Bitcoin price technical analysis perspective view

Bitcoin price technical analysis

Steady decline Bitcoin price and many Crypto experts argue not to buy crypto coin unless another price resistant rally. I am going to show you a short technical analysis of Crypto’s major assets. So, continue to learn Bitcoin price technical analysis.

It was above $800B on January 7, 2018, but by the gradual, it has gone down the trade and now briefly falling below $200B earlier this week. Bitcoin price technical analysis Aug 2018.

So you notice about Bitcoin -70% back from its peak, Ethereum –80%, Litecoin -85%, Ripel -91%

Bitcoin price technical analysis perspective view BTC/USD

August 17, 2018, Bitcoin trade recommendation (BTC/USD). We think there has a lot of sellers in the market.

We think it could go through a downtrend of $5100 to $5000, and then it’s bounce there is a low volume. Unfortunately, it goes deep downtrend maybe $4100 and in the long run, it could be $2900.

Bitcoin bullish trend

In another case of a short-term bullish trend, the price will touch potentially $6800 to $7000 support as possible and sell immediately won its target is hit.

The current price is 50/50. If the resistance goes upper to $7200-$7400 maybe it could back $7000. They’re also a cause topping out.

To get a clear idea to start Bitcoin trading you might watch some popular YouTube crypto channels to make you a crypto trading analyzer.

Daily Yearly Bitcoin chart

There are many YouTube videos on the Bitcoin market and they analytics how to trade crypto.

btc trading

The daily chart is looking pretty good and the volume is pretty good. The current price is very critical.

If you are looking for a bullish case or a bearish case the currency price movement will give you an idea. Bitcoin usability and stability continue to improve.

Finally, Bitcoin still downtrend As 200-Day MA Caps Prices. The bull has stepped repeatedly to define the $6000 level. We also respect a bearish-resistant level at $8000.

Bitcoin 1 time span

  • Bitcoin worth looks, by all accounts, to be shaping a reverse head and shoulders style on its 1-hour time span.
  • This is viewed as associate degree exemplary inversion flag and if thoroughbred, the price may pull up from its previous drop.
  • Specialized markers’ area unit in addition mirroring the distance of optimistic force.

Summary of Strategy

Buy: As close to $6200 as possible.

Target: $7000-$7200

Stop: $5800

As of this writing, the BTC/USD pair is trading at $8,198.29 on Coinbase.

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