Top ICO list reviews and rating for cryptocurrency investor making profit. The simplest way to explain ICO means initial coin offering. Invest on quality ICO’s after checking and analyzing through rating by different ICO‘s experts. After investigating current and upcoming initial coin of faring and up-to-date trending and upcoming icons.

What is Initial Coin Offering?

What is Top ICO List?

Every day we are getting new ico’s on the digital currency directory. Top ico list means only those initiation coin offering that are hot, real-able and profitable ico project. Many websites are offering to add this list to their ico directory category. Pick up some ico to the list and there has a procedure by the ico expert.

After analysis of the many aspects of ico’s like background of technology, security matter, who behind the project, etc. then add the ico on the top list. This top list can help anyone who is interested to get real information in one place. Example are bellow

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How to find the best ICOs and blockchain projects?

Invest on any initial coin offering project is not always safe. It is highly risky to put your money on an ICO project unless you do proper research properly. Stay update with digital currency news, offer with forums, groups and blog. Knowledge is power so keep up with the conversation of cryptocurrency space. Follow the recommendation to choose an ICO project.

  1. Get in touch what are saying crypto or ICO expert about ICO project and its technology. Don’t be hesitated to ask any question and always follow up with them.
  2. Analysis the ICO project on the major crypto platform. Research on the relevant forums, groups platform such as BitcoinTalk those will help you to understand and a depth insight about the projects view.BitcoinTall is a great resource of ICO discussion platform with [ANN] . Both Reddit and Steamit have very active ICO forums platform.
  3. To recognize the best ICO there has a real development team. Behind the ICO project who collect your investment should be experienced. Research their social media account and get the information about the project. Also keep an eye whether the social media account newly created or verified status.
  4. Another consideration is to think about real world application or implementation. If the blockchain project only myethical than this might fall down.
  5. Ask some question like who are the user and the what is the products for etc. If they unable to provide satisfied answer then you might avoid them. You should also look out the venture capital support ability. Get proper information layout about the blockchain projects.
  6. Community support is another way to understand the project readability. GitHub is one of the top platform for opensource projects. If the project have a strong support from the community that it a green signal for it.

How to invest in ICOs?

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Top 10 Biggest ICOs

1. Seed funding round

2. Private Sales

3. Pre ICOs or pre sales

4. Upcoming ICOs & whitelists

5. Active (ongoing ICOs)

6. After markets

What is the Active ICO List?

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What is the Upcoming ICO list?