day. Moreover, monthly buying limit is $3000. This basic membership account can use only credit card as a primary payment method.

The verified account holder is able to by $200,000 per day. Also, the maximum limit is $500,000 monthly and purchase through bank wire transfer.

Advantages of

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill, Neteller, Visa Card and other payment system.

A support page is integrated on the website. Moreover, and email contact option.

Multiple payment option with multi currency pairs trading option.

Easy to use, nice and clean and clutter-free trading interface.

In addition, margin trading option for the expert professional crypto traders.

Also security and safety is high level.

Disadvantage of

The exchange contain a long list of Cryptocurrencies over there.

Support are not available for eWallet related service.

Also, could base wallet is not highly secured. Official Links

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Conclusion: Now crypto market is highly competitive. So, Bitcoin user is eager to buy BTC with cheapest and trusted way. This CEX cryptocurrency exchange gives you to buy Bitcoin with Skrill payment option. However, CEX.IO exchange multi payment option makes this platform more valuable among the beginners.

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