How To Start Bitcoin Mining in Bangladesh

Start Bitcoin Mining in Bangladesh

It doesn’t need to say again that Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world. As my writing time Bitcoin price is more that $3600. So it is important to know everything about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency. Moreover, how to earn from cryptocurrency. In this section I am going to tell you how to mine Bitcoin in Bangladesh. Step-by-step guide how to start Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh? Before starting to learn Bitcoin we need to know what is Bitcoin mining and how it works?

What is Bitcoin mining?

To start Bitcoin mining you need to know a little about What is Bitcoin mining? Bitcoin is an alternative banking to decentralize peer to peer digital currency. That is not controlled by any government or central authority.

On the other hand to transfer funds with bank on account to another account is easy, but there has full control of fund of bank authority.

So, one of the common question is where the Bitcoin come from? So, lets answering the question.

Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining

On decentralize ledger anyone can contribute to a mathematical problem-solving procedure. The more your powerful computer system is, the more probability of solving this guessing game.

Here for network members do some extra work. The participant tries to resolve the transaction for a Bitcoin block they find. This helps to protect user double spending difficult.

User are trying to find new block and most of the time it is guess a lucky number. So, on this process many attempts are failing and only one attempt will be valid and add a new block on the public ledger on blockchain.

However, any time block can be added on the blockchain, but it needs more energy from the unsuccessful attempts. As a result, that “proof of work” is the main thing of Bitcoin success.

Bitcoin Mining in Bangladesh

Now I am going to explain to you how to mine Bitcoin in Bangladesh? Some people do Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh profitably. They are earning per day $5 to $10. Basically, this earning depends on your investment. Moreover, some other component.

If you are a new Bitcoin guy than you might read this article. So before Start Bitcoin Mining you need to read Bitcoin details in Bangladesh

Bitcoin Bangladesh Details Guide

How much do you want to invest in Bitcoin mining? What type of graphics card are you using? Your electricity service and somewhere your technical expertise etc.

Mining in Bangladesh
Mining in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh different people are using different mining pool. Still Bitcoin mining is profitable in Bangladesh. You can mine international in staying in Bangladesh.

Not only Bitcoin mining but also Ether coin, doge, Litecoin and other coins.

How to start Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh.

To start Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh first you need a full computer. Then you need two graphics card, or you can use more. Mainly Bitcoin mining depends on graphics card. It is important to choose the right graphics card to make profit from mining.

Over the internet, there have many mining machines. You can use them to start Bitcoin mining from Bangladesh. Computer mining is better than genesis mining or cloud mining. Because online mining is risky.

Some dedicated Bitcoin mining expert can help you through the internet. You can find some freelancer who can set up your first Bitcoin mining process. Somewhere you may need to pay for it and somewhere it is completely free.

Cryptocurrency YouTube Bangla

Here you can find top Cryptocurrency Bangladeshi YouTube channels. Different cryptocurrency Bangla YouTube channel can help you. A lot of tutorial video available there.

After set up your mining rig with all the necessary equipment, you will continue the BTC payment. Short brief to get started Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh To start you need to have some basic requirements.

PC’s configuration guide

  1. You need a motherboard Z170A-KRAIT-GAMING-3X. You can extend 7 graphics card. Approximately value 16,000 Taka.
  2. Processor should be cor-i 5 6400 Taka Up to 7 generation.
  3. Hard-disk should be up to 128 GB. You may also use ADATA SSD Approximately 4900 Taka.
  4. Power supply thermal-take or ASUS or Gigabyte ….750 wat for 3 cards.
  5. RAM: 4 GB or up. Approximately value 3300 Taka
  6. Graphics card: Rx 570 8 GB.hash rate 42.per card.
  7. Install Windows 10 Home.
  8. Choose to mine pool as you prefer Nice-hash or Nano pool
  9. So you are ready to Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh
  10. Approximately earning 1.80$, and it is to depend on the market price of Bitcoin.

PC configuration

Is Bitcoin mining legal in Bangladesh?

A number of people are using Bitcoin in Bangladesh. But it is not legal to use, exchange, trade or what ever you do with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. In September 2014 as per Bangladesh Bank statement

“anybody caught using the virtual currency could be jailed under the country’s anti-money laundering laws”.

It is also considered a punishable by up to twelve years in jail. To provide a technical answer “mining” Bitcoin may or may not be considered as “using” it. As per cryptocurrency political climate is not still suitable. Cryptocurrency and initial coin offering is not legal here. Start Bitcoin Mining in Bangladesh

Everything you need to know about to start mining Bitcoin in Bangladesh.

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable In Bangladesh?

Guy’s in this section, as per question I am explaining about is it still profitable mining in Bangladesh. Who are interested to mining from Bangladesh they can read this article. You know in two ways you can start mining 1. Is ASIC miner and 2. Graphics card miner.

Mining With Graphics Card

Now it is unprofitable with the graphics card in Bangladesh. When it was started mining, it was fewer difficulties, but now the mathematical problem resolve goes more complex. As a result, it is not to easy mining easy.

Once upon a time graphics have two years warranty in Bangladesh. But there has no warranty card available in our country. In the mining process graphics need to run 24 hours. So it is a possibility of damage graphics card. It’s the card go damage than it is your loss projects.

Every single graphic card price in Bangladesh more than 33,000 Tokyo or 34,000 Taka. You can check Nichhash to calculate Bitcoin mining profit and make a sense how it go on. So it is a more profitable cryptocurrency exchange than mining.

So, in a short, I think it is not profitable to start Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh.

Mining with ASIC

If you still want to start mining in Bangladesh than the alternative is ASIC mining. Antminer is still profitable and within one month you can back your total investment. Though 3 or 4 months it also increases mining difficulties. ASIC miner price in Bangladesh

So, ultimately if you are able to use only 2 or 3 months, then you get 2 or 3 multiple profits. You can start with ASIC Bitcoin mining to make profit in Bangladesh. Start Bitcoin Mining in Bangladesh

Mining with ASIC
source: Google

One problem for Bangladeshi to import ASIC in our country. We have seen some issue in custom check if you buy through online marketplaces like Alibaba, eBay or Amazon.

Bitcoin mining machine price in Bangladesh for BCH BTC miner Whats miner M3X 12T-13T $156 from It is good if you have any friends and family who live is outside of Bangladesh. He or she can buy for you and send it for you to avoid hales from border custom check.

USB ASIC miner price in Bangladesh. Price is very by markets but maximum $3,000 and $50 is less. You can also do GPU mining to make money in Bangladesh. Moreover, you can take advantage for bitcoin mining rental.

Bitcoin Mining Tutorials Bangla

The Bitcoin mining tutorials can help you to set up, technical knowledge and other component. If you watch some Bangla mining video tutorial than is would be easy to grow your concept. So, here is a mining YouTube Bangla videos that can help you to learn Bitcoin mining.

  1. ITFirmBD
  2. Miner BD
  3. Friends Bengla
  4. Masum Ahmed
  5. Cryptooa

On only Bitcoin mining but also a lot of videos are available for cryptocurrency teach, ICO, Bitcoin trading, blockchain development etc.

Finally, if you have any question than pleas ask the question to us. We will answer them as per all about how to start Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh. We also can assist you to set up a start guide to Bitcoin mining in Bangladesh.