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Dolla ICO



Dolla is an emerging cryptocurrency. They started in 2016.  […]

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May 20, 2019

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ICO Details

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China, Iran and North Korea are excluded while the USA is restricted to Sophisticated Investors with a minimum contribution of 500 USD.

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Dolla is an emerging cryptocurrency. They started in 2016.  It aims to solve the problems that current cryptocurrencies face in becoming a globally adopted payment solution. Moreover, these problems are predominantly based around speed, throughput and cost. Read more about Dolla ICO to get idea.

Bitcoin only handle a very small amount of transactions per second. And the transaction is between 3-6, with payments taking about an hour to finalist. This figures are clearly not scalable for Bitcoin. Also as a payment solution on a global level it is not fulfill. Dolla on the other hand has a throughput of 10,000 transactions per second. Hopefully it is an exciting development in the crypto world. One of the main featured with their transaction confirmation time being only 1 second. These are the kind of features we look for in a global payment solution. So Dolla appears to be able to deliver short time.

Dolla developed using high-assurance methodologies. The reference implementation is written in the Haskell programming language. Also it is focusing on correctness and audit ability.

In contrast to many other permissioned cryptocurrencies, Dolla is a decentralised payment solution. Moreover, not controlled by a single company or individual. Dolla is development as a consortium fork-free blockchain system. That is enables it to deliver high throughput, low latency and  immediate finality. A majority quorum of consensus members agrees on each block to be appended to the blockchain. And that is complete under in a lockstep fashion.

Dolla ICO details guide you to invest in the right way.

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Total Supply: DLA

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Tokens sold to the public 11.90%
Tokens in circulation after ICO 51.00%