dm396 bkash payment কি

dm396 bkash payment কি? This is a cake question who receives some money from Bkash dm396? Bkash is the best mobile wallet payment service in Bangladesh. In any case, Bangladeshi people are receiving money from different private and government sources through the Bkash payment system. As a result, a number of people receive money from dm96 bkash payments.

If you are receiving money in your mobile wallet from dm96 then you are in the right place. In this article, I will cover everything that you are thinking about dm96 bkash payment. I also cover dm396 bkash payment কি? What is dm396 etc? This article is for only those who want to know why you receive money in your bkash wallet from dm396.

bkash dm396 Social safety net payment
Social safety net payment

dm396 bkash payment কি

dm396 is a code number ( sender mobile SMS) from the bkash mobile wallet. It is a part of the Social safety net payment is the provision of financial or any other assistance or grant by the state to the poor and disadvantaged people.

In this scheme, money is delivered directly to the applicant through various mobile banking.

Various allowances including stipends, old age allowances, and poor allowances are provided through the scheme.

Send money from school or college

If you have applied for a stipend at a school or college, the stipend money has come through bKash or if you have applied for any other grant, that money has been deposited in your bKash.

In your mobile inbox, you can see a message from the bkash payment company. The social safety net payment project pays this amount under your allowances scheme.

What is Social safety net payment?

Social Safety Nets is a program in Bangladesh that helps to Reduce Poverty and Improve Human Capital in our country. Safety net programs are active in many countries in the world like Bangladesh. The finance of this program by the world bank.

This organization works to the improving the welfare of the poorest people among the poor country people. Under these social programs from 2019, a budget of approximately BDT 642 billion. So dm396 bkash payment is one of the parts of them to pay the direct beneficiary.

a reportat say dm396
a report says about dm396

Social safety net budget

About BDT 372 billion are used for safety net programs for different purposes to reduce poverty.

As a result, many people receive money from different payment methods in this program. In this program, payments are allocated by those options below.

“We help safety net program beneficiaries to receive cash transfers. Our location within the community makes it easier for people to travel and using digital accounts beneficiaries can also withdraw their money securely. “

Unconditional Cash Transfers

  1.   Old Age Allowance
  2. Allowances for the Widow, Destitute, and Deserted Women
  3. Allowances for the Financially Insolvent Disabled

Public Works

  1.  Employment Generation Program for the Poorest
  2. Food for Work/Work for Money and Test Relief

Humanitarian Relief

  1. Vulnerable Group Feeding

Conditional Cash Transfers

  1. Towards a Child Benefit Scheme
  2. Support Program for the Poorest (Jawtno)

dm396 bkash payment details

Are you eager to know where some money to your bkash money from sender dm396? Sometimes many people are worried about who is sending money to bkash by sending massage dm396 etc. If you get this BDT to your Bkash mobile wallet then you can Bkash cash out at any time.

dm396 meaning?

Honestly, there have no fixed meaning to it. Basically, it is used as a digital code to recognize the organization’s private use case.

Bkash receives money legit or illegal?

This money is not illegal because it comes from government-approved projects. It is somehow registered by your relating or by your own registration by your family member.

It could also come for donation purposes etc. If you have any confusion then you might go to your nearest bkash support center to know everything information on it.

Stipend Education Assistance Trust for development

Today, under the Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust, stipends, tuition fees, admission assistance, and medical grants have been distributed among 1 lakh 74 thousand 09 poor and meritorious students. Of this, the assistance of one and a half lakh beneficiaries has been reached through the development of the country’s largest mobile financial service provider.

In the morning, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the stipend program for the 2020-2021 academic year through video conferencing. Education Minister Dipu Moni, Deputy Education Minister Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury, Education Secretary Md Mahbub Hossain, and senior officials of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Education were present.

BKash CEO Kamal Qadir and other senior bKash officials were also present at the Ministry of Education.

A total of 8 crores 52 lacks 50 thousand 400 takas has been provided under this year’s program. Last year, the stipends of 200,000 students under the Prime Minister’s Education Assistance Trust reached development with transparency, speed, and security. Following that success, bKash has been given the responsibility of distributing the lion’s share of stipends for this year’s activities.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina quoted Bangabandhu as saying, “There can be no better investment than capital investment in the education sector to build a just society.” In other words, he saw the cost of education as an investment.

Education Minister Dipu Moni thanked the distributors including Bikash for making the cash-out charge of the stipend free.

Deputy Minister for Education Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury said Bangladesh’s mobile financial services are an example to the world. Mobile financial services have led to balanced development through financial inclusion.

This amount student is able to get the amount bKash account without any additional cashout fees. Beneficiary students from different districts who took part in the event through video conferencing spoke to the Prime Minister and thanked him.

In addition, Bikash has been successfully distributing stipends to 4 million secondary and higher secondary students in the GTP system with transparency, speed, and security at no extra cost.

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