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How to open and secure blockchain wallet

The digital currency is changing invention in the internet world. So as a digital currency Bitcoin is the first invention that is decentralization and peer to peer cryptocurrency. If you want to buy some Bitcoin you need a wallet to store it. Now you need to choice a right online wallet to deposit and withdraw your money. is one of the top digital wallet service all over the internet and we recommended to secure your blockchain wallet and safe Bitcoin fund.

In 22 June 2018 lunch all the data into as per there pre announcement. To increase user experience all of data get access into The organization working for the customer demand and all you need in one place for your crypto need. Every new user to secure blockchain wallet for his or her money safety.

Create an account

To create your first Bitcoin wallet go to the / and finished the SignUp process with all require filed. It is pretty simple to create an account here. Put your email and provide a strong password (you can generate an online password). You can write down in any safe place.

After complete this step, now login to your wallet with your user wallet ID and password and it’s look like this.

On the right hand side you will see a QR code and your account public address look like 1P2dSUUP5mHr3tboOY3wgXujXvqhzfzOpO . This is your public address to send anyone to receive Bitcoin in your wallet.

In your account dashboard, you can see translation history, account setting send and receive button and your balance.

Bitcoin blockchain wallet
Bitcoin blockchain wallet

How to secure blockchain wallet

Already you have a Bitcoin wallet in wallet. It’s time to protect your wallet from the hacking or scammers. So you need to follow to turn your wallet in secure and safe.So what exactly should you do to make your Cryptocurrency wallet to safe and secure.

Follow the step bellow to stay safe your account

Step – 1

Go to the account and login with your user ID and password. Click Account setting on the left side of the webpage, Under Account Information you will see personal click on it. Now you will see to put an email address filed and just put your email address, an alias and as per verify your personal phone number or your mobile number.

The alias allow you to login with something memorable rather than the long default string of characters. You can use as you want like your mother name. Secure blockchain wallet

Step – 2

Under personal click on the General then click on inactivity logout time (prefer to use 30 – 45 minutes) now set your Default fee policy normal. This setting will help you to log out automatically after 30 45 minutes.

Step – 3

Now under General you will see display so press to click on it and set your local currency. As per your requirement or choice you can change another setting. Any setting you can revers at any time.

Step – 4

Under Preference, there is a Notifications option. Just click on it, and change the settings to whatever you want. You can get email or mobile SMS when you BTC or any payment.

Enhance your blockchain security

Step – 5

  • Under Security center you will see some security issue where you can enable whatever you want prefer.
  • IP Whitelist: You can add an IP address to login without any hassle or your Login ID. You can add several IP with coma in the whitelist.
  • Login IP Restriction: As per IP whitelist you can restrict any single or group of IP. Tor network frequently attacks by hackers attempting to protect the blockchain wallet.
  • Password Stretching (PBKDF2): Setting this option that will increase the difficulty to discovering the password
  • API Access: So, you can set your API as your requirement.
blockchain security
blockchain security

Two-factor Authenticate For Blockchain

It is another security process and most of the valuable website are use it. User are provide two identification one of which is physical token and another is something memorize such as a security code. In this context, two factor is something you have and something you now. For example this security system is you have a bank card, here card is a physical item and the secret pin is data that work with it.

Now go under password there have security, click on it and here just chose an option from the drop down, then you can see different option for security purpose SMS, email, Yubikey, and Google Authenticator.

We highly recommended to enable Google Authenticator so if you choose it then download from the google app store on your smartphone. This will help you to secure blockchain wallet.

You can easily setup Google Authenticator after download app from google app store. Now go to your security setting and chose Google Athenticator from the drop down menu a QR code will be displayed. Open your Google Authenticator app on your smart phone and chose scan a bar code at this time bar code display on your computer screen.

After scanning the QR code you can see 6 digits on your mobile that change every 30 second automatically. Now enter this code on your computer security box check fill.

 All is don! congratulation. This process help you to protect your account from the hacker and a hacker need to know your main password also your secondary password.

How Do You Backup Blockchain Wallet

If you are aware your wallet than it is important to write down your wallet Backup Phrase. It is extremely important to keep this Backup Phrase secure place because it contains all the private keys.

If you loss this private key than it control your all the fund someone. Because it is easy to restore all the funds through Backup Phrase. So, keep this recovery phrase secure and safe offline place. To do so, simply follow the step.

    1. Go to your account security center. Now in the 3rd section at the bottom are you can see  Backup Phrase. Now simply print the → backup sheet as per blockchain or you can generate custom Backup Phrase.
    2. At this point, click → Backup Funds to write down → recovery phrase. Every time slide show you → 4 words key. Note that write those 4 words key as they display. After that click next to go next 4 word key and write exactly they appear and do it unlit the total 12 word finished.
  1. Now click → Finish & Verify. So as per above direction you have written your key phrase correctly. So to verify your written down key phrase they display random 4 key phrases on the screen.
  2. Click → Confirm. Congrats, your wallet is now backed up properly!

Here is blockchain wallet recovery phrase direct link. But remember don’t put this key phrase any other website.

Finally, need to your phone access in order to authenticator code that is very difficult. Secure blockchain wallet from the hacker.


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