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How to setup WHMCS Bitcoin payment gateway 3 Easy Way

Start your own business with whmcs Bitcoin payment gateway. Totally automated BTC payment platform and invoice system. Now, most people are families with digital currency. So Bitcoin payment gateway can collect your customer bill easily to your bank account or your own wallet without hassle. The Bitcoin payment advantage is cheaper transaction fees1% where PayPal 2.9% and first gets payment.

However, many countries in the world don’t support all the payment methods for different purposes. So small business merchants or big both can accept Bitcoin payments easily.

The growing BTC user community needs to pay with Bitcoin and that’s why a lot of company offers a Bitcoin payment gateway service. Here I am going to show you step by step guide on how to integrate whmcs Bitcoin payment gateway in your service.

1. WHMCS Bitcoin Payment Gateway with Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin is a rapidly growing Bitcoin payment solution, exchange, BTC wallets, and a number of payout methods. The technologically and financially gather knowledge to provide real-able service on the digital currency world. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to integrate the Bitcoin payment method through the Spectrocoin payment gateway.

Plugin Installation Step-1

  1. At first, create an account on Spectrocoin.com
  2. Download the WHMCS Bitcoin Payment Gateway module from the Spectrocoin website. (You can download here  )
  3. Upload module content to your WHMCS root folder in your c-panel.

Note: Here I have used WordPress theme and install the WHMCS theme as a cilantro folder in the root folder so if you use only one whmcs theme to then input your folder under the public_html root folder.

Plugin Installation
Plugin Installation

Generate Spectrocoin public and private keys Step-2

On the merchant page, click Get startedProjectsCreate New Projects → Fill in the form as per requirements. Generate a private key then download and save this automated private key. At this stage, you will get a matching public key for your projects.

Spectrocoin public and privet keys
source: Spectrocoin.com

WHMCS configuration for this project Step-3

Login your whmcs and follow the instruction

  1. Go to Setup → Payments → Payment Gateways → All Payment Gateways.
  2. Select “Bitcoin provided by SpectroCoin” and press the “Activate” button.
  3. Enter your Merchant ID and Project ID, and Private key which you generated before.
  4. So now click on save the change.

Note: Don’t make any blank space when you put private key in whmcs

WHMCS configuration
WHMCS configuration

2. WHMCS Bitcoin Payment by Coingate

Coingate is providing a fully automated digital currency payment processing and invoice system for merchants and business owners. Without any hassle, inter-business can accept Bitcoin, ALT-coin, or any digital currency. You can receive money from the customer and convert it instantly to your bank account, PayPal, USD, EUR. Also, a business owner can easily receive a payout in Bitcoin.

Plugin Installation Step-1

  1. First, you need to create an account coingate.com
  2. In your account Dashboard Merchant → Plugin WHMCS download
  3. Upload the plugin to your webroot folder (unzip it) See the screenshot in step – 1

Coingate API Credentials (Auth Token) setting Step-2

1. log in to your dashboard
2. Go to Merchant tools Point of Sale New POS.
3. Fill in all the required fields. SO, you can choose currency like USD, EUR, BTC, and alt-coin 50+.
4. Click “Submit”.

Coingate API Credentials
Coingate API Credentials

3. WHMCS Bitcoin Payment by Blockonomics

Blockonomics.co is another great option to receive Bitcoin. This company develops a WHMCS Bitcoin payment plugin for the merchant and it is pretty simple to install and get started receiving Bitcoin. Moreover, customers get a Bitcoin payment checkout.

This payment procedure saves your payment processing cost. Moreover, there has no security issue. As a merchant holder, you can get paid directly to your wallet.

Installation Process:

  • WHMCS account
  • An account on Blockonomic wallet
  • Here we ingratiate Blockchain.info to show you. However, you can use Trezor, Electrum, Mycelium

Quick guide for installation:

  1. Upload module fill to your WHMCS root directory
  2. Go to your WHMCS admin, Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways
  3. Activate Blockonomics in All Payment Gateways
  4. Set your API key in Manage Existing Gateways
  5. After setting API Key refresh page
  6. Copy your Callback to Blockonomics Merchants > Settings complete

There are many options to receive Bitcoin and crypto to Domain and Hosting service with WHMCS. You just choose the easy and secure way to accept Bitcoin. Finally, want to say choose the right payment gateway to say safe and secure.

How to make money from cryptocurrency

A different way to make money from cryptocurrency

If you want to make money from Cryptocurrency then this is one of the great articles for you. You can learn something new and easy way to make money from Crypto. So, let’s start to know how to make money from cryptocurrency?

Here I am going to share with you some of the different ways to earn money in the crypto world. To earn money you need to exchange your knowledge, time, or your computer processing power.

Some of the methods are needed minimal effort and you get the return minimal result. To earn money online you need a certain level of knowledge and expertise to get a lucrative return. If you do not start the right way, you may fall with plenty of cryptocurrency scammers.

Make Money From Cryptocurrency Buying & Holding

Personally, I prefer to make money with digital currency buy and hold. Just buy and holding fundamental use-case cryptocurrency until a fair, reasonable market share price. This is one of the greatest and safest ways to make money from cryptocurrency. For a long time buy and hold process most likely increase the price you bought it in at.

Though recently the cryptocurrency market is blooded it will increase for the time being. So carefully invest in this case. Stay news and update when the market goes bull run. Before start crypto trading you should read the cryptocurrency trading guide for beginners.

Buying & Holding
Buying & Holding

Before buying any crypto you need to do your own research because there are many coins useless or scams. Don’t buy simply or emotionally any coin or crypto-token from the market without research.

Have a glance. Read crypto coins white paper, road map, follow them on social media, inspect the current provision, market cap, and daily volume on fashionable exchanges. Moreover, you need the crypto project management team or who is behind the project.

Overall a list of the promising and reliable coin to invest

    • Bitcoin: First crypto coin in the world and domains more than 52% of the total market capitalization.
    • Ethereum: It is the 2nd market capital as per coinmarketcap.
    • Ripel: Though it is not decentralized one of the top popular cryptocurrencies.
    • Litecoin: Like Bitcoin, it is another popular trusted coin.
    • EOS: Application base crypto coin with huge potentiality.

Buy and Hold Cryptocurrencies For Dividends

A number of cryptocurrencies are paying dividends just for holding crypto and you do not need to stake them in any wallet. This is a smart way to earn money from fair share cryptocurrency holding. For your portfolio, you can read some guides about which coin you should hold. Before holding any cryptocurrency we recommended to research clearly. For example, below are some crypto we prefer to buy and hold.

  • NEO: With its own blockchain it is one of the top cryptos that is known as Chinese Ethereum.
  • Neblio: Dapps and ICO launching platform give you10% annual dividend.
  • KuCoin: This world-class crypto exchange provides your 50% of trading fees dividend.
  • NAV Coin: It also provides 5% annual profits.

Staking Cryptocurrencies

Another way I prefer to earn and get the dual benefit of price appreciation holding digital coins also reward as defendants for staking of crypto coins. Basically, by staking of holding crypto coin 24*7 in any live wallet at the same time you get rewarded. New coins staking and securing the blockchain network.

Staking Cryptocurrencies
Staking Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has two schools of thought one is proof of the work where mining comes and another proof of the stake. Proof of stake allows the coin holder certain coins to get interested in supporting the network. You need to purchase any particular amount of a certain currency, creating a wallet and node, and send those currencies to the newly created node purpose to verify the transaction on the blockchain.

As new blocks are ad blockchain and users are rewarded. Below are some of the crypto to check such as Lisk, Ark, Neo, Qtum, OMG, Cardano, and Stratis.


Another smart way to earn passive income is Masternodes. It is simply a computer, wallet, or full node that is a full real-time copy of Blockchain. Just like the bitcoin full node that is always up and running for certain tasks.

Masternodes Statistic

Performing such type of task many cryptocurrency networks will paymaster node owners. However to get started a master node you will need a minimum number of coins. With a master node getting started the minimum amount of cryptocurrency can be varied. To start it in general range need 1000 to 25000 coin.

For example, proof of stake currencies

  • DASH: A DASH master node is one of the trusted places to get rewarded.
  • PIVX: To start with PIVX you need 10,000 PIVX to a relevant address to get reworded.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new way to make money from the internet. Social media influence, bloggers, SEO experts, and content marketers are generally use this platform to make money. You can write and promote a blog site with the cryptocurrency niche and redirect the traffic to any affiliate site as per your niche and you get a commission.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Easily you can sign up on RunCpa for the affiliate program with popular exchanges. So that you can make money from cryptocurrency on this platform. There have many cryptocurrency affiliates of far are available. Moreover, they allow you to withdraw money.

To start a direct referral program you might also choose those crypto platforms.

Writing For Blog And News Sites

To earn money from cryptocurrency writing is another great way. Simply write relevant content and publish on your own blog or sell it, although you need professional knowledge to write content on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. A number of news sites and blogs need a lot of dedicated writers to discuss bitcoin and ALT coins.

There are limitless opportunities and options to write quality, unique content for the cryptocurrency-related service. As per current demand, the writer is being paid $20 to $250 per 1000 word article. There have an option to get paid with Bitcoin or fiat currency. If you are looking for a job in writing then visit the below website.

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns

The BitcoinTalk Forum pays a certain amount of money of their users for writing posts on the Bitcoin product campaign in the signature. In the Bitcoin talk forum payments are dependent on your contribution level. A little amount of bitcoin is available for it and who are not fully membership here. However, at least 120 posts are needed to get a full membership owner.

There have some requirements for posters like minimum word limit, direct advertising in the post, minimum and maximum post count weekly, etc. Earning depends on the number of relevant quality posts that could make a user achieve the word count minimum. It is possible to make $20 – $100 per 24 hours of work. But remember you need a full membership.

Work For Cryptocurrencies

Yes! This is an apt way to make money from cryptocurrency. If you are a blockchain developer or cryptocurrency writer then you can exchange your service for it. You can earn this real crypto job market, there are lots of work opportunities in the crypto revolutionary space.

A number of platforms and websites offering you your professional crypto-related service. Currently a Blockchain developer job price is $50 – $100 per hour. Some of the sites are below.

Many websites are paying a negligible amount of Bitcoin to click websites or view the pages. Maybe Ads4BTC is the most famous and very popular paid-to-click website ever. The website allows the user to select viewing ads among 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 20 seconds, with different fees per view. As per the Ads4BTC offer, if your ads running on a 20-second page view then you may earn less than $10 per day.

Bitcoin Trading

I like to trade and there is a huge potentiality to make money with Bitcoin trading. It is really profitable for beginner and professional traders who are experts in understanding the market. As Forex trading cryptocurrency trading is growing popularity and many people make huge money from it. So you can check this way to make money from cryptocurrency.

Generally, arbitrage and margin trading are widely available. Here you can make money with long-term trading and short-term trading. Both trading need market expertise. Some of the top exchanges are below.

Here is how to make money from cryptocurrency?

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Bitfinex
  • Kucoin

Microtasks For Cryptocurrencies

You can earn money doing some micro-task for somebody and get an exchange in cryptocurrency. This is such type of microwork generally download a new app for testing, sign-up or registration and contribute some content, online survey and watching videos. To start earning from this site check below.

Bitcoin Mining

Still a popular way to make money at your home is through your personal PC or a dedicated PC or even a mining rig. Now a day mining is becoming a very competitive option to make money from your desktop PC or your laptop. You will need some initial investment for a high-end PC and some additional GPU to get profit.

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining

It takes some time to get benefited from your hardware investment earnings because it is a slow process earning system. But if you decided to start mining you will use your hardware something else. You can mine through online mobile mining and browser mining, etc. If you are interested in Bitcoin mining read this article first ” What is Bitcoin mining?

  1. Mobil Mining: With a smartphone, you can start passive earning from Electroneum
  2. Browser Mining: From your google chrome browser you can simply earn money use a tool like Cryptotab

Accept Cryptocurrencies As Merchant

As a merchant or shop owner, you can accept exchange cryptocurrency for your service or products. You can get many cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments processors as a merchant. Many merchants make money from cryptocurrency in this way.

For e-commerce websites and online business owners receive cryptocurrency directly. For example, check Storiqa. eCommerce marketplace with the crypto payment system.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

We all know, the cryptocurrency market may be a free market that’s on the far side of the government’s management. The price is distinction across completely different exchanges and additionally the volatility. Cryptocurrency market fluctuation is a common issue.

source: Arbitrage.com

Above photo shows you different exchange has a different price on the same crypto asset. So, here get an idea of how to make money from cryptocurrency

Buy crypto from a certain exchange that is being sold at a lower price than any other exchange. As a result, take the opportunity to buy low and sell high on any other exchange to earn a good cut in between. This is called arbitrage. Always keep eyes on the market situation to take the profits in a short time.

Blogging On Cryptocurrency Websites

You can make money from cryptocurrency through blogging and content writing on the website that pays you cryptocurrency. Also, if you write unique, informative content for the reader for some crypto keywords then you can give full content access for the visitors with a little fee. That way you can make money. Some of the websites is below.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

It is an easy way to make money from cryptocurrency, but the earning amount is not so big. Start earning a quick way through cryptocurrency and Bitcoin faucets. To get an idea about the faucet have a look below. It’s a slow process, but you can make money with some cryptocurrency faucets.

Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a Satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies. –Wikipedia

Lending Cryptocurrencies

By lending your money you can make a return profit. In the cryptosphere there have many peer-to-peer lending Bitcoin platforms that giving you a decent 10%-12% return from your crypto or Bitcoin investment. Have a look at the list, for example, the site. Be aware of this category platform because a lot of scammers are doing to steal money offering lending money.

This lending service is highly unregulated and personally, I don’t like it much more, but this is an option to earn money with caution. Before lending your Bitcoin make sure you get your return safely. Many regulated players are involved here like the SALT Lending platform.

  1. Coincheck
  2. Bitbond
  3. Coinloan to make money from cryptocurrency

Learn more about how to make money with cryptocurrency?

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Bitcoin Prepaid Card in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh, there are many payment methods to receive money from abroad. Bitcoin Prepaid Card is now popular worldwide. Some of the company provides ”prepaid master card”. Basically, a number of freelancers are working on the online platform. They need to get paid by their clients worldwide in different payment methods. Many clients want to pay through Bitcoin for low transaction fees. So freelancers have always welcomed this cost-effective currency Bitcoin.

As per the post title Bitcoin Prepaid Card in Bangladesh, I research and gather information about who provides a Bitcoin prepaid master card in this country. Moreover, you can buy Bitcoin instantly with a debit card from any part of the world.

They are usually known as “wallet cards” – you load several Bitcoin pocketbooks with BTC and you handily pay it where you wish. Several card suppliers allow you to withdraw different cryptocurrencies to fiat money, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Rippel, Cardona, and different crypto wallets tied to cards they issue.

What is Bitcoin Prepaid MasterCard?

Day by day many people are investing money in Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. For this popularity Bitcoin prepaid card provider company is raising card supply worldwide. It’s also called Crypto Debit Cards. If you do not sell your BTC and want to withdrawal faster then a BTC MasterCard is ideal and beneficial for you.

A Bitcoin prepaid master can be a virtual or physical card. The Bitcoin ATM cards are debit cards meaning there is no credit line tied to them. Very fast this service expanding worldwide.

Prepaid card means what you have loaded in your card previously you can withdraw that amount only. You can load Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in a special crypto wallet, which is connected to a prepaid card.

When you want to pay or withdraw cash, it’s instantly converted to fiat currency like USD, EUR, GBP, or any local currency as per country allow, and the payment is made easily. You should be aware of the fees in the different company serves.

Bitcoin Prepaid Card Features 

  • Low commission/ Transparent pricing and limits
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Both Chip & Pin and virtual cards are available
  • Accepted anywhere major cards
  • Shop any time, anywhere across the world

Where I can get a prepaid Bitcoin Mastercard?

One of the most exciting products of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin debit cards. You can easily spend your Bitcoin through VISA or MASTERCARD payment at an ATM. There are two types of cards 1. Bitcoin prepaid card no 2. Real-time card. Buying Bitcoin with a debit card is really incrementally easy and we recommended some of the services below.


This card allows Bangladesh to deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin. Included their service you can also take the service gift card and Mobile Top-Up. Spectrocoin gives you the opportunity to get your Balance in your cash to hand through ATM.

source: Spectrocoin.com
  • Card Types: Anonymous, virtual and plastic.
  • Balance in: BTC, EUR
  • The country allows: All countries are allowed with Bangladesh.
  • Card Price: For the first time plastic card $50 and virtual card €9.00
  • Delivery time: plastic card 2-4 business days and virtual card Instantly.
  • Monthly Fees: Plastic card $1 and virtual card €1.00.
  • Card Lord Via Wallet: Plastic card –1% and virtual card 1%
  • ATM Withdrawal: Plastic card $2.5 per withdrawal and virtual – no fees
  • POS/Online Transactions: Plastic card $0.25 and virtual card €0.25
  • Currency exchange: Both are 3% fees
  • Country: Lithuania


Another popular card Raxcard is allowed money to be withdrawn worldwide and allowed in Bangladesh. Reloadable Bitcoin debit card, web-money, perfect money included the service. It is the very first and easy to withdrawal bitcoin, perfect money, and web money via an automated teller machine. Raxcard is a US registration base company providing service worldwide.

source: Raxcard.com
  • The country allows Worldwide. Allow Bangladesh.
  • Delivery time: Generally 3-4 hours business day.
  • Card Price: For the first time you need $50
  • Monthly & Yearly Fees: Plastic card free.
  • Card Types: Mastercard.
  • Balance in: BTC, USD
  • Country: USA registration base
  • Card Expiry Date: 4 years
  • Active time: Very short time
  • ATM International Withdrawal: 0.99%


Payment card gives you digital money to fiat local currency instantly worldwide through ATMs. With the highest security stander level and real-time accessibility worldwide. To reduce the gap between digital currency a fiat currency this is one of the trusted companies. Paycent is one of the Texcent products and a global payment platform solutions provider. Paycent Hybrid App is one of the popular financial technology industries.

source: Paycent.com
  • Card Types: Unionpay.
  • The country allows Worldwide. From Bangladesh, you can apply for a card.
  • Card Price: For the first time you need $140
  • Delivery time: Generally 2-4 hours business day.
  • Monthly & Yearly Fees: Plastic card free.
  • Card Lord fees: $0.5 up to $2.50
  • Retails online transaction: free
  • Minimum lord amount: $10
  • Country: Singapore
  • Details fees: here

Uquid VISA Debit Card

You can pay through a Uquid debit card safely and securely, person or shopping. Uquid will help you to upload your balance to your card to spend in different countries. At any time day or night or any place you can use this Bitcoin debit card. If you have any fault in your account then no problem they will back your balance securely. You can get the real-time Bitcoin price.

Uquid VISA Debit Card
source: uquid.com
  • Card Types: Bitcoin debit card, virtual and plastic card.
  • Balance in: BTC, USD
  • Country allows Country restricted.
  • Card Price: Fast and Free Delivery
  • Delivery time: Instant delivery with just 1 GBP/EUR/USD
  • Monthly Fees: free.
  • Card Lord Via Wallet: free
  • ATM Withdrawal: Unlimited ATM Withdraw
  • POS/Online Transactions: free
  • Valid: Valid for 3 years
  • Country: London, UK

Xapo Debit Card

Xapo is the first market Bitcoin card popular with many crypto enthusiasts from different country’s. But in the United States (US) is not a valid card, mainly available in most of the European country’s. These debits card funds come out directly from your Xapo web wallet account. From fiat to digital currency it is the first and smooth transaction that’s made you happy. Service debit cards are temporary stop/ coming soon.

Note: From October 15th, 2017 Xapo suspended service on all existing debit card users who live outside of EU territory.


Freedom of liquidity all over the world. Get a Bitcard to withdraw money through ATM anywhere and anytime. You do not need to be associated with any bank account. It is completely safe, valid, and secure to shop. This company crypto wallet gives you an instant recharge service. Any time you can cancel this card service. It is not only a credit or debit card but also tops up a limited amount.

  • bitpay cardCard Types: MasterCard.
  • The country allows Spain. By gradually many countries adding.
  • Card Price: €20
  • ATM Withdrawal: withdrawal fees €1
  • Reviews: Their review rating is good.
  • Delivery Time: BitPay Card via US Mail in 7-10 business days.
  • Fees: Monthly transactions for a 1% processing fee.
  • Accept: Moreover they accept BTC, USD
  • Country: Atlanta, United States

Does Bangladesh allow Bitcoin Prepaid Card?

Cryptocurrency transactions and trading are illegal in Bangladesh but many people are involved in using digital currency. Already Bangladesh bank warned all other commercial banks of Bangladesh to worry about Bitcoin users. The foreign exchange police department and some other determent are monitored cryptocurrency deeply.

Already (BFIU) begun to look for Bitcoin trader and BTRC also assisted in this case. Some of the important meetings were held on the matter. Many freelancers already involve who trades and get paid their foreign client. People who regularly revel in the abroad also purchased bitcoin and even some local celebrities, cricketers also involve with this cryptocurrency currency.

Already, the government has warned people not to make any transactions with bitcoin!

Meanwhile, the govt. has warned individuals to not build any transactions with bitcoin. in step with Bangla Desh Bank, bitcoin is neither accepted nor thought of tender anyplace within the world, and it’s risky to use this currency. The commerce of this currency would possibly cause infringements of laws concerning hiding or funding terrorist acts.

Information source

BFIU said Bank and some financial organizations order to consume trade cryptocurrency trading. In order Bangladesh law, there is no legal way to trade or purses digital currency through a banking channel. Cybercrime working on this matter to hunt Bitcoin traders and users.

As per the above circumstance:  Bitcoin prepaid cards are not legal in Bangladesh.

How to apply for a Bitcoin master card in Bangladesh?

Already we have mentioned it is not properly legal in Bangladesh but if you are still wanting to get a Bitcoin prepaid card in Bangladesh then there have some options to get it.

You can easily apply to get a crypto or Bitcoin prepaid card. Just go to one of those mention website addresses and register your account. When you get your account, then you can deposit some BTC or USD to get your desire card. Somewhere there you no need to deposit money to get the card.

How to withdrawal Bitcoin in Bangladesh?

To withdrawals your fund to your hand cash, you can go to your nearest ATM booth. Punch your card in any VISA card-supported machine, then put your password to withdraw the amount. You should have the amount of USD or BTC with fees to withdraw the balance.

Bitcoin to BTD convert through ATM booth

Already, a number of companies offered to convert your BTC to BDT. The mentioned site is providing the services you can check to convert your BTC to BDT through an ATM card or direct bank account. You can visit a top cryptocurrency exchange and open an account to convert your cryptocurrency to USD to BDT.

Mobile top up with Bitcoin In Bangladesh

If you are searching to recharge your mobile phone with Bitcoin in Bangladesh then there have several online services. So, to do you need BTC into your wallet. Now pay the rechargeable amount that you want to top up in your mobile phone.

Mobile top up with Bitcoin
source: btcrecharge.com

Simply to go the service provider website and put your desire mobile number. After that put the desired amount that you want to recharge. Now there displays A BTC amount to send them. You can also check your order or transaction processing status. Most of the charge recharges are made instantly.

Mobile Recharge Website With Bitcoin

  1. Bitrefill.com
  2. Btcrecharge.com
  3. Piiko.co
  4. bitkoyn.com

You can pay with Bitcoin, Dash, or Steller to recharge your Bangladesh mobile phone using Bitcoin. However, It is a pretty good way to refill and recharge Airtel, Banglalink, Grameenphone, Robi, and Teletalk with Bitcoin in Bangladesh.

Finally, Bitcoin Prepaid Card in Bangladesh is very important for those who are wanting to use an instant money transaction. Hopefully, mention above web service provider gives you the opportunity you need. However, one thing should remember, on the internet, there are a number of scammers are available. So, make sure your safety before making any transaction.

What is Cryptocurrency? A Step By Step Guide

If you want to know what is Cryptocurrency? How you can get it and how does it’s work? Then this step-by-step guide can help you to understand. Uses this straightforward cryptocurrency guide to learn what is digital currency? It will also explain to you simply how the system works, how you can get profit, which crypto scams should avoid. By the end of this guide, you will be able to answer what is cryptocurrency?

What is Digital currency in a nutshell?

A short and easy answer is cryptocurrency digital money or digital cash system. The currency is associate with the internet that uses cryptography. It`s a digital or virtual currency design to work as a medium of exchange fees securely.

Generally, it uses cryptography to secure and verify the crypto transaction. Basically, no one can change this blockchain database if the specific requirement is fulfilled for limited entries.

Few people know crypto that is a side product invention on the internet as digital gold. The unknown inventor of BitCoin Satoshi Nakamoto first time invented it as the first cryptocurrency in 2008. This is an electrolytic decentralized cash system so call peer to peer transactions and it has no physical form.

Its supply is not determined by any authority and its network is not controlled by any central bank. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Rippel, as are the example of digital currency.

The transaction is put into a block and the network high-class computer solving complex mathematical problems. When the computer solves it, another network can check it. When all the networks is agreeing to solve it then the block is added to the blockchain and the transaction is completed.

Cryptocurrency vs. Banks

The cryptocurrency transaction can destroy the traditional banking system. Because for digital transactions no need any third party or intermediary authority. Now the bank is interested in cryptocurrency and they are interested in what can do for the bank with blockchain. But cryptocurrency basically Bitcoin expressly created to avoid the banking, trading transaction system.

Crypto lovers and the developer have got an idea of a decentralized network, where no need for third parties to process the transaction. Also, no need for any bank or centralized network where need to go physically to complete the transaction. The passion is to make a free transaction process. It`s saved time, fees, safety, and security.

The History of Cryptocurrency

Before the invention of cryptocurrency, there were a few attempts to create something similar to Bitcoin. But they wear fail to get popularity. Both of them “B-money” and “BitGold” are corrupted with mathematical problems hashing in the blockchain. Nick Szabo, involve with decentralization and wrote “BitGold”.

histori of crypto
History of Cryptocurrency

The first and foremost cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and the story began in 2009. Perhaps, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ created and released Bitcoin. ‘Nakamoto’ true identity is unknown, many say it is a person another hand, some believe this is a group. Anyway, Bitcoin software was public in the same year in 2009 to allow people to mine and creating the first blockchains.

How to Mine Cryptocurrency

Basically, some cryptocurrencies create through a Mining process. You must attempt to solve a hash to mine this crypto and which allows you to the next block. After difficult mathematical solvency new block is added to the main blockchain. Finally, this transaction is recorded in the Blockchain to see for all.

Worldwide people are competing to be the first to solve a hash. Those (Miners) who solving the hash receive a block reward – or an amount of mining cryptocurrency. Hopefully, you have already got an idea about what is Cryptocurrency also want to know about mining.

Mine Cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency Mining

Requirements you need to mining cryptocurrency

You know, unlike mining for gold, there need tools a pan, and a magnifying glass. To get started here with basic you need those.

  • Mining hardware. Firstly, an ASIC chip needs in your computer to mine cryptocurrency. 1. Dragonmint 16T 2. Antminer S7
  • Mining software. Try to get free software to explain how this software works for ASIC.1.BFGMiner 2. GUIMiner
  • Bitcoin wallet. If you complete a block, you can transfer it to your crypto wallet. 1. Coinbase 2. Blockchain

What is Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a secure wallet where you can send, receive and store your digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Basically, most of the coins have their official wallets. Some of them recommended using third parties wallets. To use any digital currency you will need a wallet.

Cryptocurrency wallet is like a leather wallet many of us still use in our real life to carry cash. But leather wallets missing some features. For example, a digital wallet can hold hundred of currency in one place. Essay way to keep track of when, how, and where you spend money. You can make a short note of every transaction.

On the other have a physical wallet or leather wallet have the limitation. In short, we can say top cryptocurrency wallets are much smarter than physical leather wallets.

What is Cryptocurrency & What can you do with it?

With digital currency, you can send, receive payments. You can trade and store your money to make profits. To buy goods and products use your crypto wallets worldwide.

The transaction cost is very low moreover, you can buy anything, any time and any part of the world. A number of retailers and business companies are accepting digital currency. So, accept as payment for your business worldwide.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is highly risky and at the same time, it is highly rewarded. It depends on how and when you started to invest in this crypto space. In February 2017 Bitcoin price was $1000 and in 2018 it was $19000 and now it`s August 21, 2018, the BTC price is $6300. You could make a ton of money if you invest earlier.

There has been a lot of old-coin where the price picks on the top at the end of 2017. But now it is on the bottom level. Bitcoin age is 9 years old and Etherium old is 2 years old, so it is a promising stage.

Perhaps the best way to invest in cryptocurrency Buy low and sell high. But, here I am interested to change the way about cryptocurrency investment policy.

So what is the safest way to invest in Cryptocurrency? You can see the stock market is so bubbles, market crashes, and economic recovery. The recent crypto market crashes should everyone learn a lesson from it.

  • Go through long time investment. It minimizes the risk.
  • Since you investing over time see the market trend.
  • Stay updated with all the crypto tools and news sites.
  • Before invest in crypto ask yourself  “What am I trying to achieve?”
  • You should learn a little bit more about What is Cryptocurrency.

Why should you use cryptocurrency?

Low transaction fees: Bank transaction is high fees and through the blockchain transaction is low.

Ownership: Yes! It`s your own bank. You can send money to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Identity protection: If you want to send and receive money privet then it`s the ideal way to do that.

Risk-free for sellers: No risk for sellers because you can send or get money with the safest way.

First and secure: Very first transaction such as you can send million dollars within short time worldwide.

Legality of cryptocurrencies

About the legality of cryptocurrency, each country has a different standers policy. Most of the digital currency is not backed by any central authorities. Most of the country does have not have much awareness about Cryptocurrency.

Global regulators: Legal tender depends on the country’s basis. Different countries have different views on digital currency.

Policy on Exchanges: At the G-20 meeting Argentina’s Central bank governor ”specific recommendation on what to do” and said about task force submitted proposals by July. Italy’s central bank leader told about to pose risk about cryptocurrency and should not be banned.

A global watchdog runs to G-20 regulation and cautions some countries crackdown economy. Another hand FSB’s have a positive view of digital currency.

Legality of cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies Legality

The International Monetary Fund has likewise called for more participation. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde featured digital money’s potential as a vehicle for illegal tax avoidance and the financing of fear-based oppression.

What is Cryptocurrency in different countries

  1. Japan: Legal tender as of last April 2018.
  2. United States: Not legal tender, according to Financial Crimes Enforcement Network.
  3. European Union: No EU member state can introduce its own currency, according to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi.
  4. United Kingdom: Not legal tender. “Only sterling is legal tender in the UK,” according to Carney.
  5. South Korea: Not legal tender.
  6. China: Not legal tender.
  7. Singapore: Not legal tender.
  8. India: Not legal tender, reportedly taking steps to outlaw it.
  9. Switzerland: View on bitcoin- Legal.
  10. Bangladesh: Not legal tender.

Most common cryptocurrencies

  • Bitcoin: This is the most used cryptocurrency world and dominates 50% of the market capitalization as per coinmarketcap. There are almost 16.9 million are mine and total circulation is 21 million. Bitcoin market capital hit a record high of more than $200bn in 2018.
  • Bitcoin cash: Bitcoin cash fork by the original Bitcoin in the summer of 2017. As a split of Bitcoin it shares is the same as Bitcoin.
  • Litecoin: It’s called Bitcoin brother and is popular a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.
  • Dogecoin: It’s really funny but this coin is widely used and pretty much popular. Initially introduced as a parody currency with its own community.
  • Ripel XRP: This cryptocurrency is a program design for a centralized transaction network for bank money transactions like SWIFT.
  • Stellar (XLM): It was launched by Jed McCaleb in 2014 who was Repel co-founder.
  • NEO: It is the first and popular China public blockchain. Initially NEO lunch in 2014.
  • IOTA: Among these most 10 cryptocurrencies IOTA is unique in a new protocol called ‘Tangle’ rather than blockchain technology.
  • EOS: It is another direct competitor with NEO and Etherium.
  • Moreno: It is more advance than Z-Cash. It’s can hide any traces of transactions.

How to store Cryptocurrency

There have a cold wallet and hot wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet can allow a crypto holder “become their own bank”. For a long time investment, you can store your coin in the cold store. For security practices, you will get satisfaction with your cold storage wallet as the safest place. What is Cryptocurrency when you come with this question you know much more?

Hot store wallet can be used basically instantaneously to send, receive and trade with the exchange. A crypto holder uses a private key to access their wallet. They can also use QR codes. This post makes you knowledgeable about cryptocurrency.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

If you are interested to invest in cryptocurrency then there have different available options to buy it. You can buy through different cryptocurrencies with USD, EUR, and GBP.

You can also buy crypto with your credit card from any part of the world. So, hopefully this What is Cryptocurrency guide help you.

Bitcoin price technical analysis perspective view

Steady decline Bitcoin price and many Crypto experts argue not to buy crypto coin unless another price resistant rally. I am going to show you a short technical analysis of Crypto’s major assets. So, continue to learn Bitcoin price technical analysis.

It was above $800B on January 7, 2018, but by the gradual, it has gone down the trade and now briefly falling below $200B earlier this week. Bitcoin price technical analysis Aug 2018.

So you notice about Bitcoin -70% back from its peak, Ethereum –80%, Litecoin -85%, Ripel -91%

Bitcoin price technical analysis perspective view BTC/USD

August 17, 2018, Bitcoin trade recommendation (BTC/USD). We think there has a lot of sellers in the market.

We think it could go through a downtrend of $5100 to $5000, and then it’s bounce there is a low volume. Unfortunately, it goes deep downtrend maybe $4100 and in the long run, it could be $2900.

Bitcoin bullish trend

In another case of a short-term bullish trend, the price will touch potentially $6800 to $7000 support as possible and sell immediately won its target is hit.

The current price is 50/50. If the resistance goes upper to $7200-$7400 maybe it could back $7000. They’re also a cause topping out.

To get a clear idea to start Bitcoin trading you might watch some popular YouTube crypto channels to make you a crypto trading analyzer.

Daily Yearly Bitcoin chart

There are many YouTube videos on the Bitcoin market and they analytics how to trade crypto.

btc trading
Source: Stockcharts.com

The daily chart is looking pretty good and the volume is pretty good. The current price is very critical.

If you are looking for a bullish case or a bearish case the currency price movement will give you an idea. Bitcoin usability and stability continue to improve.

Finally, Bitcoin still downtrend As 200-Day MA Caps Prices. The bull has stepped repeatedly to define the $6000 level. We also respect a bearish-resistant level at $8000.

Bitcoin 1 time span

  • Bitcoin worth looks, by all accounts, to be shaping a reverse head and shoulders style on its 1-hour time span.
  • This is viewed as associate degree exemplary inversion flag and if thoroughbred, the price may pull up from its previous drop.
  • Specialized markers’ area unit in addition mirroring the distance of optimistic force.

Summary of Strategy

Buy: As close to $6200 as possible.

Target: $7000-$7200

Stop: $5800

As of this writing, the BTC/USD pair is trading at $8,198.29 on Coinbase.

Make money with trading analysis

A number of people are trading Cryptocurrency and bitcoin. By follow the role of buy low and sell high. In this way people are making money online.


So, Cryptocurrency platform is a vast field to make money doing different job like trading. If you know how to trade crypto like bitcoin XRP and another altcoin then you can regularly update bitcoin analysis through YouTube or with your blog.

How to buy bitcoins with Skrill account?

How to Buy Bitcoins with Skrill

To buy Bitcoin with fiat money is not easy for many countries in the world. A number of countries do not allow Bitcoin in their country as a payment system. But most of the country in the world is supported Skrill’s former name (Moneybookers). In many ways, you can buy bitcoins with the Skrill payment system. Check here the top Cryptocurrency Exchange list many of them are accepting Skrill payment.

What is Skrill?

In a word, Skrill is an online payment system globally. If you are families with PayPal then Skrill is a similar online money service. There are several ways to buy Bitcoin with skrill dollar. To buy Bitcoin with Skrill first you should deposit funds in your account.

With Skrill, you can deposit, withdraw easily, fast, safely, and secure way. Maybe it`s one of the world’s used gambling e-wallet, online casinos. With an email and password, you can simple way to send and receive money worldwide. If you have no skrill account then simply a registration Skrill wallet.

what is skrill
source skrill.com

Essentially a Skrill e-wallet allows you to profit get in associate ‘advanced wallet’, therefore you simply ever got to offer your Visa points of interest to Skrill and no one else.

Getting a Skrill account is basically what may furthermore be referred to as obtaining free bank protection. Easily send money to your friend’s mobile wallet or any third-party wallet. The money transfer is so instant and easy to receive in local currency. The service includes direct skrill members and non-existing members.

Exchange list who accepts Skrill to buy Bitcoin

There have been a lot of cryptocurrency markets more than 13017. But only a few exchanges are allowed skrill to buy Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The following list provides information on how to buy Bitcoin through skrill.

source: spectrocoin.com

1. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin offers an extensive variety of crypto services, including business, Bitcoin wallets, and prepaid cards. You can check your record by transferring a duplicate copy of your ID card and might be required to additionally give a selfie.

There are also some cryptocurrency services in Spectrocoin like Ehereum, Litcoin, Dash, etc. You can deposit with EUR or USD in SpectroCoin than exchange to buy Bitcoin. After buying Bitcoin in your SpectroCoin wallet than you can transfer BTC where you want. The charge is applicable.

Guide to buy bitcoin with Skrill at spectrocoin

source: localbitcoins.com

2. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a popular exchange service worldwide and will help you to connect users online who accept Skrill for bitcoin. As per offers, anyone can trade Bitcoin.

We recommend being alert when trading Localbitcoin because everywhere are scammers. Check each seller profile to avoid fraud and verify the user history of the successful transaction review.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill at localbitcoin

source: exmo.com

3. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through Exmo BTC

There has an exchange list where you can buy Bitcoin with Skrill. Choose the exchanger with the rate you prefer to BTC. After then you will need to click it to go to the site and exchange the money.

All exchangers specified in the list provide the service of exchanging Skrill USD to Exmo BTC automatically. The bad thing is services on Exmo is not available always. UK base currency exchange allows for the user to buy BTC after the ID and residential verification.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill at Exmo

source: cex.io

4. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through CEX.IO

CEX.IO is a trade that enables you to purchase advanced cash worth up to $300 every day without ID verification. As a payment method, Skrill is allowed here. Just deposit Skrill to buy Bitcoin. Withdrawals require confirmation of utility ID card and verification of residency.

SEPA is a European Union-related trusted payment processor service. Like this payment system, there has a Skrill option to fund CEX.IO and withdraw to your skrill account as earning.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill at cex.io

source: bitpanda.com

5. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through BitPanda

Once within the past called Coinimal, Austrian base Bitpanda could be a noted European country supported payment system. From Europe, buyers can buy BTC within 10 seconds to their wallet. You can deposit with Skrill to buy BTC and withdrawal easily.

The web video check method takes and needs a government-provided ID card. Fees are least high 3.6%. Always skrill buys fees are not visible publicly. With your credit/debit card buy instantly Bitcoin.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill BitPanda

source: virwox.com

6. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through Virwox

Wiwox is not an exchange like other BTC exchanges. A little expensive to buy Bitcoin through this method. First, you need to buy SLL with your skrill then it sells for Bitcoin. This way you can buy Bitcoin but it’s not an appropriate way and cost-friendly. Simply deposit with skrill then trade with SLL to BTC.

Basically, it is a way to buy BitCoin with PayPal or Skrill account. Personally, I do not prefer to buy digital currency with this payment procedure also not going to recommend anyone.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill Virwox

source: paxful.com

7. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through Paxful

Paxful is basically identical as LocalBitcoins. It is a trusted and reliable place to buy Bitcoin with Skrill. On Paxful you will be operating with individuals and not organizations. Easy way to turn your Skrill dollar to BTC.

In different places and locally from any part of the world buyer can buy Bitcoin with their skrill account. There has a multi-payment option to buy BTC and any one of the Paxful users can make an offer to exchange BTC.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill Paxful

source: payglobel.com

8. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through PayGlobel

You can purchase bitcoin with skrill with PayGlobel with no check ID verification within a short time. PayGlobel is the fourth era of managing an account and installments and giving banking cards and crypto trade benefits. Simply log in and deposit money through Skrill then buy BTC. To send BTC you need a 5% fee.

PayGlobel gives you the opportunity to transfer fund skrill to Bitcoin instantly. Simply deposit to your skrill account, then gives a bitcoin address to convert it to your Bitcoin wallet. It is a pretty simple way to buy Bitcoin with our KYC verification.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill PayGlobel

9. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through Paybis

source: paybis

Another popular place to buy Bitcoin with Skrill is Paybis. A number of the Bitcoin selling offer is available there. You can buy BTC with your skrill balance. A fresh interface is displayed where you can see the difference of BTC selling with the multi payment system. Simply put, your desired amount of USD to buy with your preferred payment system.

Reviews and feedback systems will help you to understand the customer service. As per rating, you can choose a user to buy BTC. Auto calculates form to show you how much BTC you are getting with your provided skrill amount. The fees are pretty high 3.87% and Min: 50 USD; Max 25000 USD.

Guide to buy Bitcoin with Skrill Paybis

10. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through Cubits

Source: Cubits.com

Cubits is another reliable source of buying Bitcoin through the skrill account. So, why not start with Cubits. This UK-based Bitcoin exchange allows users to buy BTC. Note only Cubits but also Skrill service from the UK. The only USA user is restricted from this service. On the other hand, their service allows 28 EU licensed and supported countries.

To get the service you need withdraws and deposit fees. For deposit, you need to pay 0.9% and withdraw 1%. The trading advantage is only for KYC verification users. However, purchase Bitcoin from Cubits Bitcoin exchange instantly.

buy Bitcoin with Skrill Cubits

11. Buy Bitcoins with Skrill through CoinGate

source: coingate.com

CoinGate is a widely used Bitcoin and ALT-coin exchange platform. It has a lunch option to buy Bitcoin with Skrill. The Skrill wallet owner buys Bitcoin directly from CoinGate. There has no KYC verification process. Instantly, anyone can purchase cryptocurrency and transfer the fund to their own crypto wallet.

However, to buy BTC with Skrill you do need no accounts needed. Moreover, one of the benefits is Instant check out. Somewhere more than 10% fees to buy Bitcoin with a credit card, but with CoinGate your cost is what you see is what you get!

Trade and buy Cryptocurrency with Skrill

  • IQoption.com allows you to deposit money with Skrill to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, repel, IOTA, XLM, BCH, OTN, etc. Here you can only trade to make a profit. You can not withdraw money with cryptocurrency. You can trade more than 15 cryptocurrencies and hold them to make money. There have no different crypto wallet like a crypto exchange. You can deposit Bitcoin to skrill and withdrawal to your skrill account. You will need to verify your identity to withdrawal money. When you deposit more than $3000 you will be rewarded as a VIP member with some extra features.
  • Exness.com is Another place where you can trade cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. You Can deposit with Skrill dollar to buy Bitcoin but you didn`t get that money to convert BTC. Here anyone can trade BTC/USD to make a profit. Their payment method is included a Bitcoin deposit and you can also withdraw that BTC to your wallet.

Key features of using Skrill to deposit

  • Email and secret word secured
  • High encryption guaranteeing secure and safe installments
  • To Nearly 200 Countries are supported Skrill
  • Restrictive offers with on the web and portable gambling clubs
  • Moment access and cash exchanges
  • Reasonable transaction fees
  • Apply for a Moneybookers MasterCard® that connects to a bank account.
  • Worldwide cash exchange system.
  • Store cash securely
  • Free protected cash stockpiling

Finally, exchange or Buy Bitcoin with Skrill from any part of the world where supports Skrill account. Just convert your Skrill USD to Crypto Bitcoin to hold, buy and sell, or CFD trading.

Bitcoin popular cryptocurrency in the world in 2021


In the blessing of the internet and YouTube maybe we hear about Bitcoin but many of us don’t know properly about Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin? How does it work? How we can use it? So let’s go to start little learning about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin popular cryptocurrency in the world and first launch in 2009. If you are newer then read the Bitcoin beginner’s guide.

Why And How is bitcoin a popular cryptocurrency?

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency system. Which has no physical reality. And now Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Generally, in the case of money transactions, we use third-party organizations. For example, you want to send some money to your friend who stays outside the country or far away.

Generally, to send money, you use your own bank account. Here you are a sender and your friend is a receiver and the bank is a third party or a middleman.

Here is a bank that controls the whole process and takes some profit as a third-party service provider.

But Bitcoin such as a currency system where no need for any third party. Here receiver direct gets the payment from the sender.

Peer to peer transaction

This is called a peer-to-peer transaction. In this case, the total transaction process is completed with cryptography, which is very complicated.

So, a third-party agency does not control this process therefore it is not possible to determine the movement of the Bitcoin transaction.

That’s why nobody knows who the person sending the Bitcoin. Both of them can hide their identity in the transaction.

How did Bitcoin begin?

The domain name bitcoin.org was registered on 18 August 2008.

In November 2008, a link to a paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System was posted to a cryptography mailing list.

Many people did not know it going to be a bitcoin popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Satoshi Nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto


‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’ first publish a paper through the internet.

This is the first time people know about it. From this time Bitcoin start the mining software.

Bitcoin mining, such a process where Bitcoin is generated by mining. However, since bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency among cryptocurrency enthusiast.

How Bitcoin Works?

How Bitcoin Works
How Bitcoin Works

Like ordinary currency, you could not transaction with hand to hand. Any bank or organization does not control it.

For peer-to-peer transactions, Bitcoin goes direct from sender to receiver wallet.

Wallets are your money store. Two types of wallets are found. One is an online wallet and another is an offline wallet.

  • Online wallet: online wallet is the use of your smartphone or any computer device. Every crypto wallet has an address. For any transaction, they use this address.
  • When anyone sends Bitcoin, one address to another address, it’s recorded in an open ledger. It’s called ‘Blockchain‘.
  • All the transaction is recorded in this huge accounting system. After finished every single transaction on this network automatically generated a Bitcoin.
  • This system so calls mining and minors also reward for this mathematical calculate.
  • Offline wallet:  On the offline wallet you can store, hold your Bitcoin.

How did Bitcoin mining?

The Bitcoin mining process is a complicated system. To mining Bitcoin, it needs specific software. To complete these mathematics solves the process.

It’s needed to high configured the computer.

The procedure is complex numerical calculations.

Utilizing PC, CPUs, and GPUs. When every Bitcoin is created, and it goes through a blockchain record.

Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining macing

Bitcoin miners have used mine software to validate every transaction. At this time Bitcoin is created through this process.

Bitcoin transaction and Bitcoin create process both of going with very safe way.

As a result, there has no security risk for both of them sender or receiver. They are both safe and stay hidden from the transaction.

How to get Bitcoin?

Differently, you can get this Bitcoin popular cryptocurrency. Have a look below.

mobail wallet
Image source wikimedia.org

Your first Bitcoin wallet setup is very easy. There have several desktops, mobile app and hybrid wallets are available.

You can create an online account in Coinbase, Blockchain.info, or any other crypto wallet to store your first Bitcoin.

  1. A mobile wallet such as Airbats (iPhone, Android), CoPay (iPhone, Android), or Mycelium (Android).
  2. As a payment, service, or shopping with bitcoins, you can use it and get BTC from any exchange.
  3.  You can get Bitcoin from any person who stores it. Moreover, you can earn it by doing an online task.

Bitcoin Unique Features As A Popular Cryptocurrency

    • Bitcoin is a fully decentralized currency system. The government or any authorities are not dominating Bitcoin.
    • Therefore, peer to peer transaction system where every user is the owner of this Bitcoin. Anyone cannot take ownership of the Bitcoin network.
    • The entire process of a Bitcoin transaction happened without any name or identity. A Bitcoin user can create multiple accounts.
    • To open an account and do not need any name, address, or any personal information. As a result, the real identity of the user of Bitcoin can be hidden.
features of Bitcoin
Here are example features of Bitcoin
  • A bitcoin transaction is completed very transparently. Every transaction is recorded by a blockchain ledger and anyone can see this record from any part of the world.
  • As a result, there has no scope for corruption. It is fully open source.
  • Open a Bitcoin account is very easy. In this case, no need to fill up any worrisome form like a bank. Also, no need to submit papers or any fees.
  • Open a Bitcoin account is very easy. In this case, no need to fill up any worrisome form like a bank. Also, no need to submit papers or any fees.

Some Difficulties of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin is fully offensive. When you send BTC to any wrong person or wrong address you can not bring it back to you. You are not able to reverse it.
  • Any authorities can not control this whole system. That’s why both the sender and receiver can hide their identity.
  • As a result, BTC users can use many illegal activities through this Bitcoin transaction.
  • Many illegal products are exchanged through this cryptocurrency payment. A secret part of the internet in the Dark Web many transactions is made through BTC.
  • BTC’s price is so volatile, sometimes the price is so high and sometimes its price is very low.

Bitcoin Price In The Present World

Bitcoin first launches in 2009 with very low value. After a few days, its price is increasing day by day. In 2011 Bitcoin price was $0.30 and its first time grows to $32.

Next 2013 it’s increased by $266. Day by day Bitcoin prices is growing.

At the end of 2016 Bitcoin’s price reached $600. After the BTC price increased record level.

So, this digital current next year go high and position it as a bitcoin popular cryptocurrency and acceptable digital currency in the world.

15 Dec 2017 Bitcoin worth $17,900  and reached $19,900. Twenty-two Dec 2017, $13,800.

Bitcoin worth loses one-third of its worth in twenty-four hours, dropping below $14,000.

In the Five Gregorian calendar month 2018, $6,200 Bitcoin’s worth drops fifty p.c in sixteen days, falling below $7,000.

Bitcoin Price
Peasant bitcoin price analysis

In most of the countries in the world Bitcoin is very much popular. Many countries also do not support BTC.

More than 30 thousand company or organization is accepting Bitcoin like WordPress, Microsoft, Wikipedia, Overseer.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft is talking positively about Bitcoin.

Most of the giant companies and organizations are working to take advantage of blockchain technology. Already Amazon blockchain technology, Facebook Blockchain technology, and Microsoft are working on it.

The different names of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a protocol

Bitcoin is a core as per Ivan description who is a blockchain and Bitcoin expert over the internet.

He thinks Bitcoin is a protocol and protocol is a blueprint. Bitcoin is a network and also called a network. So it has a different name and different views.

Basically, protocol means how computers communicate with each other. However, bitcoin popular cryptocurrency all over the world, and it is a peer-to-peer transaction open ledger.

The protocol can write on paper or PDF, and it has many theories. For example, the white paper can define the protocol how should it work.

Just think, you build a program and write it down on white paper.

The Future of Currency

Bitcoin has stocked a lot of attention over the past decade all over the world. We think the Bitcoin future is bright for greater adoption rates worldwide.

Many brands are accepting this currency cordially for its bright futures.

Mainstream investing vehicles (ETFs) and Futures trading, including Bitcoin that help in reaching that market matures.

We believe Bitcoin and blockchain is the next huge factor in the world. Constant update area unit occurring to Bitcoin and still expertise growth through technological development.

The overall analysis of bitcoin’s popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin banaer
Bitcoin banner

Digital Cash

Among the crypto community Bitcoin known as digital cash currency. Because it is the use of the internet as the real world.

Moreover, Anyone can buy things like fiat currency through the internet or by physically anything.

Finally, I suggest to you stay connected with this big thing. Don’t miss the crypto rally. Because bitcoin popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Top 40 Cryptocurrency Exchange list


Top Cryptocurrency Exchange List  Worldwide

Honestly, it`s not easy to find Top Cryptocurrency Exchange List. But I can give you a clear Idea and assist you to choose the right Crypto exchange from the list. Slowly and steadily, Crypto coins and bitcoin bring investors’ attention to the Crypto world. As a result, Cryptocurrency getting safe haven against government inflationary policies.

A number of Crypto traders and investors are searching for top trusted Crypto exchanges. So, in this case, you need to find the right cryptocurrency exchanges. And that’s why we are pick up some reliable and top Cryptocurrency exchanges on our list.

Safe And Secure Crypto Exchange Website Server

A safe and secure website server should consider picking up your Crypto exchange portfolio. So, don’t make any mistake of picking from the top cryptocurrency exchange list. We also consider exchanges that provide transparent data about coins in cold storage.

When it comes to finding a top cryptocurrency exchange list, it’s should availability to exchange most of the currency pairs: trade bitcoin for USD, Euros, or other fiat money. So, consider it before start exchanging.

We will update when new exchange-listed in our article. However, appropriate and top Bitcoin exchange also brings profits for you. Continue to read the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

Before Considering Top Cryptocurrency Brokerage, Think About It

  • Safe and secure website server exchange is better.
  • Lower fees exchange is better than other higher fees exchange.
  • How is the exchange’s customer support?
  • How many trading pairs are available?
  • As much as the different payment method is available.
  • How about their exchange interface? A user-friendly interface is preferable.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange List

1. Coinbase Exchange

coinbase reviews

Coinbase first bitcoin exchange and USD pair deposit method are included with the prepaid card. However, it is easy to use for beginners, because it’s the interface is very user-friendly. Coinbase is on the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

Only, with a single email, you can buy, sell and send money worldwide. As a result, buying and selling BTC is an ideal cryptocurrency exchange for newbies.

Most of the customers of the Coinbase exchanges are from the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Swaziland. Not only popular from specific areas, but also Coinbase customers are all around the world.

  • Pay with Fast-Bank-Transfer, Debit-Card, PayPal, and Web money. Moreover, vary among the country.
  • Min Deposit Any amount can deposit.
  • Exchange charges are 1.49% fees on bank purchases and 3.99% fees on credit and debit purchases.
  • Country USA

2. Binance

binance review

One of the first growing mobile app-supported Crypto exchanges is Binance. After ending ICO it’s growing rapidly around the world as a popular Crypto exchange platform. This is the best platform if you chose the #1 exchange.

Binance started in China. But now it’s moved Crypto friendly Island of Malta to the EU. Although its member around the world.

However, this is one of the top Crypto for Crypto online exchanges. This exchange is popular behind its low trading fees. Moreover, CEO friendly company.

Binance not only Bitcoin exchange but also top Crypto to Crypto exchange. Here we only attempt to outline that’s you need to know about exchanges.

  • Pay with Fast-Bank-Transfer, Debit-Card, PayPal, and Webmoney.
  • Min Deposit allows any amount.
  • Charges 0.1% standard trading fee. BNB pay 1st 50% to 6.75% 5th no discount.
  • Started in China but now Move-in Japan

3. Bitmex

bitmex exchange

One of the popular exchanges is Bitmex, where you can do margin trade. Many people think it is based on Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. A young, talented economist team created this amazing exchange platform with high-volume trade.

BITMEX is a derivative Crypto market. Primary trading currency bitcoin and futures contract. Moreover, no liquidity. BitMEX is a P2P Crypto products trading platform.

Personally, I am not encouraging you because margin trading is dangerous for financial health. In short, this is not spot trading Bitcoin. Also, BitMEX is wholly owned by HDR Global Trading Limited. Moreover, it’s team developer-based traders.

  • Pay with: No liquidity.
  • Min Deposit: Any amount.
  • Exchange charges: Bitcoin 100x -0.0250% 0.0750% 0.0500%. Others are also cheap.
  • Back-end country North Korea

4. Bitfinex


Since 2012 Bitfinex is one of the popular Crypto exchanges that is Hong Kong-based platforms. However, it offers mobile apps to trade assert, among the users. You can also lend crypto to earn interest.

Raphael Nicolle is the founder of this Cryptocurrency broker. However, a number of people are trading on this platform. Both intermediate and advanced traders are satisfied here. Moreover, a wide selection of coins is included day by day.

The trading volume is and users from all around the world. So, this platform provides more than 16 trading pairs with USD and BTC. Last year they stopped service for USA customers.

More than $2 billion worth trader a day and more than $600 million volume BTC/USD pairs.

  • Total currency 143 market share 31%.
  • Trades fees vary from 0.1% to 0.8%.
  • Country Hong Kong

5. KuCoin

kucoin exchange

Like Binance KuCoin is another popular, easy to use and hassle-free Crypto exchange. Moreover, it is one of the trusted exchanges that also offers to trade with iOS, Android, and mobile apps.

This modern and secure exchange platform attracts more people day by day. However, Min Deposit with fast bank fiat transfer $50 and any amount with cryptocurrency. Trading fees are cheap and you can trade easily.

It’s has a fresh interface that’s helped you to understand the platform.

A relabel blockchain passion young group behind the exchanges. Who already behind giant industrial productive like GF Securities and Ant Financial. However, a very clean and fresh interface drawn new traders to trade this platform.

  • Total currency 143 market share 31%.
  • Trades fees vary from 0.1% to 0.8%.
  • Country Hong Kong

6. Bittrex

bittrex exchange

USA rules and regulated-based crypto exchange. There have more than 200 currencies to trade. One of the high trading volume exchanges and a well-regulated and safest crypto haven for the Crypto investor.

Bittrex is among the top 3 exchanges in the world. Moreover, a number of people are trading with high trading volume. Also, higher trading limit you will need account verification and two-factor authentication.

Bittrex has been trading since 2014. Approximately $300M trading volume 24 hours. Therefore, to start trading on this platform you need to sign up by email then fill up KYC with your ID card.

  • More than hundreds of trading pairs with USD, EUR, GBP.
  • To withdrawal need KYC verification and basically verified 3 BTC per day
  • Generally, trading charge: 0.25%.
  • Country Based in Seattle, USA

7. Poloniex

ploniex exchange

Poloniex still dominates as a top-level Crypto exchange. In the Crypto exchange long run it has been staying leader. Moreover, the exchange providing clients’ demands. It`s another biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Poloniex was founded by Tristan D’Agosta in 2014 January. More than 100+ currencies are traded by Crypto lovers in this USA base digital currency exchange platform.

In 2017 Poloniex had a record amount trade volume. Not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum has a big trading volume. Moreover, the Etherium is traded here number one position. For a trading view, you can use a nice candlestick to check.

The exchange is better for security and decent trading volume. One of the main reasons is Goldman-Sachs backed by this company. They are authorized by the SEC and FINRA as a broker/dealer in the USA.

  • Poloniex charges: 0.15% to 0.25% of all trades.
  • Anyone can deposit with USDT (Tether dollars).
  • Country owners the USA.

8. Hitbtc

hitbtc exchanges

Since 2013 HitBTC is an advanced Crypto broker. Also, it’s having a proven history of digital currency exchange. Many beginners start their trading on this platform.

HitBTC trading volume is growing day by day. A number of trading pairs are included here. With a credit card, a USD deposit is available here.

One of the advanced level exchanges as well as robot system with high liquidity trading platform. Moreover, as a digital asset trade, there has no limit. With Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDT traded since 2013 with more than 300 currencies.

HitBTC users, from beginner to core traders. Fresh and advanced order matching algorithms give the traders trading flax-ability. The professional trader can use API trading bots with high-end order charts. Though, the site had hacked experience in 2015.

  • Traders provide 0.01% trading fees.
  • Hong-Kong-based company

9. Changelly

changgely exchange

Changelly is featured for its advanced service. For example, a client can buy ripple, XRM, and Zcash with USD from your Credit Card. However, small investors can invest here very easily. Not only you can buy other Crypto coins, but also you can transfer them to your own wallet.

Clean interface, easy to use, and beginner-friendly featured this exchange give value to the users. Changelly is amazing for the freedom use of Crypto because you do not need verification for registration instantly. Zero commission fees and real-time exchange rate enjoy the traders.

Simply singe up with your email then the deposit and start trading. Moreover, with USD / EUR you can trade more than 40 currency pairs. However, to get you the best price this exchange boot connects with the real-time server.

  • The exchange fee is 0.5%
  • Country Prague, Czech Republic.

10. Cryptopia

cryptopia exchange

Using Crypto you can buy, sell, and trading on Cryptopia. Badly many undervalued scripts can be found here. Moreover, low market cap coin is available on this platform. Cryptopia supports more than 500 currencies. It is another beginner cryptocurrency trading platform.

Low and random coin listings are on the Cryptopia. As well as it is highly risky to invest in those coins. Although if you can choose the right coin then it could be striking gold. Otherwise, it is good for beginner and anonymous traders.

The New Zealand dollar is supported as a fiat currency. Who verified with the only email their limit is $500 and with KYC submitted member limits to NZ$50, 000 per 24-hour period.

  • Trading Fee: 0.2% and deposit fees none Withdrawal Fees: Fees vary.
  • Country New Zealand

List Of All Top Cryptocurrency Exchange

11. Huobi

source: Huobi

Since 2013 Huobi is another leading exchange around the world. Moreover, Huobi provides safe and secure, professional, trustworthy services. They lunch their offices in the USA, Singapur, Japan, etc. More than 200+ Crypto pairs are available for trade.

Available on Windows, Mac iOS, and Android trading apps with competitive fees. Trading fees 0.2%, deposit fees, none, and no withdrawal fees.

However, this is another one of the popular exchanges. The exchange center is expanded there service. The service included Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Tokyo.

  • Country Singapore
  • Fees as Maker 0.2% /Taker 0.2%

12. YoBit

yobit top cryptocurrency exchange
source: yobit

Russian base Crypto exchange offer with bitcoin, USD, and more than a hundred altcoin pairs. You can deposit money through Cryptocurrency, payer, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Capitalist, etc.

It`s also multi-language support. Trading fees are less than 0.2% per transaction.

Since 2015 YouBit offer trading more than a hundred Crypto asserts pairs. Also one thing about YouBit scammers. On the brokerage roaming fraudulent link sharing. So, be cautious about it.

As per pros and cons, trade with about 400 cryptocurrencies. Also, a number of payment methods include. Moreover, rewarded are include for the regular You Bit traders.

  • Country Singapore
  • Fees deposit and withdraw fees none

13. Localbitcoins

source: Localbitcoin

The best way to, international money transfer. LocalBitcoins is an amazing platform to buy and sell locally and in any part of the world. To get the best price you can find an attractive offer from other people.

Localbitcoin ethically gives you an opportunity to transfer your entire money at no cost. In conclusion, there have AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CNY & 50+ currencies available. Also a p2p transaction Crypto platform.

After match offer buyers and sellers manually all the translation finished. The brokers allow direct communication individually to individuals. However, many people are loving this place for the advantage of anonymous transactions. Badly the platform usually prices high.

  • Country Russia
  • Fees average 1%

14. Karaken

source: Karaken

This exchange is an old and popular bitcoin trade exchange. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are interested to advance level trading with the technician tool featured. CEO Jesse Powell is the founder of this Cryptocurrency exchange.

The top country the US, Canada, Japan is available for the transaction. Moreover, traders have the opportunity to exchange multiple fiats. Also, have several tiers to trade on the platform.

In the past Kraken, the trading engine was installed and get notorious among the user. However, it started in 2011 and compete with its nearest competitor canvas. In the end, Kraken is one of the tops relabels exchanges by international traders.

  • Country United State
  • Fees deposit free, withdraw €0.09 and trading average 026%

15. Bithumb

source: Bithumb

Bithumb is another one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Many happy traders are trading higher. Easy to use website interface real-able for new cryptocurrency traders.

You can check it out. Day by day new user is registered here to trade on various crypto coins.

16. IDEX

IDEX top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: IDEX

IDEX is the main Ethereum decentralized confided in return with ongoing exchanging and high exchange. One of the real-time trading platforms.

Popular crypto exchange to trade Bitcoin and altcoin. Get the opportunity with a universal time crypto price for trading on various currencies.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange To Buy And Sell Bitcoin & Alt-coins

17. Livecoin top cryptocurrency exchange list

Livecoin Litecoin maybe a distributed cryptologic cash and open supply programming venture discharged underneath the MIT/X11 allow for exchanges.

It is like decentralize exchange peer-to-peer transactions and open-source software systems. There have many different ALT coins for trading.

18. Gate.io

source: Gate.io

Gate.io mission is to grant the foremost secure and most adept administration. Join the exchange to trade with low fees and hassle-free exchange.

Low Withdraw Fee and trade assert Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, TRON, Ripple.

Gate crypto exchange is one of the top altcoin exchanges. Gate.io is also top cryptocurrency exchange list.

19. CoinExchange

source: CoinExchange

CoinExchange is an online altcoin trading platform focused on usability, security, and client bolster. Their central goal is to end up a column in the online cryptographic money commercial center.

For cryptocurrency coin security you can choose Coinexchange for altcoin trading.

20. Etoro top cryptocurrency exchange list

Etoro top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Etoro

Especially eToro may be a social exchanging and multi-resource concern that has listed workplaces in Cyprus, Israel, and the UK. They have expert traders where you can follow them to make a profit.

Exchange and place resources into cryptological styles of cash, stocks, ETFs, financial standards, files, and wares, or duplicate driving money specialists on eToro’s problematic exchanging stage.

21. 24option top cryptocurrency exchange list

source: 24option

24option is one in every of the world’s driving Forex/CFDs exchanging stages. So this exchange can give you a better crypto exchange as forex featured.

Enjoy trading with great profit this place is another appropriate crypto exchange. In brief, trade with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, repel, Tron, and other attacking exchanges.

22. Luno top cryptocurrency exchange list

luno top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: luno

The simplest technique to get Bitcoin and Ethereum. Luno makes it secure and straightforward to exchange, store and transfer the cryptocurrency assert.

Luno could be a Bitcoin organization headquartered in London with tasks in the state, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, and thirty-five alternative European nations.

23. Paxforex

source: Paxforex

Use 1:500 l Commission Free l 0.1 Spreads. Individual Trading Lessons. Bolster 24/5. 35% Forex Deposit Bonus. Commission-free is reliable and begins from the $10 deposit.

Began trading here with a very small amount and you can grow a big amount with their trading techniques and their advanced trading tools.

24. B2BX

source: B2BX

B2BX Exchange is a full-highlighted spot, exchanging stage for major computerized resources and cryptographic forms of money.

An ideal platform to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Monroe, and some more outcomes. Especially as many traders who are experts on the crypto space, they trading here.

25. CEX.IO top cryptocurrency exchange list

CEX.IO top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: CEX.IO

CEX.IO may be a cryptological cash trade and former Bitcoin cloud mining provider. As an internet processed money dealer, CEX.IO offers exchanging digital currency for act money, for instance, USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB.

Founded in 2013 in UK based crypto exchange. Many fiat currencies and payment options include one this exchange.

26. Coinmama

source: Coinmama

Bitcoin and Ethereum charge account credit within the fastest, simplest, and most secure method of this fast crypto exchange. Good to be getting BTC and ETH in their exchanges.

To purchase a number of alt-coin you can join on this crypto platform and enjoy trading.

27. Xtrade

source: Xtrade

Day and web-based exchanging with Xtrade Trade Stocks, CFDs, and Forex with our exchanging stage. Exchange whenever and anyplace, open a free record today, and exchange.

In brief, one of the most popular is trusted online cryptocurrency trading place is trade. So check it out to start the exchange.


source: LATOKEN

LATOKEN is a cutting-edge trading platform that makes contributing and installments simple and safe trade around the world. They are conveying exchanging and managing an account to another age.

Especially this crypto trading exchange doesn’t start a long time, but you can get a better place to start trading.

29. Bitpanda

source: Bitpanda

Bitpanda is on Europe’s driving retail exchange for purchasing and offering cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Quick, secure, and trusted digital currency exchange.

Especially Bitpanda is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange through an online platform.

30. Bitstamp

source: Bitstamp

Bitstamp may be a bitcoin trade set in Luxembourg. It permits exchanging between USD money and bitcoin digital cash. It permits USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ice-cream, swell or bitcoin cash stores, and withdrawals.

In summary of digital crypto exchange, you can start trading here to get profit. Here are also the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

Here Are Some Other Digital Currency Exchanges

31. Xcoins

Xcoins top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Xcoins

Purchase bitcoin with Mastercard at xCoins! Fast endorsement for brand spanking new purchasers, moment for rehash customers. To buy crypto instantly this can be your chosen exchange.

Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal square measure acknowledged. In conclusion, you can exchange many altcoins on this crypto space and you can find here a fresh look interface.

32. Cobinhood

Cobinhood top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Cobinhood

COBINHOOD causes you to augment returns on your digital cash speculation. Third exchanging expenses with no conditions. Simply create an account to exchange crypto.

To be part of Cobinhood and start trading join this platform! Too low your trading fees and many resources to learn trading knowledge. Above all, you can visit the Cobinhood crypto exchange site.

33. Coincheck

Coincheck top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Coincheck

Coincheck may be a bitcoin exchange and trading platform headquartered in the capital of Japan. It was established by Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka.

Many Japan is like to trade cryptocurrency in this crypto space. In conclusion, the trading volume is growing day by day in Japanese people.

34. Shapeshift

source: Shapeshift

ShapeShift.io is that the main moment that processed resource trade, supporting several blockchain tokens as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, squash, Dash, Dogecoin.

You can exchange a lot of old-coin on this platform. Their support team will assist you to get started as per your ask requirements. ShapeShift is also on the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

35. Bitso

Bitso top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Bitso

Where and anywhere you can trade with Bisto. Purchase, offer, send and get Bitcoin, Ether, and different cryptos from any place. Download #BitsoApp and appreciate the greater part of its advantages appropriate from the site.

Above all Bitso is trusted by many crypto investors worldwide are trading volume is good. The top cryptocurrency exchange list has position Bitso.

36. Indacoin

Indacoin top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Indacoin

Purchase and trade any form the Cryptocurrency Exchange list, but this is a popular one of them. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and 700 different computerized financial standards with Visa and MasterCard.

Indacoin was started in 2014 and has been functioning from that time for a word. The trade acknowledges simply credit/charge cards. Our top Cryptocurrency Exchange list enlisted this exchange.

37. Bitbay

Bitbay on top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: Bitbay

One of the greatest digital money exchanges in Europe. Check Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Dash, and another altcoin to exchange. So Bitpay is listed as a top Cryptocurrency Exchange list.

Many of the European traders are exchanging here and day by day it`s growing. This space is a worldwide popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchange. In short, we recommended starting a high-security exchange.

38. FoxBit

FoxBit top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: FoxBit

Another place for trading and exchange cryptocurrency investor. Personally, I do not like it much more for its interface and language support service.

So, you can check it out, to understand the trading platform advantage. Find on the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

39. BitFlyer

bitflyer top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: bitflyer

Purchase and offer advanced cash on bitFlyer’s trades. Secure exchanges propelled diagrams, and technical analysis tools and modern request composes.

A number of cryptocurrency traders are loving this place to trade many ALT-coin. You can get quick support from their support team. In short, visit this online crypto exchange to start trading.

40. Coinroom

Coinroom top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: Coinroom

One of the Cryptographic forms of money trade and the market is Coinroom: In short, you can trade BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, ETH, Monero, Zcoin, Pivx, Zcash, LSK, Viacoin, Burst, ETC, and so on.

So in this Top Cryptocurrency Exchange list, Coinroom listed with good review

Finally, we recommended trading with your own risk because the crypto market is so volatile. Here we only share the top Cryptocurrency Exchange list. We will update our top Cryptocurrency Exchange list very soon. Hopefully, you get an idea about the top cryptocurrency exchange list

Cryptocurrency YouTube Popular Channels To Follow in 2021


Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

There are many videos on YouTube channels and a hub of Crypto content. The Crypto community is engaging with a large number of Crypto fans on YouTube channels. Here also I listed those channels that have a proven record of fans and followers, views, and subscribers with Crypto messages. In this article, I have listed Top Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels.

There are so many so-called Crypto ‘ experts‘. So it`s not very easy to find out who is genuine in this Crypto Space. Howover, after deapt analyzed I listed here top Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels with a little bit of info. So, put the end of your comment on this article about cryptocurrency YouTube channels.

Most of the channel has mixed content. We focus and pick category base YouTube channels to understand cryptocurrency, Bitcoin trading guide, blockchain technology, etc.

Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels For Beginners

1. Ivan On Tech

bitcoin official youtube
cryptocurrency YouTube channels statistics

Ivan the familiar name of Crypto space. One of the best popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels IvanonTech hosted by Ivan Liljeqvist from Sweden. Almost every day he updates Crypto content on his Crypto YouTube hub.

Basically, he provides deep technical aspects of marketing and digital currency. Every video has depth technical analytics as per crypto business.

However, he is a software engineer and programmer. Moreover, he is specializing in Blockchain technology and blockchain-related content. His professional opinion on the cryptocurrency market helps you to understand the current trend of the crypto sphere. However, this channel has started in 2013 and updated videos frequently.

  • Since December 2013
  • Subscribers about 196K+.
  • Focus on data analytics and blockchain programming cutting-edge analysis.
  • Format Videos, interviews, graphs, current event analysis, and Crypto news.
  • Links Website | Facebook

2. Altcoin Buzz

Altcoin Buzz cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Altcoin Buzz

To share news ALT-coins and cryptocurrency, this channel was started by Jeff. Now, this channel is popular among many people as alt-coin buzz YouTube videos. You can learn the trading strategy and market analytics.

It helps to understand market fundamentals. For instance, you can check their video views, subscriber, and YouTube comment to understand the popularity of the channel. He focuses on upcoming Alt-coins and Exciting cryptocurrency projects. Finally, Jeff provides weekly analysis with his own opinion.

  • Since January 2016
  • Subscribers approximately 210k+.
  • Focus News and initial coin offering reviews and Crypto trading opinion.
  • Format Particular guests are provided logical opinions on the trending topics.
  • Links Twitter

3. Chico Crypto

Chico Crypto
Source: Chico Crypto

In brief Tyler Swope, a self-proclaimed inflexible Crypto capitalist, and market skilled. So, with a passion for writing, editing, and manufacturing videos for Cryptocurrency.

However, he started the Crypto journey in 2013, after then he builds up professional expertise in the Crypto niche investment into outcomes as well as Ethereum, NEO, ARK, and Ripple analysis.

  • Since October 2011
  • Subscribers With 33k+.
  • Focus information on Crypto aspects, however, it helps for the beginner.
  • Format He provides videos every day with vivid direction.
  • Links Twitter

4. Aantonop

Source: Antonio

Probably he is an old Crypto expert as well who talking about bitcoin and blockchain technology. For a long time, he is providing bitcoin advocates, knowledge sharing, project authority, and community leaders on his Andreas channel.

People learn the basics things about Bitcoin. As well as sharing knowledge of documents high-level news targeted on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies. Furthermore, learn and get the latest updates and stay with Aantonop.

  • Since May 14, 2006
  • Subscribers Generally 165K+
  • Format Such as open blockchain topics, Crypto world.
  • Focus Cryptocurrency trending news provides.
  • Links Bitcoin Book

Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency News Channels

5. Data Dash

Data Dash
Source: Data Dash

Data Dash is one of the Crypto Kings with a lot of viewers and followers. Nicholas Merten, who created and behind this channel. He is a Crypto trader and analyzer with depth insight. Therefore, thus, he makes videos every week with market information, opinion, interviews as a transparent view.

Data Dash is a cryptocurrency-related YouTube channel where you can watch data analytics, data science, and spotting global Crypto trends through videos. Moreover, different community people are invited to this channel, various events, and topics, market analysis, and trending news. We put this channel on the top cryptocurrency YouTube channels list.

  • Since July 10, 2017
  • Subscribers about 314K+.
  • Focus on data analytics and science, trends through cutting-edge analysis.
  • Format Videos, interviews, graphs, charts, etc.
  • Links | Twitter

6. Crypt0

Source: Crypt0

Crypt0 is an informative wide rang Crypto YouTube channel that regularly updates with good content. For instant, this guy interviews Crypto community leaders about the current Crypto marketplace. Omar has operated this cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

Crypt0 is an amazing place to stay Crypto updates. It is at number six on the cryptocurrency YouTube popular channel list. Not only Crypto updates are available, but also different events focused on this channel.

  • Since November 6, 2011
  • Subscribers about 120k+ followers.
  • Focus Crypto hot news and decentralize currencies.
  • Format Explain current trends and trading views
  • Links Facebook Facebook Group

7. Crypto News

Crypto News
Source: Crypto News

In the cryptocurrency, YouTube popular channels list Crypto News show Monday to Friday with Bitcoin tattoo. Matthew basically created his channel to draw investors to Ripple when the price was low.

Now he extends his video channel to provide interactive interviews. His interviews with the audience with guests. Also, Crypto news provides daily updates on Cryptosphere. So, cryptocurrency YouTube’s popular channels list is not only popular but also has potential for views.

  • Since Mar 31, 2017
  • Subscribers, It has 25K+ followers.
  • Focus on Cryptocurrency news as well as Ripple highlight.
  • Format Videos, interviews.
  • Links Support On Patreon!

8. World Crypto Network

World Crypto Network cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: World Crypto Network

The World Crypto Network channel is another daily basis Crypto Hub. This channel discusses daily topics on Blockchain and cryptocurrency matters. It is a weekly show “The Bitcoin Group” hosted by Andy Hoffman that involves interviews with different crypto specialists and guests.

This channel owner publishes several cryptocurrency and Blockchain guide tutorials. Moreover, he comes up with some Crypto interviews that is very helpful to reveal things. Anyway, you would watch those videos to learn Crypto technology.

  • Since Feb 1, 2014
  • Subscribers However  58K+
  • Focus on the latest trends, tips, and advice on Crypto investment as well as trading.
  • Format Typically, videos feature together with Jimmy Song and Thomas Hunt.
  • Links Twitter

9. Crypto Bobby

Crypto Bobby cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Crypto Bobby

Rob Paone is a Crypto expert. Basically, he focuses on investment thought, relevant news, personal opinions on a daily basis. He discusses many videos on different cryptocurrency topics. He is very honest in his Crypto opinions.

Since Joined Aug 7, 2017, Crypto Boddy trending Crypto news and enterprise tech. He is one of the Crypto leading guys. So, carry on to know more about cryptocurrency YouTube channels.

  • Since Aug 7, 2017
  • Subscribers So 140K+
  • Focus  Clean view on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, altcoins, and ICO research.
  • Format Presenter with webcam with graphs and charts on the screen.
  • Links Steemit

10. Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is an entertaining channel with a sense of humor. Cameron technically analysts of the cryptocurrency space in an easy-to-understand manner. However, his channel started on Aug 11, 2014.

So, to educate yourself about the crypto world you can watch and stay with the channel. However, this is a great list of cryptocurrency YouTube channels.

  • Since Aug 11, 2014
  • Subscribers about 124K+
  • Focus on news, trading tips and tricks as well as ICO reviews.
  • Format In a short, video range from five to ten minutes.
  • Links Twitter
  • Note: As the same name (CryptoDaily.co.uk) is another Crypto channel.

11. Decentralized TV

Decentralized TV
Source: Decentralized TV

One of the various creations of Peter Saddington is Decentralize TV. This well cross-platform is incredibly well regarded at intervals in the blockchain community.

John is acknowledged for his amusing videos that include flashy cars and Crypto data. However, he provides Crypto news in a funny way to the viewers. However, this is another Crypto news YouTube source.

  • Subscribers: However, it is more than 80K+
  • Format Crypto and blockchain community.
  • Focus Finally, latest news on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Culture, and Entertainment!.
  • Links LinkedIn

Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels About Mining

12. Crypto Lark

Crypto Lark
Source: Crypto Lark

Crypto Lark is great for deep Crypto analytics and insights on many at-coins. With his videos, you can learn mining and Crypto opinions. So, on the top cryptocurrency YouTube popular channels, this is another one. A lot of mining videos for miners.

His price prediction videos are popular with a lot of viewers. Moreover, he focuses on trade alt-coins, Bitcoin, and profit goals. However, he speaks at Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, ICO news, reviews, and interviews.

  • Since Oct 27, 2009
  • Subscribers So, 86K+ followers
  • Focus on Cryptocurrency news, interviews, and reviews on these channels.
  • Format Videos, interviews, graphs, charts.
  • Links Twitter

13. Boxmining

Boxmining cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Boxmining

Michael GU is also a familiar name in the Crypto community. His opinion for Crypto market updates and trading technical analysis with SegWits, Hardforks, and other blockchain technology’s. Many mining video content on these channels.

That’s why his cryptocurrency YouTube channels are listed in this queue. This Crypto guy providing updated videos such as market analysis, Crypto tips, and tricks. So, it is another one of the popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels as a Crypto source.

  • Since Feb 23, 2017
  • Subscribers So 192k+.
  • Focus Cryptocurrency news updates almost a day.
  • Format Explain trend and trading views, including market updates.
  • Links Twitter

14. Son of a Tech

Son of a Tech
Source: Son of a Tech

He is sharing his own knowledge on Crypto-mining and what happening in the cryptocurrency world. Moreover, this channel is a popular place for gaming Crypto news. You can get the latest Crypto and mining news here.

This guy 31 years old Sys Admin is very amazing on the Crypto market technical analytics. So, as a miner and game enthusiast, you might follow this Crypto guys channel.

  • Since Oct 25, 2012
  • Channel Subscribers about 35K+
  • Focus Details about mining and Crypto market analysis.
  • Format In summary Live streaming, a mix of graphs and flowcharts.
  • Links Twitter

15. VoskCoin

VoskCoin cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: VoskCoin

The VoskCoin may be a cryptocurrency laborer, trader, and content producer in the Crypto space. Moreover, his channel includes reviews of GPU and ASIC mining rigs and news associated with the varied styles of cryptocurrency.

Technically, you can learn the mining procedure. It is also a place where you can get updates about Bitcoin, Eherium, and other Altcoins. Moreover, different aspects of Crypto.

  • Since Apr 25, 2017
  • Subscribers: about 73K+
  • Focus: In summary about Crypto news, trades, mining, and operations.
  • Format: Discussions and explanations of mining and graphs.
  • Links: Reddit

16. How Much?


Idan created this finances and tech Crypto YouTube channel for beginners. Not only some Crypto tech content but also many mining videos are available here. Moreover, his live show, mining rig setting videos, mining startup videos people loved.

A number of videos were created by the How Much YouTube Crypto channel. Also, there have some tech technical videos. So, to get every Bitcoin mining YouTube content follow this guy.

  • Since Mar 26, 2014
  • Subscribers: about 83k
  • Links:  Patreon

Best Investment Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

17. Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic
Source: Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic may be a serious enterprise, promoting professional, capitalist, and blockchain evangelists. Therefore, he is a good blogger and player within the blockchain community. Moreover, his trading view influences many Crypto traders.

On this Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels, you can learn different Crypto matters with a clear concepts. So, you can imagine like a Crypto YouTube school.

  • Since Dec 24, 2011
  • Subscribers: Generally 171K+
  • Focus: To summarize focus on blockchain, Crypto investment, and trading.
  • Links: Website

18. Ian Balina

Ian Balina
Source: Ian Balina

Ian Balina is a previous Analytics Evangelist at IBM as well as turned Cryptocurrency Investor and advisor. He has shown up in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes. Moreover, he writes on Huffington, The Street, INC and Entrepreneur Magazine, etc.

However, his work on explanation, digital forms of money, and business. Also, you can learn how to invest in Cryptomarket. So, to get an investment idea on ICO, this source may help you.

  • Since Sep 10, 2014
  • Subscribers: about 115K+
  • Focus: Learn pro strategies to invest in cryptocurrency token sales.
  • Format: Ian’s videos are a mix of graphs, charts, interviews, and live streams.
  • Links: Snapchat

19. Coin Mastery

Coin Mastery cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Coin Mastery

Carter Thomas updates Crypto videos every day. This channel focuses on the macro forces. As an investor, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and decision-maker this channel contributes to you. Also, Thomas’s live streaming is well explained.

This guy analysis with a perspective view. Moreover, his deep market insights give trading opportunities. He is not only updated video content but also gives you the latest news.

  • Since Jul 12, 2017
  • Subscribers: So 126K+
  • Focus: News, Crypto trends, opinion, trading tips, and advice on investment.
  • Format: He provides charts.
  • Links: Twitter

20. Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn
Source: Chris Dunn

This veteran YouTuber creates cryptocurrency educational content to help Crypto investors. Chris Dunn’s help to the growth of a large and active community even more followers on YouTube.

Basically for Crypto updates videos, news, trading view, etc. Here is Chris Dunn one of the most prominent Crypto guys. Moreover, his position is considered on the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels list.

  • Since Mar 20, 2009
  • Subscribers: However 205K+ followers
  • Format: Such as Crypto market updates with technical analysis.
  • Links: Twitter 

21. David Hay

David Hay
Source: David Hay

Another cryptocurrency commentator is David Hay. He is ‘exploring new and rising cryptocurrencies. However, each works deciding what the most effective investment strategy is.

Finally, ’ David Hay takes a singular, amusing approach to investment recommendation and news. So, stay and touch with the Channels. You may follow this channel to educate yourself.

  • Since May 15, 2011
  • Subscribers: Generally 123K+
  • Format: Generally Crypto market updates and analytics.
  • Focus: Also focus on the latest cryptocurrency news.

22. The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor
Source: The Modern Investor

Are you a Bitcoin and altcoin investor? If yes, then you might watch his videos to learn something new. Also, his wise advice can make a wise decision. So, find here as a cryptocurrency market analytics guide.

Therefore, a number of cryptocurrency followers are staying with the channels. So, this is a real-able alt-coin buzz channel. So, as a Crypto investor, you may follow the channel.

  • Since Jul 28, 2016
  • Subscribers: Generally 126K+
  • Focus: Get tips, tricks, and ways to make money

23. Crypto Investor

Crypto Investor
Source: Crypto Investor

One of the cryptocurrency thought leaders with a finance background behind the channel creator. Moreover, he is a Crypto capitalist, content generator that facilitates teaching on basic Crypto analysis.

Therefore, Crypto capitalist offer and recommendation is to assist investors to avoid scammers. Moreover, he’s terribly honest in his opinion. So, his advice may help you to risk-free investments.

  • Since Aug 28, 2017
  • Subscribers: It is more than 140K+
  • Format: Market analysis, trading views with technical analysis.
  • Focus: A brief of cryptocurrency news and helping teach videos.

Bitcoin Trading Videos

24. Cryptobud

Cryptobud cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Cryptobud

Cryptobud uses a mixture with an informative computing system of cryptocurrency value videos. Additionally, his research is not only on blockchain but also cryptocurrency market view. So, his cryptocurrency videos are popular with many newcomers on YouTube.

In a brief CryptoBud use a mixture of scientific processes computing system to cryptocurrency value patterns. As well as charts for all his research. Generally, videos focus on traders.

  • Since Apr 27, 2015
  • Subscribers: 75K+
  • Focus: Crypto interviews, trading, ICOs reviews, market research.
  • Format: Briefly speaking with the webcam.

25. Crypto Gnome

Crypto GnomeThe Crypto Gome person is to talk about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. So, he speaks on all about various outcomes. One kind of trading learning community center. Using separate trading boots to make money. Moreover, investment signal and Crypto potentiality are discussed.

Follow this Cryptocurrency YouTube channel to get the Cryptocurrency trading guide. As well as Bitcoin bull run signal and expert interviews make the channel valuable among the traders.

  • Since May 3, 2016
  • Country United States
  • Subscribers: 16K+
  • Focus: Trading and market research.

Best Cryptocurrency YouTube channels By Popularity

26. Suppoman

Source: Suppoman

Suppoman Savage Cash is another Crypto guy who provides videos with a lot of information. In his channel, Udemy Course pushes. Also, he discussed Crypto news, ICO news, Crypto investment, etc. His positive and negative alt-coin reviews can make you acknowledge rich.

His ICO reviews have made you the right decision to invest in the right ICO projects. This Crypto superhero can add value to your Crypto projects. However, this channel provides a lot of Crypto info. We bring this cryptocurrency YouTube channel in our top Crypto list queues. However, personally, I never miss his videos.

  • Since Aug 21, 2011
  • Subscribers: Approximately 141K+.
  • Focus: Cryptocurrency news, trades, ICO analysis, and Courses.
  • Format: Videos, interviews, graphs, and charts.

Top Cryptocurrency ICO YouTube Channels

 27. Top ICO Channel

Top ICO ChannelThe Top ICO Channel is featured with ICO reviews. Mainly focus on initial coin offering project with a detailed overview. The newbies ICO investor gets upcoming, ending, and active ICO video content. Moreover, a perspective view gives you the potentiality of a project.

All of the topics are not only on the initial coin offering but also some other topics’ content value. Since, Apr 1, 2015, most of the video topics on ICO reviews. Though, YouTube video content is not delivered frequently. Moreover, most of the video language is not in English.

  • Since Apr 1, 2015
  • Subscribers: Approximately 7K+.
  • Focus: ICO project analysis as well as reviews.
  • Format: Videos and interviews.


Sanem Avcil crypto youtube channels
Source: TouTube.com

Sanem Avcil YouTube channel has a lot of subscribers, views, and videos. This channel is mixed, but there has a playlist for ICO projects, tips, tricks, and reviews. Initial coin offering hunters can follow this channel to get the latest ICO project reviews.

A playlist category on ICO-related and focus new Crypto tokens. Not only ICO content but also multi-category Blockchain-related video content is featured here.

  • Since Sep 6, 2009
  • Subscribers: Approximately 11K+.
  • Focus: ICO project analysis as well as reviews.
  • Format: Videos and interviews.

29. Crypto Zombie

Crypto ZombieCrypto Zombie brings videos on BTC, ETH, NEO, and outcomes. Not only coins but also Blockchain technology tutorials, videos had been featured on this channel. On the other hand, ICO and coin review content is popular by many views and subscribers.

Most of the trending topics and general discussion happening here. So, like ICO reviews and analysis Crypto Zombie is a relabel Crypto news source. However, it’s worth following.

  • Since Dec 31, 2017
  • Subscribers: Approximately 50K+.
  • Focus: ICO analysis as well as reviews.

Best YouTube Channels For Blockchain

30. Dapp University

Dapp University
Source: Dapp University

Gregory is the creator of the Dapp University YouTube channel. He is a solid programmer and one of the familiar blockchain developers. Basically, he provides video content on the Ethereum based blockchain development tutorial.

However, he delivers video content on different types of cryptocurrency matters. Also, I do not miss his video updates. To become a Blockchain developer as well as to get a Blockchain job this channel is an ideal example. You can learn solidity programming from his videos.

  • Since Jan 11, 2018
  • Subscribers: It is more than 21K+
  • Format: Basically Ethereum base blockchain tutorials.

31. Edureka


This is not directly a Crypto channel, but a huge source of Blockchain technology video content. As if the channel is a Crypto hub. However, you can learn from the site all about the basics of Cryptocurrency coding guide, history, and programming knowledge.

Edura is an initial source of Blockchain developer entrance. That’s why many people are joining this channel. Generally, they explain Bitcoin and Blockchain fundamental matters.

  • Since Jan Jun 28, 2012
  • Subscribers: It is more than 705K+
  • Format: Bitcoin and blockchain tutorials.

Others Top Cryptocurrency YouTubers

32. Louis Thomas

Louis Thomas
Source: Louis Thomas

He does off times discuss cryptocurrency market trends, and current crypto-related events. So, his personal opinion follows many Crypto trader and Blockchain supporters.

However, Louise Thomas has some Crypto videos that are popular with Millions of viewers. So, this is a reliable source of Crypto news, investment thought, and Cryptocoin content.

  • Since Oct 12, 2015
  • Subscribers: It is more than 95K+
  • Format: Crypto-related event, news, and Crypto influence.
  • Focus: Finally focus on the latest news on Blockchain, Bitcoin!.

33. Crypto-Gat

Crypto Gat cryptocurrency youtube channels
Source: Crypto-Gat cryptocurrency youtube channels

Crypto Gat is another YouTube Crypto channel. The creator of this channel is interested in research, market analysis, news updates, and more. Ivan S, the owner of the channel who analysis and Crypto advice every day.

Finally, this cryptocurrency YouTube channel is one of my choices. However, one of the cons is he did not update content frequently. So, Crypto Gat is not only a news source but also a research area.

  • Since Sep 10, 2017
  • Subscribers: 11K+
  • Focus: Personal view about cryptocurrency and ICO reviews.
  • Format: Generally videos clip are 2 to 15 minutes with his webcam

34.  Cypto Cred

Cypto Cred
Source: Cypto Cred

One of the top financial technical analysis channels is Crypto Cred. Crypto believably presents a technical analysis of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markers with mistreatment graphs and charts.

Just follow this cryptocurrency YouTube channel to take the right decision on investment. So, his trading tools and technical analysis give you a depth of market insight.

  • Since Oct 6, 2017
  • Subscribers: 30K+
  • Focus: Technical analysis on top volume cryptocurrency.
  • Format: In short charts and TA lessons in his videos.

35. Josh Olszewicz

Josh Olszewicz
Source: Josh Olszewicz

Josh Olszewicz Crypto YouTube Channels are greatly benefited, traders. Moreover, his trading concept and wisely technical analysis are attractive Crypto traders.

He shares his knowledge videos for day traders. So, you can learn from his videos. Moreover, his Crypto videos have informative, engaging, and easy to guess.

  • Since Feb 28, 2006
  • Subscribers: 24K+
  • Focus: In summary, trading technical analysis and Bitcoin finance.

36. Venture Coinist

Venture Coinist
Source: Venture Coinist

The Venture Coinst is extremely recommended for the basic analysis, technical analysis, and ancient monetary theory. However, they supply skilled consulting services for people, establishments, and Blockchain startups.

Their channel shares Crypto plus commercialism and investment methods. So, have a look at their link to get Crypto asset trading and investment strategy.

  • Since Dec 2017
  • Subscribers: 17K+
  • Focus: Crypto asset investment and great trading strategies and analysis.
  • Format: Featuring Crypto experts as guests and explanations.

37. Doug Polk Crypto

Doug Polk Crypto
Source: Doug Polk Crypto

This is a channel targeted at cryptocurrency news and amusement. Doug covers the most recent events and especially acknowledge for his coverage of the Crypto-YouTube sphere of influence.

However, to get updates with his Crypto concept, just follow. So, Doug Pols are one of the popular Crypto video sources from cryptocurrency YouTube channels.

  • Since Dec 2017
  • Subscribers: It is more than 193K+
  • Format: A guest interview with the current Crypto world.
  • Focus: In short cryptocurrency trending expert, influencer.

38. Crypto Tips

Crypto Tips
Source: Crypto Tips

Few the girls are producing Cryptocurrency YouTube Content. Crypto Tips are one of them. Probably, she is still a lady Crypto YouTuber. However, she focused on videos watch by many Bitcoin and altcoin seekers. Most of the videos are on new emerging trending coins.

Moreover, she discussed on various Crypto matters like the market hacks, scam, global Crypto economy as well as how to affect on the Crypto world. So, have a look at this lady Crypto influence.

  • Since Dec 2017
  • Subscribers: It is more than 48K Subscriber
  • Focus on Different aspects of Cryptosphere.

39. Cointelegraph


A mixed type of all about Cryptocurrency YouTube Video content. Several matters of Bitcoin have been highlighted. Moreover, Blockchain, ICO, and Crypto price analysis with emphasis on expert opinion and commentary through Crypto enthusiasts.

In the Crypto community, Cointelegraph is a reputable contributor with a big audience. So, their expert team is dedicated to delivering informative and tech Crypto video content.

  • Since Mar 27, 2014
  • Subscribers:  43K
  • Focus Multiple aspects of Cryptosphere.

40. Bitcoin Expert India

BTC expert In
BTC expert In

On the queue of the top CRYPTOCURRENCY YOUTUBE CHANNELS list, it is from India. So, Indian people love this channel. This is an ideal place for BTC news, ICO scam awareness, and Blockchain technology.

The advantage is you can know how to earn money from Cryptocurrency and outcomes. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc coin price technical analyses give you an extended knowledge from the Indian subcontinent.

  • Since Jun 6, 2017
  • Subscribers:  63K
  • Focus on Multiple aspects of Crypto.

41. Cedric Dahl

Cedric DahlCedric Dahi is reviewing ICO fairly. Moreover, he provides videos not for promotion. Personally. I like his YouTube Cryptocurrency Channels for tips and tricks and weekly updates. For an instant, how what and who starts on his video content. Is Crypto deed? What is the Crypto use case its a question and answer?

Not only such type of question but also price prediction and analysis. Dept asserts insight, OX, and how making money with initial coin investment is its category. One of the videos gets viral.

  • Focus on Multiple aspects of Crypto as well as reviews.
  • Subscribers about 71K
  • Country USA

42. Crypto Coin News

Crypto Coin NewsAll don’t update their show or video episodes frequently, but Crypto Coin News is active. Not only regularly update, but also provide Cryptocurrency informative news. Most of the attacking and token news is on the channels.

Firstly, Bitcoin secondly Ethereum, thirdly others coin tips, tricks, and everything you need to know. Not only popular coin update but also all the other updates like IOTA, EOS, Monero, Digital Cash, NEO, OmiseGO, Z Cash, NXT, BitCoin Gold, Verge, Tron, Cardano, and more.

  • Focus on Multiple aspects of coins.
  • Subscribers:  125K
  • Country USA

43. Crypto Coins

Crypto CoinsThe intention of this top Cryptocurrency YouTube channel is to help new and advanced level Crypto users. Every video he tries to peasant easily, so that the beginners can digest. However, as a Crypto enthusiast, you can learn from him.

So, to learn and make a good seance of blockchain technology, ICO investment thought, and another Cryptocurrency component you might follow this informative Cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

  • Focus Crypto tutorial-style content.
  • Subscribers:  29K
  • Country United Kingdom

44. Cryptosomniac

CryptosomniacThree Crypto YouTubers started this channel and they are Jason, Sneh, and Sam. So, this Crypto enthusiast producing Cryptocurrency related videos. Although they are engineers, but also Bitcoin, Blockchain enthusiasts. However, on the channels, they give investment, analysts, and educational video content.

So, to get the latest Crypto updates like abridged news, advice, participation in a lively community of Crypto fans. They covered the current trending matter of Crypto events. So, visit their channel and you might follow them.

  • Focus on several aspects of Crypto matters.
  • Subscribers:  26K
  • Country United State

45. Crush The Street

Crush The Street cryptocurrency youtube channelsSlightly financial, informational, and advisor video that is all about the Cryptocurrency market. Moreover, to understand the market situation and for professional trading expertise, you can follow Crush The Street.

Search on YouTube for market analysis and daily Crypto crush news through this channel. However, for the Cryptocurrency market fundamental knowledge these channels may help you.

  • Focus Crypto financial advisor video content.
  • Subscribers:  38K
  • Country United State

46. Crypto Crow

Crypto CrowOne of the wise Cryptocurrency and blockchain tutors. He regularly provides authentic news for the Crypto user. Moreover, to complete some crash courses you might take advantage Udemy platform. The course value is from $12 to $30.

His academic Cryptocurrency videos are quality of investment, technology introduces, and somewhere different from others. Basically, his paid Cryptocurrency learning tutorials are highly discuss on the niche.

  • Focus discus on multiple basic things.
  • Subscribers:  77K
  • Country United State

47. Node Investor

Node InvestorAnother Cryptocurrency YouTube guru who produces videos on trading and investing market updates, and technical analysis, BTC, ETH, ETC NEO, Dash coins. He has been providing Crypto video for several years.

Node Investor is beginner-friendly. Because you can get some videos those are very helpful to get started. Moreover, he brings discussion on nodes, mining, investment, ICO matter are other important things.

  • Focus basic Crypto video that is beginner-friendly.
  • Subscribers:  55K

48. Crypto Oracle

Crypto Oracle cryptocurrency youtube channelsCrypto Oracle is a relatively Bitcoin trading tip and tricks YouTube Crypto channel. Many Bitcoin trading aspects are discus on this channel. Mainly BTC/ USD exchange and traders are interested in this channel.

However, Crypto Oracle has started in 2012 but the last couple of years is mostly active. Additionally, he updates videos weakly even daily. Bitcoin price prediction and price analysis videos give value to the channel.

  • Focus Bitcoin trading tips and trikes.
  • Subscribers:  69K

49. Sunny Decree

Sunny Decree cryptocurrency youtube channelsOn this channel, you can watch Bitcoin lighting network nodes, tips, and tricks. BTC market and price technical analysis, coin news and trending news, and event videos. Not only BTC trading videos but also Crypto good person interviews featured on this channel.

Blockchain, altcoins, and interview-related videos you can find here. Moreover, the current important matter of Cryptocurrency discus in this top YouTube channel. Additionally, some basic Bitcoin videos had on the channels.

  • Focus Bitcoin trading and mixed-used.
  • Subscribers:  85K
  • Country Switzerland

50. Crypto Beadles

Crypto Beadles cryptocurrency youtube channelsCrypto Beadles is a channel where you can get multi-category Cryptocurrency YouTube content. For example, mining-related video, gaming, blockchain basics, tips, and trips, etc. are included.

Not only Bitcoin but also NEO, ETH, and Bitcoin and cryptocurrency giveaway news about this platform. Most frequently, updates, news, and Bitcoin-related event are on this channel for the Crypto people.

  • Focus multi-type videos.
  • Subscribers:  76K
  • Country Bahamas

Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels Reddit

Reddit is a great platform to discuss the best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels. So, experts are on the board to recommend to follow best video content. As a result, you can participate in those quality forums.

Find valuable content on the Reddit forums. Moreover, there have a lot of sources of Cryptocurrency. Tips and tricks, ICO and STO Bitcoin trading, investing, etc videos.

Here is a simple infographics about Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

cryptocurrency youtube channels infograpics

How To Earn Money With Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

Cryptomarket is extensively extended. As a result, many people are earning passive income from Cryptocurrency YouTube channels. Money making is not very easy if you go with the wrong way. Here I have explained shortly how to make money with Cryptocurrency YouTube videos?

Simply create a YouTube channel. Then make video content on a niche basis like Bitcoin trading, BTC news, Cryptocurrency guideline tutorials. Put your products or affiliate link in the description area.

The many ICO project offers bounty campaign. So, start to review those initial coin offering projects and earn Cryptocurrency. However, if someone goes through your media links you get rewarded.

Gain people’s trust and gather more subscribers. After that regular upload Crypto-related videos. As a result, you grow your community then apply for google AdSense. And, now you are ready to earn passive money.

Directly work for a Crypto exchange, wallet, or Crypto business start-up. So, regularly post videos on their technical issue on your channel and refer them to sign up or register as a result you can get a referral bonus.

Top Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels statistics

To understand any Bitcoin YouTube Channels statistics check the Socialblade site. It will give you an insight into the Crypto channels. For an instant, see this Bitcoin official YouTube Channel statistics.

bitcoin official youtube
bitcoin official YouTube

To pick up Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels in your portfolio, check this YouTube statistic tool. In one place, most of the matter explores. This user statistic helps you to understand deeply.

Finally, we are trying to provide most of the top cryptocurrency YouTube channels. However, comments to the down below, so that we know the new popular channels. Moreover, see the link below.

You might visit the top ten YouTube channels in Bangladesh