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How To Claim Free Stellar Tokens Lumens XLM Value $25

Stellar is an open source digital currency that allow to cross border transaction. It has decentralize exchange StellarX and first lunch free decentralize free exchange. One of the great peer to peer digital currency marketplace. The team behind stellar support as a nonprofit foundation. Read the article and claim Free Stellar Tokens.

Stellar come with a big news about  free tokes airdrop! It’s going to provide $25 worth XML token for the user. If you never heard about Stellar than you might read this article to learning Stellar lumen.

You can convart your digital currency to fiat currency through cross border transaction. It is take very less time to transaction for example 2-3 second. So ready to claim Free Stellar Tokens.

The Reason Of Stellar Airdrop

If you are thinking why they are doing this airdrop? Honestly, it is a marketing strategy. This way they increase their Stellar community. Once upon a time PayPal had this type of campaign.

PayPal spend million of dollar among new user to signup PayPal. Who signup they got $20 and in the same way who referral got the same amount. Just like other crypto platform Claim Free Stellar Tokens from

Stellar Airdrop

In the same way Stellar are giving up and committing they spend $125 million. Recently they have partnered with and free giveaway airdrop on the platform.

Guide to Join Stellar Airdrop

Through they provide total of $125,000,000 worth of Stellar tokens (XLM). To get follow the step below…

  1. Visit the airdrop page.
  2. Submit your email address and click on ‘‘Join Waitlist”.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your $25 worth of XLM tokens later.

XLM Airdrop Brief

  • You might get 90-100 XLM tokens.
  • Total amount of XLM token value $25.
  • Already on the exchange this token are listed and approximately value $0.259.

Requirement To Claim Free Tokens

  1. You need your full name
  2. Also need your email address
  3. It may take identification details
  4. You should have blockchain wallet

Referral program

Still there have no referral program but I think very soon we will see the referral program on the project.

Stellar Airdrop Link

You can visit this direct link to get free stellar airdrop tokens from blockchain website


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