How To Buy Domain with Ethereum?

Buy Domain with Ethereum

If you are looking for the domain registration company who are accepting Ethereum, then you are in the right place to get the right information. Buy Domain with Ethereum To purchase a domain with Ethereum or any other Cryptocurrency autonomously than there are many service providers. So in this article I am explaining how to buy a domain with Ethereum in a simple manner.

Using your debit or credit card to buy something from online is insecure. Where Ethereum is an easy and secure method to register any perfect domain name. Anyone can instantly book their domain and hosting service paying with Cryptocurrency. Not only Ethereum but also any attacking are allowed to pay in some reputable domain registration company.

So, lets start the step by step how to register your website domain name with popular Cryptocurrency Ethereum.

First, I think you are going to start a new website project and want to buy a domain as per your business. Basically, you can buy any domain from the thousand of a domain register company. But not all the domain service providers have multiple payment option.

Only few reputable and trusted domains and hosting provider are available in this service. However, to register your domain name you can choose any of the company list below. And I am going to show you a practical guideline.

Buy Domain with Ethereum supported wallet

First, you need to have an interim wallet account. For an instant you have a Coinbase account or wherever your account does not matter. Only you there need to have Ethereum supported or directly Ethereum wallet. So you have an Ethereum wallet to buy a domain from any trusted domain registration company.

Buy or Convert your Bitcoin to Ethereum

Domain Registrars That Accept Ethereum

There is a thousand of domain registration platform, but not all the service provider are trusted. So you can choose and pick from the reputed, trusted, and cheap domain registration company. Moreover, who is providing quick response for customer support. So, WpHostsell domain register who accept Ethereum.

One of the top and trusted domain registration company who are accepting Bitcoin and any Cryptocurrency early beginning of Bitcoin age. Domain price is cheap only $9.95 even you have no additional charge. If you want to continue and renews domain with Ethereum they have no extended charge for next year.

Basically, I recommended for their instant customer service. They will provide any type of technical service instantly. One of the biggest offer there are provided Domain + Hosting + 1 Website premium WordPress theme only $20. The offer is really amazing.

If you search such of this offer probably you do not find. They really made it for a customer long time relationship. So it is worth to buy domain from WpHostsell cheap domain and hosting service company.

Step buy Step guide to Buy Domain with Ethereum


search to Buy Domain with Ethereum
search for your desire domain name


First go to the → WpHostsell and search for your desire domain name. For example, now you will be seen the domain name are available weather not. If  your domain is available click to→ Select Domain than click→ add to cartcheckout after than →continue.

Select Domain to cart


At this stage if you have any promotional code or offer code then put it. If you no promotional code than simply click → checkout button to pay with Ethereum. So on this page if you have no previous account in WpHostsell then you need to create an account.

domain registration checkout button


So simply fill up the form and click on the bottom the page where say pay with Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency. However, to click with Bitcoin and any Cryptocurrency pay, you will redirect a payment page to pay with Cryptocurrency. Buy Domain with Ethereum

pay with Bitcoin or any Cryptocurrency


In this page, simply choose Ethereum option to pay with Ethereum (ETH). You have shown a small amount as per order. So go to your wallet and send the amount that is shown on the screen. That’s it.

Top domain raster and web hosting company who accepted Bitcoin, Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Day by day Cryptocurrency increasing its popularity and usability. As a result, different web hosting and domain company attempt to accepting Cryptocurrency as their payment method. So, here is our listed top domain and hosting service provider who accepting Crypto. Buy Domain with Ethereum


From the beginning they are accepting Bitcoin and other popular Cryptocurrency to register domain. People can pay with Ethereum and Bitcoin cash to buy domain, hosting, VPS, SSL certificates and other products. Domain and hosting price highly reasonable. No extra fees.

  • Free WHOIS Privacy
  • Free SSL Certificates with Auto Renew
  • Low Prices
  • User-friendly interface

2. Hostinger

Basically Hostinger are known as a web hosting service provider company. However, it is a trusted and reputable domain and hosting provider. Their service performance is great and a number of customers are satisfied from their service.

  • Trusted Domain Registrar
  • Cheap Domains & Renewals
  • Free WHOIS Privacy
  • Free Domain with Every Hosting Plan

3. Namesilo

Since 2010 this company has been providing domain registration service for their clients. In addition, this company annuls profits more than $2 millions. In this short term of domain business they archive a number of customers. So this reputable company accepts Bitcoin as payment.

  • One of the cheapest Domain Registrars
  • Has over 2.000.000 Domains Registered on their platform
  • Free WHOIS Privacy
  • Free Domain Parking

4. Namecheap

Namecheap is a trusted domain and hosting seller platform who is accepting Cryptocurrency in the early age. From 2011 this company provides customer satisfaction service. So, people can buy domain with Bitcoin currency.

  • Very User Friendly Interface
  • Free WHOIS Privacy
  • Long Business History (Since 2001)

Advantage to buy domain with Cryptocurrency

To buy domain with alt coins or Cryptocurrency comprehensive than other other payment. Check the list below to know all the benefit of buying a domain and hosting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripples, Eos, Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin cash etc.

  1. Register your domain anonymously.
  2. First transaction and cheap costing.
  3. You can use you personal wallet so no need any third pay apps.
  4. Most of the case not include taxes.
  5. It is one kind f mobile payments.
  6. Moreover, it is risk free because no need to provide any card information.

Finally, not all the domain and hosting service provider accept Ethereum Cryptocurrency payment method. But Bitcoin is widely using as a payment method. So, you can Buy Domain with Ethereum from However, you can check top Domain Registrar Accept Bitcoin Payment.