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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Forum List

Bitcoin gets more popular in December 2017 and the single Bitcoin price goes more that $20,000. In 2017 Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency was the top search according google search engine. So, different cryptocurrency forums and blog are trending for it’s resources insight. This type of discussion forums are great resources to gain deep insight, knowledge for cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and blockchain technology. So, here is the top cryptocurrency forum list.

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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Forum List

Here we bring all the cryptocurrency forum list. At first, read the top 10 cryptocurrency forum list with a small review. Top PR crypto forum list that gives you deep crypto insight. Read and learn from cryptocurrency community forums. With cryptocurrency forums registration, you can contribute there as your expertise.

1. Reddit

Reddit is a top level forum on the internet with multi topics resources. The global Reddit rank is #17 with strong, talented users. Millions of the user of Raddit contributing their concept in this community. However, you can find a lot of information about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. A number of the user and engaging to share content on the space.

Reddit forum

2. Bitcointalk

Bitcointalk is specially for Bitcoin discussion, it has been launched since 2011 when it was the BTC challenging time. Most of the ICO project is started discussion here. All the newcomers crypto enthusiast are well known, this cryptic community place to share their opinion. The community believes it is the official Bitcoin forum. Satoshi Nakamoto started this forum.

Bitcointalk forum

3. Cryptocurrencytalk

It is relevant with and similar category forum. Latest update with initial coin offering, Airdrops, and Altcoins. More than 55,000 members are active on the forum site. The forum community has a different topic with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencytalk forum

4. StackExchange

Stack Exchange is a popular crypto forum and it is mainly for developers. It’s gaining popularity among the crypto enthusiast. Like other forum this one is focus general massage for the crypto user. A lot of answers are provided daily for the knowledge searcher. Ask any question to get answers with 24 hours.

stake exchange forum

5. Bitcoinforum

Firstly, it is associate with official site. Also the discussion mainly focuses on BTC mining, Development & technical opinion, BTC news, press hits, notable sources. Moreover, discus on gossips, scandals and Bitcoin projects among others.

Bitcoinforum forum

6. Cryptointalk

Cryptointalk is a great source of cryptocurrency resources. So, simply create an account on the largest crypto forums to start learning. Online user is active to answer your niche. As a new user, you need time to post properly. However, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other altcoin member are active on the forum.

Cryptointalk forum


Bitcoin cash proponent Roger Ver is the threat of the website. Proudly the website has more that 21,000 active users. However, the user is little bit low but they are dedicated to the forum. Term and condition of use a little bit difficult. also dedicated as a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin news portal. forum


8. LitecoinTalk

An ideal source of litecoin support but you can find cryptocurrency related answers on the forum. Basically like this site for user friendly interface. It allows to see who are behind the litecointalk forum. To learn market place, technical support, mining topic on the board is ideal.

LitecoinTalk forum

9. Quora

Quora is a reputable high profile question and answer website on the internet. Though it is not directly crypto discussion forum, but there is a category about cryptocurrency and bitcoin user. A store of digital knowledge section on the Quora. Also more than million users are active there.

Quora forums

10. Cryptorum

This forum site is not very old, but there are many cryptocurrency users. Site interface is fresh and clen. Moreover, easy to use. Where most of the old forum site difficult to post primary step. But this cryptocurrency forum site allows you to post with your links easilly. For cryptocurrency news, market speculation and crypto knowledge this an ideal place.

A Complete Cryptocurrency Forum List

  1. Topix : Bitcoin base forum and most of the users from USA base, however it’s a relabel crypt source.
  2. MMGP : This crypto forum Russia base and more than 50,000 active users.
  3. MiningClub : Owner of the forum from Russia, however the site another crypto source.
  4. : More than 70000 members are on this platform.
  5. Altcoins Talks : All the altcoin discussion here and 190,000 users with active discussion.
  6. Cryptocurrencytalk : To get crypto advice and learn cryptocurrency you can visit here.
  7. Bitcoin Garden : All the thing about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  8. Bitalk : A number of users provide an opinion on the crypto space. Clean and fresh Bitcoin forum site.
  9. Bitcoinfo : Russia base Bitcoin forum. Post get reply soon. Active user is available to solve the question.
  10. Bitcoin Forum Cryptocurrency : It’s a great place for information and support. You can ask questions to get answers.
  11. All Crypto Talk : All the topics about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and one that is actually moderated post.
  12. CryptoPro : A number of forum user from Russian and all about digital currency.
  13. Cryptoff : Different ALT-coin are discus here and answer about multi technical issue.
  14. Cryptoheresy : Half of the forum user is from India and a great source of crypto information.
  15. CryptoJunction : This forum is mainly discus at various topics on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.
  16. –° : Though this site is not much popular, but still it is informative for crypto enthusiast.
  17. Cryptoinside : Excellent source of information on a variety of topics.

Finally, I request for the reader to provide a more cryptocurrency forum site with your comments. We will add those sites in our list after the visit and quality check. Please don’t put any scam forum site link in the comment box.

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