How to setup WHMCS Bitcoin payment gateway 3 Easy Way

WHMCS Bitcoin payment gateway

Start your own business with whmcs Bitcoin payment gateway. Totally automated BTC payment platform and invoice system. Now, most people are families with digital currency. So Bitcoin payment gateway can collect your customer bill easily to your bank account or your own wallet without hassle. The Bitcoin payment advantage is cheaper transaction fees1% where PayPal 2.9% and first gets payment.

However, many countries in the world don’t support all the payment methods for different purposes. So small business merchants or big both can accept Bitcoin payments easily.

The growing BTC user community needs to pay with Bitcoin and that’s why a lot of company offers a Bitcoin payment gateway service. Here I am going to show you step by step guide on how to integrate whmcs Bitcoin payment gateway in your service.

1. WHMCS Bitcoin Payment Gateway with Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin is a rapidly growing Bitcoin payment solution, exchange, BTC wallets, and a number of payout methods. The technologically and financially gather knowledge to provide real-able service on the digital currency world. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to integrate the Bitcoin payment method through the Spectrocoin payment gateway.

Plugin Installation Step-1

  1. At first, create an account on
  2. Download the WHMCS Bitcoin Payment Gateway module from the Spectrocoin website. (You can download here  )
  3. Upload module content to your WHMCS root folder in your c-panel.

Note: Here I have used WordPress theme and install the WHMCS theme as a cilantro folder in the root folder so if you use only one whmcs theme to then input your folder under the public_html root folder.

Plugin Installation
Plugin Installation

Generate Spectrocoin public and private keys Step-2

On the merchant page, click Get startedProjectsCreate New Projects → Fill in the form as per requirements. Generate a private key then download and save this automated private key. At this stage, you will get a matching public key for your projects.

Spectrocoin public and privet keys

WHMCS configuration for this project Step-3

Login your whmcs and follow the instruction

  1. Go to Setup → Payments → Payment Gateways → All Payment Gateways.
  2. Select “Bitcoin provided by SpectroCoin” and press the “Activate” button.
  3. Enter your Merchant ID and Project ID, and Private key which you generated before.
  4. So now click on save the change.

Note: Don’t make any blank space when you put private key in whmcs

WHMCS configuration
WHMCS configuration

2. WHMCS Bitcoin Payment by Coingate

Coingate is providing a fully automated digital currency payment processing and invoice system for merchants and business owners. Without any hassle, inter-business can accept Bitcoin, ALT-coin, or any digital currency. You can receive money from the customer and convert it instantly to your bank account, PayPal, USD, EUR. Also, a business owner can easily receive a payout in Bitcoin.

Plugin Installation Step-1

  1. First, you need to create an account
  2. In your account Dashboard Merchant → Plugin WHMCS download
  3. Upload the plugin to your webroot folder (unzip it) See the screenshot in step – 1

Coingate API Credentials (Auth Token) setting Step-2

1. log in to your dashboard
2. Go to Merchant tools Point of Sale New POS.
3. Fill in all the required fields. SO, you can choose currency like USD, EUR, BTC, and alt-coin 50+.
4. Click “Submit”.

Coingate API Credentials
Coingate API Credentials

3. WHMCS Bitcoin Payment by Blockonomics is another great option to receive Bitcoin. This company develops a WHMCS Bitcoin payment plugin for the merchant and it is pretty simple to install and get started receiving Bitcoin. Moreover, customers get a Bitcoin payment checkout.

This payment procedure saves your payment processing cost. Moreover, there has no security issue. As a merchant holder, you can get paid directly to your wallet.

Installation Process:

  • WHMCS account
  • An account on Blockonomic wallet
  • Here we ingratiate to show you. However, you can use Trezor, Electrum, Mycelium

Quick guide for installation:

  1. Upload module fill to your WHMCS root directory
  2. Go to your WHMCS admin, Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways
  3. Activate Blockonomics in All Payment Gateways
  4. Set your API key in Manage Existing Gateways
  5. After setting API Key refresh page
  6. Copy your Callback to Blockonomics Merchants > Settings complete

There are many options to receive Bitcoin and crypto to Domain and Hosting service with WHMCS. You just choose the easy and secure way to accept Bitcoin. Finally, want to say choose the right payment gateway to say safe and secure.