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This online privacy policy applies only to information collected through our website and not to information collected offline. Terms and Condition

Terms And Condition

Please also visit our Terms and Conditions section establishing the use, disclaimers, and limitations of liability governing the use of our website at https://www.cryptooa.com

A. Regarding the Use Of Website

  1. You can use this website only for private and personal purposed. You cannot use this website on it’s any content for the commercial purposed.
  2. To use our website or its content you should have at least 18 years old. You are agreeing to our website terms and condition you represent that you are at least 18 years age.
  3. According to our terms and privacy policy you consent to use ‘our website cookies’ and you are agreeing with our terms.


  1. Our website is allowed submitting and post content in various places (“Content“).
  2. Comments for obscene, vulgar, insulting, provocative or offensive, suggestive of any word, phrase or sentence can not be used. Terms & Condition
  3. Your comments will not be liable in any way for Cryptooa.com authorities.
  4. Of course, the comment will be relevant to the topics.


  1. Any kind of information and content of this website (including text, photos, graphics, video, etc.) is property to Cryptooa.
  2. You also agree not to modify, copy, distribute, display, reproduce, publish, transfer, sell or resell or make any other use of our website content. Additionally, you are agreed not to:
  • Access, monitor any of our information of this website using any robot, spider or automated process for any purposed without our permission.
  • Diminish or infringe proprietary rights of us or others, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks;
  • Add any Content creating a risk to a person’s safety, privacy, security or health;
  • Add any Content that is harassing, offensive, threatening or vulgar;
  • Add any Content that is containing promotions, political campaigning, advertising, contests, raffles, or solicitations;
  • Add any content that is that promotes pyramid schemes, chain letters or disruptive commercial messages or advertisements, or anything else prohibited by law.


  1. We retain our right to show any service at intervals to the website to a paid service and therefore limit access to sure areas of the website unless a precise fee is paid to Cryptooa authorities. Terms & Condition
  2. In the futures at any time we can reserve the right to restrict or access any part of our website or the total website area as per we describe.


  • All property rights in and to the web pages, as well as any articles, text, graphics and every one different works, like copyrights, trademarks, etc. The website is protected, among others, by the Bangladeshi Copyright Law and Digital Security Act 2018 or by provisions prescribed by the other relevant law, in Bangladesh and abroad.
  • Copying, distributing, in public displaying, giving to the public, transferring to the public, modifying, adapting, processing, making by-product works, selling, leasing from personal review, any a part of the website, in any manner that while not our previous written consent is strictly proscribed.


  • We might incorporate within the have a tendency website advertisements. The supply of such data might originate from us or from third parties. It is underscored that the advertising  of business content by us doesn’t represent an encouragement to obtain the products or services publicized
  • Insofar because the website includes links to services not managed by us. We are going to not be to blame for any direct or indirect injury, financial or otherwise, arising from your use of, or your reliance on the content of the services you have got accessed via links on the website. Terms and Condition


  1. We may, either part of the website or in its completeness and while not being duty-bound to supply previous notice – modify, adapt or modification the website, the extent and accessibility of the contents within the website.
  2. You will haven’t any claim, criticism or demand against cryptooa for applying such changes or for failures concomitant such changes.


In whatever reason you can terminate use of the website at any time. You are not obligated to advise the Website of such termination. We may, at any time, terminate the supply of the website in its activeness or any half thence, briefly or for good, at our sole discretion.


  • These Terms, alongside our Privacy shall all represent the complete Terms between you and us regarding the employment of the website.
  • If any a part of these Terms is set to be invalid or unenforceable consistent to applicable law together with, however not restricted to, the assurance disclaimers and liability limitations set forth higher.

J. Q-commented on the address, email address, phone number, office address, to share links to Websites related – –

1. Full version incompatibility with the question linked to the website, the reference cannot be added.
2. Business, advertising, publicity purposes in connection with questions that can not be linked to any website.
3. For answer, as well as links to websites or comments should be relevant to the main content. Terms & Condition
4. For answers to your phone number, office address, questions in the question reciter can share if you ask.
5. No pornographic, viruses, malware, malicious script links questions or comments can be associated with.
6. Questions or comments related to paid-to-click, click income, PTC referrals, low-quality links cannot be shared.

K. Questioner liability and property – –

1. On a name (username) and pseudonym (password) by the user using the text imposed on all questions related to liability.
2. Q-commented relevant IP address of the access obligation on messages.
3. Cryptooa.com questions and comments published in the national and international law to pay personally would bar marker
4. Cryptooa.com in a given signature branding, institute address and signature legitimate use of obscene words or gaudy.
5. If the account holder proves false or multiple accounts if the same person can be removed and discarded.
6. No question is inconsistent with the values of domestic or international law.

For time being Cryptooa.com authorities’ policies and practices “reserves the right to change.