Top 10 Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payment

Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payment

Early period Bitcoin was like an orphan because there was a bad time. Many people and organizations have not accepted it positively. But many of them are understood it crown side. So, remarkably some of the world’s top-level companies are started accepting as their payment method. Moreover, now companies that accept bitcoin payment they are getting popular. Here just I am bringing back to remember their starting contribution.

Now a number of companies, organizations accepting Bitcoin for their payment system. I just pick up some reputable and world-famous companies who are accepting BTC as their payment method. So, here is a list of companies that accept bitcoin payment as their payment method.

Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payment

1. Overstock

One of the leading and famous online retailers, shopping website is overstock who accepts Bitcoin as their payment system. Moreover, this site is another popular cryptocurrency field. They not only accept Bitcoin as their payment method but also accept multi-crypto payments for their online shopping. Also, they are selling tickets with low price overstocking.

Since January 2014 this online big company accepting digital currency. The interesting thing is they not only accepting Bitcoin but also holding it too. The customer is able to purchases different from the online like, clothing, baby items, furniture, etc. They serve and contribute Bitcoin community in the best way.


2. Microsoft

One of the world’s giant company accepting Bitcoin since 2014. Microsoft founder Bill Gates commented on the digital currency Bitcoin and say “Bitcoin is better than currency”. It started BTC for its own service online Xbox Store though the pause in accepting for high Bitcoin price volatility. Now they strictly accept BTC for the service of Windows and Xbox sales.

Late in December 2014, this giant company accepting Bitcoin, and users can deposit money in their Microsoft account to buying different movies, games, and different apps. It’s also mentioned able that the user is not able to refund the fund.


3. PayPal

PayPal is a giant payment processor company around the world. Recently they accept Bitcoin payment for its merchant service. As per SEC news media, PayPal can integrate with Braintree to start to receive payments like prepaid cards, Vienna as Bitcoin. They first announce Bitcoin acceptance in 2014.

As you know this giant payment service company accepts Bitcoin with Coinbase, GoCoin, and BitPay. Braintree is given this opportunity for the user to buy Bitcoin a number of online users. In the near future, they have plans to add as a payment method Etereum. Recently, Paypal financial chief John Rainey talk about Bitcoin will be the popular payment option. He told in a The Wall Street Journal interview on Feb. 19.

source: PayPal

4. Shopify

Shopify is another gain eCommerce company that accepts cryptocurrency. Through Coinbase Shopify stores allow receiving Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Mainly this eCommerce platform allows merchants to sell products like Etsy or eBay. Since 2013 this commerce gain platform accepts Bitcoin for more than 75,000+ Shopify merchants with BitPay.

To add the Bitcoin payment method as a merchant, create an account on Coinbase commerce. In this section, you need Coinbase Commerce API Key. Now simply integrate Coinbase Commerce into your Shopify store. So, if you are new, you have a free trial option. It is cost-effective and easy to set up.


5. EGifter

It has limited opportunities to use Bitcoin for different websites and offline stores. Hopefully, you can purchase gift cards from eGifter. Directly buy different types of gift cards and online virtual things from this site. This online popular gift cart website gives you a comprehensive way to buy sorts of places, including Amazon, JCPenny, Sephora, Home Depot, etc. Proudly Coinbase is one of their partners.

EGifter is one of the top popular gift card online stores and this platform accepting BTC long time. Add your product to the cart and continue to pay with Bitcoin. You also get an email confirmation after your payment. After paying you can monitor with Blockchain.


6. Reeds Jewelers

Another Big jeweler is Reed Jewelers US national web presence. The service provider is accepting BTC as the other. Consumers are allowed to buy products with their Bitcoin wallets. The client can buy fine jewelry from the site. Not only to buy those products, but also you get service as free delivery around the web.

As usual, like other buyers, consumers can buy watches, ranging from engagement rings at Since 1946, this company is trusted by million of customers and they just get updated with integration with Bitcoin payment as their payment system. Products are 65+ retail stores to buy any of them from the USA.

Reeds Jewelers

7. Cryptopet

For any pet lover, Cryptopet is one of the popular places. Like top eCommerce merchants, this online shop is acceptance Bitcoin as their payment system. As well, they accept providing pet service Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. Hopefully, in the future, they receive more crypto payment options for the customers.

Cryptopet is a popular online pet shop. They supply all kinds of pets. Bitcoin payment method increases their customer around the web. So, the number of consumers is growing. Moreover, people are happy with the instant payment service. Mainly, crypto shoppers are loved for their multi-cryptocurrency payment.


8. Wikipedia

Hopefully, no need to explain Wikipedia. People are much more knowledgeable about this giant web service organization. With a lot of online resource storage on this platform. However, it is an open-source online encyclopedia. This knowledge base platform contains more than 4 570 111+ articles. Also, it has added free and free service providers.

Donate an amount for prompt and for a cup of tea. So, if you donate with your Bitcoin wallet as Coinbase they welcome you gladly. In this way, people are welcome to donate. That is increase donation amount among the Donner. Like other top companies that accept bitcoin payment Wikipedia is one of them.


9. Pizzaforcoins

Popular Pizza shop Pizzaforcoin is allowed customers to pay with Bitcoin. Not only Bitcoin but also some of the other cryptos they accept. Basically, they do not use Bitcoin directly. To pat with BTC customers can use the integrated ShapeShift conversion tool. Moreover, you can use Litecoin, Monero, Dash, and other crypto coins.

Pizzaforcoin is dedicated to using cryptocurrency as a payment method. The team is very passionate about the cryptocurrency use for their service. So, from this passionate they accepting BTC.



10. Expedia

We have already known some of the popular companies that accept Bitcoin payments. As usual, Expedia is a platform where you can buy flights and forms of travel with Bitcoin. Travel agency Expedia stop suddenly accepting Bitcoin in the middle of 2018. Since 2014 this company accepting BTC. Basically, they stop BTC for the Coinbase payment processor system.

Not only Expedia but also several travel agencies are accepting Bitcoin. Few of them are accept BTC from different payment services like BitPay. However, Expedia companies accept bitcoin payment for their service.


Finally, a number of companies that accept bitcoin payment. Here is only 10 but day by day, it’s increasing. Hopefully, in the future, there has only BTC payment as crypto expert seam fat. So, if you are searching a list of Bitcoin accepted company lists, then the “Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payment” reviews base article can give you an idea.

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