How to Buy Domain with Bitcoin Cash?

buy domain with Bitcoin cash
buy domain with Bitcoin cash

Now it is time being to add Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency as payment method. Top online service platform is adding Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and attacking as their payment method and it is a public demand. To buy a domain name with Bitcoin cash is also a customer demand. As a result many top profile domains, register company add Bitcoin cash as their online payment options.

It is easy and friction-less to buy domain with Bitcoin cash. Moreover, it is not receiving money in diverting way as well as transaction cost is very low. Bitcoin cash allows two registration secure and anonymous way. So, in this article I covered how to buy domain with Bitcoin cash.

Who are accepting Bitcoin cash for domain registration?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular Cryptocurrency over the internet. And, Bitcoin is another top level online payment currency with more powerful currency featured. As a result, with Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash is accepted for domain registration as a different domain selling marketplace.

So to pay with anonymously for domain registration here is a top list.

Buy domain with Bitcoin cash


domain with bitcoin cash at wphostsales
domain with bitcoin cash at wphostsales


Buy domain with Bitcoin cash this is a reputable domain hosting company. The company is not high profile domain and hosting service. But it is worth of buy domain with Bitcoin cash. Their dedicated team is always ready to help for any technical issue solve and well as instant reply.

One of the major things is cheap and reliable domain and hosting service. Since 2014 WpHostsell domain and hosting service provider, company serve their customers. So if you wish to buy a domain name with Cryptocurrency than visit the site.

One of the best offer is domain+ hosting + One WordPress theme is $20. Probably it is the best offer ever from any web hosting company. Not only you can buy domain with Bitcoin cash, but also you can buy any of their products.


domain with bch at Abacohosting
domain with bch at Abacohosting


It another web hosting and domain register Company who is accepting Cryptocurrency to buy Bitcoin. They are helping their clients to integrate Bitcoin cash payment method.

Basically they add this particular payment option after their customer demand. Customer can place order with Bitcoin cash payment domain, hosting, VPS, reseller server etc.

As earlier they integrate Bitcoin peer to peer Cryptocurrency to accepting payment for their service. And recently they added Bitcoin cash for other products and services.

Website: Link

3. Namecheap to buy domain with Bitcoin cash

domain buy with BCH at Namecheap
domain buy with BCH at Namecheap


It is needless to say Namecheap is one of the most popular domain and hosting service provider. Last a decade, they are selling more than 1 million domain names over the website owner. The good things are they are accepting Bitcoin cash for domain registration.

So you can buy your domain ownership with this Cryptocurrency. Simply fund your account than order a products to book it. Since 2013 this reputable web hosting company Namecheap accepting Cryptocurrency as their payment method.

So it is pretty easy to pay for a domain name on this platform. A number of customers are satisfied for this Cryptocurrency payment option in this domain marketplace.

Website: Link

4. Hostinger

domain with bitcoin cash Hostinger
domain with bitcoin cash Hostinger


No doubt, Hostingger is one of the top category web service provider. Moreover, 2004 this company giving multi category service in domain hosting platform. It is a popular and comprehensive site. So, they are accepting Bitcoin cash as their product and services.

From the starting time they are providing prominent service on the hosting and domain space. Their office in Since Kaunas, Lithuania. They are familiar for cheap and middle class web hosting service platform.

Some of the most popular service are small business hosting service and shared hosting services. So easily buy domain with Cryptocurrency. Customer who are searching as low as low price they can check the site.

Website: Link


domain with BCHnjal
domain with BCHnjal


Njal is not a traditional domain registration service provider. They are service is different from other domain register company. Their specialty is they care about customer privacy and anonymous domain registration.

This domain registration company accepts Bitcoin cash for domain registration. So website owner can buy domain with Bitcoin cash payment. Moreover, the service is highly privacy, simple and flexible for all.

Not only people can buy domain with Bitcoin cash, but also they can buy VPS and multiple web hosting service. They offer to with buy Bitcoin cash and other top Cryptocurrency for all types of domain and hosting service.

Website: Link

6. Porkbun

Porkbun is one of the reputable and trustworthy service holder and ICANN accredited domain name registrar company. Basically, the company is  based in Portland. With some special and interesting offer they they are working over the domain market.

They are very much efficient to provide service to their clients. So, to get service for email hosting, shared hosting, website builders and related service they are accepting Bitcoin cash.

Bitcoin cash is almost near the Bitcoin popularity, so the customer wants to pay with Cryptocurrency and other altcoins as a result Pokbun update their payment integration for regular customers.

Website: Link


To register domain with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cryptocurrency Hostwinds proudly a service hub. With multiple web base products they are accepting Cryptocurrency to their service. So, anyone can buy domains with Crypto.

Instant support service and cheap hosting service is the key featured of the company. Hostwinds HQ office is in the heart of Seattle, WA. So not their local area they are popular but also different part of the world their customer.

Here is some of their key advantages -30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 99.9999% Uptime Guarantee, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So I think it might worth to get their service.

Website: Link

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Domain is the pre condition of a website. Business owner and public are building website every day but payment method is a problem where to buy domain with Crypto. So it is a great opportunity to buy domain and web hosting different Cryptocurrency and mostly Ethereum. So, we highly recommended to buy domain with Ethereum form WpHostsell that is hassle free.