Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway In 2021

Best cryptocurrency payment gateway
Best cryptocurrency payment gateway

Definitely, Cryptocurrency is the new era of digital industries. For merchant purposes, we need to collect massive payments from customers and users. Best cryptocurrency payment gateway So, it is really flexible to manage high transaction volume with very low fees and efforts. As a result, many, Cryptocurrency agencies are developing a Cryptocurrency payment gateway with different features. So, in this article, I mention the Best Cryptocurrency payment gateway list.

Also, a guide to Coingate payment gateways step-by-step guide. Coingate is the best Cryptocurrency payment gateway. And you will learn how to set up your WordPress website, or any PHP scripts site, WHMCS website, etc. Many companies are accepting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to their service.

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway List

1. Coingate

Coingate is one of the top Cryptocurrency payment gateways in the Crypto world. With this crypto company, you can monitor customer invoices from your mobile. It is very user-friendly and has 24/7 live support.

Coingate Cryptocurrency payment gateway
Coingate Cryptocurrency payment gateway

More than 45 Cryptocurrency are accepted and merchants can collect custom instant payment through an email invoice.

Not only API payment but also you can add a payment button on your website. They also offer some amazing Cryptocurrency payment plugins for WordPress websites. WHMCS payment plugins by Coingate is one of the great plugins.

After verification, they offer many special facilities for the Marchant. In general, Coingate take flat fees of 1% and in Normandy, it takes 30 to 1 hour for payment confirmation.

Coingate Cryptocurrency payment gateway featured

  1. Very user-friendly and flat fees 1%.
  2. Custom invoice and predefined recurring payment system.
  3. A Hundred gift cards from different Cryptocurrencies.
  4. Trade with multiple Crypto and earn with an attractive referral program.

2. Coinspaid

Coinpaid is another popular Crypto payment processor where online business owners can receive payment on multiple Cryptocurrency. In the same way, merchants can withdraw their funds to any national currency instantly.

Coinpaid payment gateway
Coinpaid payment gateway

It gives the business owner to receive your customer payment through the website. After receiving digital currency you can convert it to fiat money. This coin payment gateway provides business Marchant to receive money with their own brand.

Coinpaid offers BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and 30+ other as well as fiat 20+ currencies. No extra fees even no hidden fees are applicable for their service.

Coinpaid payment gateway featured

  1. 30+ Crypto and 20+ fiat currency.
  2. Easy to pay for goods and services in crypto with a 0% fee.
  3. Store assets’ to wallet and trade 50+ currencies.
  4. Buy BTC with bank cards.

3. Coinpayments

It is also a great and trusted Bitcoin and Crypto payment gateway. Merchants are growing checkout with Cryptocurrency payment with Coinpayments. More than 2100+ Cryptos are supported here.

Coinpayments payment gateway
Coinpayments payment gateway

CoinPayments give you the opportunity to receive funds with multiple functionalities. For instance,  add a Cryptocurrency payment gateway with Shopping Cart Plugins, Simple Buttons, advance button, API and IPNs, invoice builders, Point of Sale (POS) Interface, etc.

You can also add to your website Shopping Cart Buttons. To receive donations with Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum ad Cryptocurrency Donation Buttons.

Coinpayments payment gateway featured

  1. Above 2100+ Cryptocurrency platforms.
  2. Various options to add payment gateway.
  3. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and opencart friendly.
  4. Fees are low and reasonable.

4. Bitpay

Bitpay use among many established companies around the globe. To gain new customers and clients Bitpay is the ideal Cryptocurrency accept gateway processor company. You can accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency with low fees and avoid chargeback issues.

Bitpay payment gateway
Bitpay payment gateway

The benefits of using Bitpay Crypto payment processor is low fees, easy setup system, almost zero price volatility, and quick local bank transfer.

Bitpay allows personal Crypto service and business service. So choose business merchants service to collect Bitcoin and Crypto to transfer money to the direct bank accounts.

Bitpay payment gateway featured

  1. Low fees and no chargeback issue.
  2. Real-time price and no volatility issues.
  3. Direct Bank transfer within 24 hours.
  4. Custom Crypto invoice.

5. Blockonomics

To get direct payment in your own wallet Blockonomics is the best choice for me. Because you don’t need to store assert to the third party wallet. When the customer pays for your product and service it goes directly to your own wallet.

Blockonomics payment gateway
Blockonomics payment gateway

Easily merchants can accept payment through WooCommerce online store. Since 2015 they are providing service on e-commerce platforms with WordPress.

Blockonomics only accept now Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. But their intention to receive multiple coins in near future.

Blockonomics payment gateway featured

  1. No need to store Crypto assets in a third-party wallet.
  2. Low fees and hassle-free setup.
  3. Quick transaction.
  4. Word class customer support.