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How to find a good ICO? Or How to find best initial coin offering projects?  

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Every weak even every day or moment new ICO, STO are coming in the market to raise there initial fund. Multiple initial coin offering project with new technology with various concept attract new investors. So, pick right project from those ICO is not so easy.

If you are a new Cryptocurrency investor and want to grow revenue, than you need to follow some technique to save your money and grow your profit. The step are bellow.

  • Select a right ICO project
  • Increase your initial coin offering knowledge
  • Over look other ICO listing site and reviews 
  • Ask from the professional initial coin offering investor
  • Increase your technical and fundamental knowledge skill. 

As per question 

How to find a good ICO? Here is some points from my view.

  1. Try to understand who are behind the ICO team
  2. Go for disruptive concepts
  3. Research the target market
  4. Evaluate the technology
  5. Read carefully the white paper 
  6. Understand what is the coin for
  7. Analysis investment risk
  8. How many people are engage with the ICO
  9. Company background or fundamental overview 
  10. Follow the social media and forums to get review the good ICO
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Thank you for sharing!
I totally agree with you but want to add that "Select a right ICO project" - is the most important part for me.

When I choosing ICO for investment it takes days to choose the best one. I think I will remember this ICO list on CryptoTotem by heart.

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