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How To Buy Bitcoin with Skrill At Spectrocoin

Are you interested to buy Bitcoin? Do you have only skrill option to buy Bitcoin? So, this article is going to show you an easy and instant way to buy Bitcoin with your skrill wallet. Here I am going to guide you how to buy Bitcoin with Skrill to spectrocoin instantly. This step by step guide help you to buy Bitcoin at any time around the world.

If you interested to buy Bitcoin with your skrill you might read this article. Moreover, read below to buy BTC with skrill to spectrocoin. Moreover, if you have no Skrill account than simply create a Skrill account. Here

Buy bitcoins with Skrill account

How To Buy Bitcoins With Skrill To SpectroCoin?

The skrill is one of the top global payment solution that allows people to send and receive money from all over the world. To transfer funds quickly and instantly it is a popular payment solution. This payment service supported more than 200 country’s. However, it is a easiest way to buy Bitcoin to all over the world.

Not only easy to buy Bitcoin but also it’s allowed users to transaction money with 40 currencies. This is one of the secure digital payment system that a leading payment solution. However, below the step by step how to buy Bitcoin with skrill to spectrocoin?

Step 1 Need a Spectrocoin account

You need a spectrocoin account. To do so go to there website and create “Sign up” an account with registration form. You will get a massage with conformation email. Simply click to conformation link to active the account.

spectrocoin account
sourece: spectrocoin account registration

Note: To exchange, buy and sell Bitcoin you must need to verify your ID as any type of fiat operations.

Step 2 – Deposit Fund

At first deposit fund to your spectrocoin Bitcoin blockchain wallet from your skill account. On the top “Deposit” menu bar simply deposit EUR or any currency. On the page, simply chose your country than the currency and the amount of the deposit fund.

Scroll down to the “E-money” section and select “Skrill”. (Note: Skrill deposit range is 1 – 1000 EUR). Now it automatically redirects to skill website. At this stage, just log in and click pay now and you see the aspect amount of fund in your account balance.

Now go to exchange button and chose currency as you deposited and click “Pay Currency“. Now set the exchange amount than click exchange and see the detail than click “Confirm“.

Advantage of Skrill payments at SpectroCoin

Skrill are widely accepted worldwide that’s the way there are many advantages are included. It allows Spectrocoin members to deposit EUR, USD, GBP. On the other hand, it’s user able to withdrawal fiat currency with EUR and USD. You can buy several cryptocurrency with skill account like Bitcoin, Dash, XEM, and ETH.

spectrocoin transaction limit
spectrocoin transaction limit
  • It is secure and safe money transfer with an e-wallet
  • Top level security system and anti-fraud technology
  • It is fully fast, very easy and free setup
  • One of the great advantage is transaction limit (verified users can send up to $25,000 per month)

Spectrocoin Support Multi-Cryptocurrency

Spectrocoin Support Multi-Cryptocurrency
Spectrocoin Support Multi-Cryptocurrency

You buy, sell and hold different cryptocurrency with your spectrocoin wallet. Skrill deposit account you can exchange any time to your preferable cryptocurrency.

Spectrocoin To Skrill withdrawal fees

To transaction with skrill account or any user account, you need to cost 2% fee on the total amount you send. There has a minimum 1 EUR fee applicable.

Also, there has a minimum transfer amount that is 3 EUR. Daily it can be up to 10,000 EUR. A few online payment service competes with skrill withdrawal limits.

Finally, Skrill give the opportunity to buy instantly Bitcoin through spectrocoin account. Mainly, where the Bitcoin not legal to buy directly there spectrocoin allow you to purchase BTC easily. Not only to buy Bitcoin with Spectrocoin but also you can purchase BTC with Skrill using different platform.

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