Best BTC to BDT Converter in Bangladesh 2022

Best BTC to BDT Converter in Bangladesh

The people who are involved in the Bitcoin business from Bangladesh, know how important it is to convert BTC to BDT. But very little information is available on the internet about BTC to BDT Converter. Though there are a number of converters on the internet, very few are trusted and known.

Exchange BTC to BDT

Here, I am going to tell you about some famous BTC to BDT converters that may help you a lot. To learn BTC to BDT with Bitcoin price in Bangladesh read the article. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

Why is BTC to BDT Converter Important?

Bitcoin’s popularity continues to rise as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. Bitcoin is now used in almost every corner of the globe and almost everyone knows about it. The people of Bangladesh are no exception. Currently, many international transactions are done with the help of Bitcoin. Bengalis are also not lagging behind in transactions.

That is why a BTC to BDT Converter is needed to convert the bitcoin received during the transaction into Bangladeshi Taka. Without such a converter, it is almost impossible to convert Bitcoin into cash. These converters convert Bitcoin into money and send the money to the Bitcoin owner’s bank account. Then that person can spend this money on his needs.

Who Needs This Converter?

Since Bitcoin is a virtual currency, its use is usually virtual. And those who are connected to the Internet and transact online use Bitcoin. Below are the people who trade Bitcoin in Bangladesh:

  • E-Commerce: Bangladeshi e-commerce companies that sell products internationally often take the price of the product through Bitcoin. That’s why they have to convert bitcoin into money.
  • Freelancers: Freelancers work for international clients and often accept payments via Bitcoin. Then they also started looking for different platforms to convert from Bitcoin to Bangladeshi Taka.
  • Forex Trading: People involved in Forex trading do bitcoin transactions and convert from bitcoin to Bangladeshi taka. They are a large number of users of BTC to BDT Converter.
  • Bitcoin Miners: Again, those who do bitcoin miners also earn bitcoin and convert them into Bangladeshi taka and convert their income into cash taka.

These are the users of BTC to BDT converters and they need it.

Best Place to Convert BTC to BDT

On the internet, you will find a number of platforms that offer BTC to BDT convert. But all of them are not real and trustworthy. That’s why the people who earn bitcoin but don’t know where to convert these coins. In this part of the article, I will suggest to you some trustworthy and safe websites that are real and secure to convert money.


One of the best and trusted BTC TO BDT converter sites in Bangladesh is Not only in Bangladesh but also in any corner of the world user can easily convert it. So if you have Bitcoin and you want to make it Bangladeshi taka then this site is the most trusted and relabel as we know.


Coinbase is the most popular medium for converting from any cryptocurrency in the world to Bangladeshi Taka or any other currency in the world. But you will not get much of the payment method in Coinbase. This is why Paxful has been brought to the top of this list. Paxful is a Bangladeshi Local organization that converts many more currencies including Bitcoin into Bangladeshi Taka. At the same time, you will get a lot more payment methods from them. That is why Paxful has been given importance.

Read this article to know details about how to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh with Bkash.


Another Bangladeshi company on this list is LocalBitcoin. It would be wrong to call LocalBitcoins Bangladeshi because they are not basically Bangladeshi. However, their payment method is much more. If you want, you can accept payment from them in almost all ways including credit card, bKash, rocket, Nagad, bank. This means that you can now take the value of your bitcoin from them to your Bkash wallet. This is why many people call LocalBitcoins a Bangladeshi company.


Coinbase is a well-known organization. They are known around the world for converting cryptocurrencies into local currencies. If you want you can convert BTC to BDT through Coinbase. This is a very simple way and it has many options. However, you can not bring money to the local payment methods if you want.

Local Payment Option to Convert BTC to BDT

After converting to Bangladeshi taka, we like to get the price of bitcoin in different ways. There are some people who love bank accounts and some people who love mobile banking to get this payment. Now I will talk about the Bitcoin payment methods you can accept your BTC in Bangladeshi Taka.

  • Bank Account: Almost everyone in Bangladesh has a bank account ‘and most bitcoin traders prefer to accept their payments in a bank account.
  • Mobile Banking: Now mobile banking is the most popular medium in Bangladesh. People use mobile banking services unnecessarily. Some people now expect to get the value of Bitcoin through mobile banking and it is now possible. There are more trusted platforms including Paxful and LocalBitcoin. Many of them pay for Bitcoin through mobile banking.
  • Credit Card: Although credit cards are the most popular in the world, they have not gained much popularity in Bangladesh yet. But if you have a credit card, then you may receive payment through this.

Our Opinion

Now, frauds are all around. There are a number of fraud platforms in Bangladesh that pretend to be safe and secure as a BTC to BDT Converter. For that reason, you have to be aware of them while thinking of making any transition of money. I hope you get a lot from this article. Thanks for reading from us.