Top 10 Free ICO Listing Sites To Submit Your ICO Project

Cryptocurrency is one of the big topics and initial coin offering is the way to raise funds in the cryptocurrency world for different purposes. So to get in touch and invest in top ICO projects you need to find reliable ICO listing sites. So that you can get the right and wise guidelines to invest in the initial coin offering project. There have two different ICO listing websites. One is free ICO listing sites and paid ICO listing sites.

As per above, if you are searching for a website where you want to list your ICO project, then you need a trusted ICO listing website. Here we have found the top ten ICO listing sites where you can add your own initial coin offering project for free. To promote an Initial Coin Offending, an ICO listing site can make a vital role. We focus on Free ICO Listing sites where you can submit your ICO for free. Free ICO Listing Sites.

Top Free ICO Listing Sites List Bellow

1. ICObench

One of the top ICO listing sites where more than 2,000,000 users visit this site monthly. An auto crawler software name Benchy rated lists ICO on this site. Here you can check how it works Here you can add your initial coin offering project free. Simply send detail as per the form to the site manager. They review and might approve to display on the site. Free ICO Listing Sites.

ICObence also offers premium service too and there has a packaging range from 1 BTC to about 40 BTC. So, if you are not interested to pay for an ICO listing you can choose the second option at free cost. Create an account and manage your ICO. Now search for expert reviews.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @ICObench
  • Traffic: More than 2 million monthly
  • Global Rank: 30,800
  • Cost: Free and premium
ICObench ico listing

2. Cryptooa

Cryptooa is the best place for free ICO listing sites. Simply create an account to submit your ICO project for free. Easy to an use and understandable interface new users are able to take advantage of the site. However, if you are searching for a free place to promote your initial coin offering website that this is the best way to submit your ICO.

As a sponsor ICO submission, you can add your ICO with some extra advantages. For instant, add an unlimited ICO project under your account. Moreover, you are allowed guest posting to promote your ICO company service. The Cryptooa support team is awesome to assist you in all technical areas. Free ICO Listing Sites.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Traffic: Low traffic volume
  • Global Rank: 10,8000
  • Cost: Free and sponsor
free ico listing in cryptooa
free ico listing in Cryptooa

3. ICORating

In three different ways, ICOrating judges ICO projects to give ratting. To bring ICO success they work for some of the elements like Investment, Hype, and Risk. So to understand you can company this material with low, medium and high. This ICO company is one of the top popular ICO listing websites with its high traffic volume. Monthly visitors of more than 433,5000. Free ICO Listing Sites 

ICOrating allows free listing on their site. Their rating system is spot legit ICOs based. Before publishing any initial coin offering project details on their site they verify manually and then publish. With their exceptional rating system, investors get an idea about positive, stable, or risky. It helps you to understand the ICO project.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @ICORating
  • Traffic: 433k traffic per month
  • Global Rank: More than130,461
  • Cost: Free
free ico listing in ICORating

4. ICO Alert

Simply add an ICO project to the site. Pretty nice design interface and easily users can create portfolios to track ICOs. A comprehensive active ICO, upcoming ICO, and ended ICO are listed on this site. Moreover, you can get crowd sales, cryptocurrency token sales, or token generation blockchain events, etc. All the related topics have been covered on this site.

ICOalert also provides premium services to better visibility on the site. However, more than several hundred thousand members are getting ICO alerts from the site. Already they provided ICO email service to more than half a million users. They are committed to giving better service to the user and No profiles, no BS rules encourage them. Free ICO Listing Sites.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @icoalert
  • Traffic: 273,510 visitors monthly
  • Global Rank: More than 186,241
  • Cost: Free with Premium options
ICO Alert

5. ICO Watch List

The ICO watch list is not only an initial coin offering listing site but also provide details guideline on how to invest in an ICO project. It is a real-able and leading ICO listing website over the internet. Their intention is to assist an ICO investor to find a profitable ice project. This site is an ideal listing site to include an ICO listing without cost.

This ICO organization free and premium listing offer for the ICO project owner. They ratting ICO to find the right investment and users can find all the detail on the profile page. Rating process on the main page with Gold 7 ETH, Silver 3.5 ETH, Bronze 1.3 ETH, and Free tiers. Gold and Silver packages give you a better ranking on the main page. On the premium package, you also get some advantages. Free ICO Listing Sites.

  • Submission Link: Click here 
  • Twitter Profile: @icowatchlist
  • Traffic: 161,600 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: More than 315,548
  • Cost: Free with Premium
ICO Watch List

6. ICO Hot List

As an ICO listing company, ICO Hot List gives detailed views to the investor. The investor gets a detailed overview like ICO descriptions, ICO videos, links, team overview, and token sale details. Buyers are able to get an idea about the initial coin offering details. Social stats generated by social activities by chart view ranking. On the social media site engagement, Facebook sharing, telegram member, Twitter followers, and Alexa ranking. Free ICO Listing Sites

The ICO hot list gives you the service to promote your ICO project with an email campaign, first display Ads reviews ranking, and increase visitor traction. On this site, ICO owners can submit ICO project-free and premium categories. Their fresh user-friendly interface helps you to navigate ICO details and understand the project.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @icohotlist
  • Traffic: 91,800 visitors/mo
  • Global Rank: 473,510
  • Cost: Free with Premium options
ICO Hot List

7. CryptoCompare

In these free ICO listing sites, CryptoCompare is an important site where they are dedicated to listing initial coin offering projects. However crypto compares not only a crypto directory but also a top ICO listing. Moreover, they monitor all the top cryptocurrency coins not only on the exchanges but also in the ICO phase.

You can add your STO or ICO for free. However, it is a great source of crypto coins and users are able to get daily market updates and different offers options from the spot section. A number of crypto enthusiast is available there with their opinion and suggestion. There has an option to get sponsored articles, and newsletters.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @CryptoCompare
  • Traffic: 10,401,300 visitors monthly
  • Global Rank: More than 6,431
  • Cost: Free with various sponsored options

8. ICO Tracker

ICOTracker is very simple to explain details about initial offering projects. The user gets coin sale detail, ICO information, projects whitepaper, and relevant links, and who is behind the project. Manually they identify all the team members. So here you can submit the ICO project on the manual query. It is a great ICO listing site.

To get the first ICO ads published on the site you are welcome to donate website. If you donate to the website you get approval to publish the ICO project as soon as possible. As we know you need to wait 1 month to publish your ads. So, it is a free ideal ICO listing site. To get more investment on the initial offering site ICO tracker is a great source.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @icotracker_net
  • Traffic: 63,420 monthly users
  • Global Rank: 693,151
  • Cost: Free and speed up publishing a min donation of 0.1 BTC
ICO Tracker

9. CryptoPotato

Cryptopoteto is another resource for ICO projects. This is a great source of ICO rating, and ICO Listing, moreover, you can news and updated crypto content. They provide their own rating for a successful initial coin offering project. A user-friendly interface gives user flexibility among visitors. Simply submit all the details about ICO to the site manager to publish their site. Free ICO Listing Sites

Since 2017 Cryptopoteto updating new ICO on their site. On the ICO listings filter, there have upcoming ICO, ongoing ICO, and finished ICO with details. ICO news later is another awesome service from CryptoPoteto. To submit your ICO you need to click request to add the ICO button below on the ICO list section. You might consider a top-level among the free ICO listing sites list.

  • Submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @Crypto_Potato
  • Traffic: More than 80,421 user
  • Global Rank: 103,151
  • Cost: Free and pay option

10. ICO Bazaar

Basically, ICObazaar adds blockchain and crypto events on its site from all over the world. They’re one of the features is their rating system works on 6 predefined matters. Those are white paper, team, media and community, and technical implementation. Manually they check all the ICO matters with their own ICO expert team member. As a crypto directory and as a blockchain event this can be a great source. Free ICO Listing Sites

To publish your initial coin offering project, there have two options, one is free and another is paid. So, to publish as soon as you need to pay them. However, if you want to submit a free ICO listing. Then you need to wait until the manual review and approval by the expert team or admin. For the pain ICO listing service, there have several options by priority. For instant 0.2 to 2.1 BTC pays you able to feature ICO. Free ICO Listing Sites.

  • Traffic: More than 99,420 monthly visitors
  • Global Rank: 348,152
  • Cost: Free and Premium with starting at 0.2 BTC
  • Additionally, the submission Link: Click here
  • Twitter Profile: @icobazaar
ICO Bazaar

Finally, Free ICO listing sites are comprehensive and cost-effective for an ICO project. So, for a successful ICO project and a new investor to draw, you need to submit several places to boost the project. That’s why this might be first priority of popularity and instant feedback. However, for a better ICO result, you might choose a premium option to get instant results and increase the ICO fund. Free ICO Listing Sites

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