Easy Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Easy Way To Earn Free Cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency is the currency that everybody wants these days and some of us also wonder if there is any way to get them for free. Well, money doesn’t grow on trees but, Guess what! cryptocurrency does. Everything you need to Know About these Easy Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency.

That doesn’t mean you can be lazy sitting at home and getting them without doing anything. There are some works to do if you wanna get cryptocurrency without investing a huge amount of money. Now I’m going to give some explanation so that it can really help you to get a good amount of digital money. Earn Free Cryptocurrency

                                                        Easy Way To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

1. Free Cryptocurrency With Gaming

Yup! You saw that right, Gaming will get you money! There are some unpopular games that pay you digital money. Now, why would someone pay you for playing their games? Because you are playing it and making those games popular.

The more popular they get the more people gonna download them. Makes sense right?

2. Captcha ads and other sites

Yes! there are some sites that actually give you a small amount of cryptocurrency every 10/15 minutes. (different sites have different timing rules) So why they are giving you free cryptocurrencies, they are not actually free depending on your IP address those sites will show you ads and you need to see them, that’s how they earn and share a little profit with you.

So you cannot block ads or use any kind of ad blocker in your browser. And there are some other sites that need to verify if their captchas are understandable for humans.

So you just gotta sign up there and starts solving those captchas for them and in return, they give you digital money. So you can earn money if you Know About these Easy Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency.

3. Free Cryptocurrency With SCAM

Now, this seems a little bit out of topic but you sure can earn some crypto coins by scamming. But I personally never prefer that because you will eventually get scammed by others and probably end up signing up for a bunch of websites for nothing.

But mainly stay away from things that are too good to be true! I mean you know the value of crypto coins, right!? But those games are not popular for a reason, they are boring to play, some of those are board games and casino games AND they have Ads.

But you need cryptocurrency without investing and this is always a better way to get some. Make your device work and earn some. Earn Free Cryptocurrency

4. Using your computer

If you are looking forward to buying a gaming computer or have some money to upgrade your current computer, this is for you. This is the best way to earn a decent amount of digital money. Through Bitcoin mining, you can earn at your home. (depending on your hardware) GPUs are getting cheaper these days, and if you can’t get the latest version try to get the previous version at least. Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Mining

After using the computer for your need you can keep it on and let it do the mining work itself. So how this actually works? Every 10 to 15 minutes your computer gets used by the network to do pending transactions. Because of the security level, cryptocurrencies have these days, they need so many computers and IPs to maintain the security of each transaction.

Depending on your hardware power, every transaction your computer makes you get a small share from that. this one is the most reliable and easy way to Earn Free Cryptocurrency.

5. Affiliate programs

It’s also one of the easiest ways to get free cryptocurrency. Affiliate programs are used on almost every website you sign up somewhere and refer your friend to join there and that’s how you get paid to Easy Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency.

There are many Official currency sites that pay you about $8 to $10 worth of Bitcoin for free. Overall referring others to join those kinds of affiliate sites gets you digital money. There are many cryptocurrency affiliate sites that is giving decent money. For example, RunCPA is one of them.

6. Trading Coins

After you get a little bit of digital money, use those to buy other currencies, visit the currency market to see the price, take a little risk, and buy some cheap currency that will gain more value after a week or so. In this way, you can increase the value of your current digital wallet. You can also start day trading to make profits. Here is a guide to starting cryptocurrency trading.

7. Writing

If you are a good writer and have better knowledge about the cryptocurrency market you can earn money. You can write about how things work, how the price goes up and down etc. In this way, you surely can write some popular articles on a different website and earn money.

It’s more like becoming a crypto-journalist. There are sites that are looking for more news about cryptocurrencies and you can mail them or contact them and let them know about your skills, this can surely get you paid and this is less risky.

Before you apply on any news site you better keep some article draft as a demo so you can show them when they ask for something. Earn Free Cryptocurrency

8. Bounty hunt

A bounty hunt is also a thing where you can go and take many campaigns like Facebook campaigns, Twitter campaigns, Reddit campaigns, Telegram campaigns,s, etc. You will find different tasks there. When you do those tasks by their rules you get paid.

Bounty hunt
source: https://beta.bounty0x.io

Earn doing simple work and get the reward. It also calls a micro job with a small earning. One of them is bounty0x.

9. Micro Earnings

This is the cheapest and the easiest way to Earn Free Cryptocurrency digital money, yet the risk is too much on this because there are too many fake websites full of scammers. But if you find the right micro-website for you, you can earn cryptocurrency from there by doing their small tasks.

The amount may not be so big but the task will be easier. Pay-per-click can get you 20 to 30 cents per hour.

10. Coin Doublers

This is a dangerous way to earn free crypto coins. You will find some real sites which actually offer you to double your digital money or give you some huge interest. Easy Ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

The thing they do is, they take someone else’s money and give them to you and keep some profit for themselves too, and by doing this they gain more investors. They will keep doing this and one day they will disappear with the money they have on their site.

If you are fast enough to withdraw your money before that, you will be the luckiest one and all others will eventually get scammed.

11. Apps

It’s a new way to earn digital money, some app developers really pay you to download and install their apps on your device and test those apps for them. It’s good as long as you keep your secret things out from your testing device.

source: pivot apps

There are many smartphone apps that have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency for the instant pivot.

12. Read

If you are a reader, there are faucet website that pays you a small amount of cryptocurrency for reading books from their sites. And surely they really got a huge collection of books.

Those sites also have their own time limits, you need to spend an hour or so to get the money and also you cant disable the Ads. This is one of the easiest ways To Earn Free Cryptocurrency

13. Gamble

Luck! you know. If you really think luck will support you and have a good idea about gambling, you can try some premium gambling sites where you and your opponent both deposit money, and one will eventually win. Among all these methods, this is another Easy Way To Earn Free Cryptocurrency.

Last but not least, cryptocurrencies are not all scams and lies. You surely can earn digital money for almost free if you are willing to work. You just need to take a little bit of risk. Who knows what you can gain if you are ready to lose a little bit? Earn Free Cryptocurrency

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