All Blockchain Glossary From A-Z With Explanation

Blockchain Glossary

Do you wanna understand blockchain technology? Well, you should need to have a look at this Blockchain Glossary that refers to Blockchain all the briefing words. Try to read here the blockchain glossary with a short explanation. All the Blockchain Glossary Briefing: From A – Z What is a 51% Attack? When up to half … Read more

Bitcoin price technical analysis 12/20 slow and steady recovery

Bitcoin price technical analysis

Bitcoin is making a slow and steady recovery toward $7000, and we think the bearish markets are alleviated. Last 13 September Bitcoin broke the $6,450 resistance and reached a weekly high of $6620 after that it goes pullback to $6,380. The weekly Bitcoin price technical analysis chart shows $6479.00 -0.4% about to set a higher … Read more