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Moozicore (MZG)

Moozicore (MZG)


1 MZG ≈ $0,025

Moozicore goal is to evolve places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues by creating personalized, social music experience for each customer.

ICO Start Date:

November 26, 2018

Token Sale Ended:

January 28, 2019

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ICO Details

ICO Details

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Can't participate:

Afghanistan Bosnia and Herzegovina Ethiopia Guyana Iran Iraq Sri Lanka Syrian Arab Republic Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Uganda United States Vanuatu Yemen

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Moozicore Music Streaming Service on Blockchain!

Moozicore is the revolutionary music streaming service for venues wherever music is crucial for patrons. Our service transforms background music into associate degree interactive, customer-sourced playlists. Manicures goal is to evolve places like bars, restaurants, gyms and the other recreation. That is venues by making personalized, social music expertise for every client. ICO Moozicore Music Streaming details below.

Moozicore Free Beta App

Moozicore is a famous music company for venues. Moreover, the company is evolving with bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues. It is contributing for social music experience for the customer. The project creates own blockchain. You can find details on their website. Moreover, It has a beta app for down-load.

Use Of Moozicore

You can use the Moozicore mobile app to get access music experience at any place you choose. Access from any part of the world and engage with music vibe.

Moozicore partners

Already they are partnering with webtalk, confirm, SMABLO and BTTP. They are growing their partner.Visit website here

Moozicore Team

We have a strong team. Adam Krzak is CEO and Cofounder of this company. So, Hubert Kawicki is CFO of Moozicore. It is verified some team member of this project by ice listing site.

Finally, want to say this project is really promising. In the meanwhile, many website recommended as a realistic project.

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Token Supply
Fundraising Goal:


Sold on Pre-Sale:


Total Supply: MZG

Circulating Supply:

498.000.000 MZG


147.000.000 MZG


355.000.000 MZG

Tokens sold to the public 10.40%
Tokens in circulation after ICO 49.80%