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How to Get Free Cryptocurrency A Beginner Guide

Get free cryptocurrency in different ways and now I am going to explain you how to get free tokes. It is a great way to make money from cryptocurrency. You also know about how to receive airdrops tokens/ coins? Simply we can define ‘airdrops’ as a process whereby a blockchain company distributes some coins among the user wallets free of charge. Very simply you can receive free cryptocurrency.

There have three reasons that make for doing it. No one – expands the awareness about a new crypto blockchain project. Its increase leads to marketing and reward customers. However step by step we explain all the ways to get free cryptocurrency.

In this world, there has nothing free and at least you need to put your time and efforts to get something free. To get free cryptocurrency somewhere you need to work for it. It’s also mention able to be ready a very invitational investment may need.

Cryptocurrency wallets offers

Firstly, you can download a cryptocurrency wallet those are offering free coupons. Many wallets are built in who provide an incentive to use their wallets and coins. Many companies offer as to create a new cryptocurrency wallet and give some free coins to the users. This type of offers are always not available, generally this type of offer are for limited time promotions.

Cryptocurrency wallets offers
Cryptocurrency wallets offers

We caution about the malware when you download any wallet. Scammer are everywhere in the crypto and blockchain space.

ICO bonus Offers To Get Free Cryptocurrency


ICO bonus is an incentive type of bonus that is given directly who are invested in the ICO programs. The investor who are joining the crowd sale they only get this bonus. Mainly, ICO bonus is a particular percentage of the crowd sale.

In many cases, the amount varies if the bonus is not fixed and can grow as per money. As per big investment, they will possibility a big amount of bonus.

ICO is a system where the company is attracted to the investor are attentive people in the ICO program. This bonus offer brings the potential investor and finance to the ICO program.

So this is a great way to earn free cryptocurrency. You just need to contribute to the ICO program to get eligible for bonus tokes.

Few ICO project offer coin asking only there subscriber and some of them ask to shere there link social media sites.

Have a look currenct ICO bonus Tokens

Get cryptocurrency from affiliate programs

There are many affiliate companies providing this service. For circumstance cryptocurrency and Bitcoin popularity a number of blog writers and content marketer attend affiliate programs. Several affiliate programs are paying huge amounts of Bitcoins.

It is one of the ways to get passive income. You just need to have a website or blog and there should have traffic to send targeted area as a customer and get a bonus.

Affiliate Programs System

It is the pretty simple way to start earning from affiliate

  1. Create an account on the affiliate program site and provide them a Bitcoin address to revive payments.
  2. The service company provides you a unique referral link. This unique link you can link at your website or where you want to promote it.
  3. When anyone goes through this referral link and buy products or service you will get a certain amount commissions.

Start this affiliate program with RunCPA

Cryptocurrency hard forks

Many cryptocurrencies are happening hard fork and coin holder gets free cryptocurrency. Crypto is improved and there has the hard fork for the newly create blocks. To bring programming change old block nodes to a newer version. In 2018 there have many hard forks happened like LeviarCoin, paccoin, Hexx, Litecoin Private etc.

When an old block created a new block then you can get the same amount of coin /tokens. You stay up-to-date about all the upcoming hard forks and contribute and hold old or current cryptocurrency then you can get free coins.

In 2017 Bitcoin cash hardfork happened and people get rewarded same as Bitcoin. If you had 100 Bitcoin then you got 100 Bitcoin cash.

Have a look about current hard fork updates 

Hold coins as proof of stake


Proof of stake is different from proof of work. It is more energy saving than proof of work. You can earn free coin withhold some POS coins. This way there have two benefits one is securing blockchain network and another one is user dividends on holing cryptocurrency.

Below is the crypto-coin that is really able to source of passive income. It can be varied by the amount of free coin on the different aspects. So, if you want to start earning with the staking coin than have a look the recommendation coins.

Nav Coin: It is the completely open source that is forked in 2014 from Bitcoin. It is fully based on proof of stake coin that was started the early peer to peer project. Still, it is one of the really able ways to earn passive free cryptocurrency.

NEO Crypto: NEO is known as a China base Ehereum and smart contact development platform. Its aim is securely trading all the digital currency. Proof of stalking let you enable GAS and internal digital currency. It rewarded yearly base and between 4-6%. You can calculate NEO GAS.

There is a number of proof of stake coin like lisk, ARK, REDDCOIN, PIVX etc.

Cryptocurrency faucet

Probably faucet system is the easiest way to earn cryptocurrency. This faucet system you can earn money doing some different task. As a small task, you will get rewarded just like dropping of water, that’s why it’s called faucet. Many website owners have provided Satoshi for website visitor clicks and get rewarded slowly in their wallet.

Most of the time the task is completing with captcha, click different ads or click web links. To withdrawal minimum, you need a certain amount of Satoshi as per Bitcoin = 0.000000001 BTC.

Here is an amazing thing is if you get $0.10 amount of Bitcoin it could be $10 in the future. Because cryptocurrency price is growing overall specifically Bitcoin price.

Here is some faucet website where you earn cryptocurrency.

Clicking On Ads And Surveys

It is another way to earn almost free money. Who is wasting larg time they can get free cryptocurrency with the smartphone and web-connected computer at home. The task is visit website, watching videos and click ads. There have many websites where you can earn Bitcoin to click on referrer link.

If you want to earn free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency than below are the list where you can get top clicking site and survey sites.

Crypto YouTube Channel

If you create an account on YouTube niche on the crypto you can earn money. Go’s live and explore the currency market analysis. You can work for many companies highlighted who offer you crypto payment. Many crypto fans are donating for the crypto course, training, trading signal and tutorials.

Just build an audience and updates with the latest tips, tricks and reviews within the community. Put your referral links, products and service links. Simply YouTube adsence account activates and earn passive money.

Your video description just puts referral links and when they reach out through this link you will get money. Provide cryptocurrency tips and tricks and build a strong digital currency community.

For example YouTube Channels

Use the app to get paid Get Free Cryptocurrency

A lot of Bitcoin Android apps on Google play store pay you to do a small task, but there have also faked. Some app is paying you as they offer and some of them are really didn’t pay you properly.

In the past few years some of the apps are paying faucets, small task and survey etc. Here I going to list one or two.

  1. Bitclaim: It is a faucet base app where you get Satoshi every 30 minutes. Set your Bitcoin wallet to get paid your free crypto coins.
  2. BTC Safari: It is another faucet app who provide every 15 minutes 400 Satoshi per claim.

A list of the way you might earn free cryptocurrency

1. Play game to get paid BTC

If you are thinking about is it possible to get paid by playing game? Then the answer is Yes! In the Bitcoin sphere, it is possible to earn money playing game. A number of sites are pay for play there game.

This way the game is getting popular by thousand, two thousand hundred users. Generally the type of game are casino bitcoin games, mining games, arcade games, flash games, trading games and mobile games etc.

#1. Mbitcasino #2. Freebitco

2. Publish on

Now the flock is spending a large amount of time on the social network. They write on the social platform with their creativity to take part entertainment. But the question is what are you getting from you? The answer is “nothing”. Though truthfully your contributed content will have a large value. is a content sharing social platform who takes advantage of blockchain technology. This decentralize social platform rewarded user for contributing content with a fair and transparent way. __Upvote: __ symbolizes a “Like” or “Like” system give rewarded value. This way you can make money from it.

3. Signature campaigns for crypto

Without invest forum signature campaign is way to earn cryptocurrency. Though this option is pretty less popular last few years but still people earn money with signature campaigns. BitcoinTalk still an example platform for signature campaign platform.

It is a great way for novice enthusiasts to learn and earn cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Like BitcoinTalk other forum have a great source of crypto, information on Bitcoin, altcoins, ICOs, etc. It is not only a great source of crypto but also money making platform.

4. Crypto Bounties programs

Already you have know a little bit from above a part of the article. Most of the ICO program offer bounty to get maximum advertising comprehensive. It’s benefit depend on the ICO success and you have job doing some work for the project to get eligible the token or coin.

Perhaps you need to create content, social sharing, video making or article writing to boost over the internet. More you can get bounties with bug reports, developers bounties, referrals etc. For example Bounty0x platform. an ideal platform.

5. Crypto payment for goods and services

Earn money form, exchanging products and services as a merchant. Now Bitcoin and ALT-coin have a payment processor to accept money with digital currency and you can take this advantage to make money. This can be implemented on the eCommerce platform to get dual benefit.

For instance, you can check Storiqa cryptocurrency e-commerce platform who provide this service. Storiaqa have their own coin/ token name STQ that a growing crypto eCommerce payment system.

6. Exchange For Margin Funding

On the cryptocurrency market, many Crypto exchanges give opportunity to trade Bitcoin and ALT-coin with margin trading. Margin funding means you can trade for funding with limited money, but you can borrow extra fund to trade crypto assets. This option gives you the opportunity to make money with limited investment, though it increases the risk of loss.

If you are an expert on the cryptocurrency trading, then you can take this advantage. If you are not more expert than read our cryptocurrency trading guide article to find out a digital asset trading secret to get free cryptocurrency. In this way you can make money with cryptocurrency.

Finally, there is, multi option to get free cryptocurrency over the internet. Get in touch with our newsletter and periodically we update all about new offer and service to receive free crypto.

Written by Md Rajib
I learn every day with cryptocurrency sphere. I love Blockchain and cryptocurrency so I am going to share my knowledge who are interested at digital currency. I am also a digital cryptocurrency enthusiast and online marketing expert. I worked a long time as an expert on SEO & WordPress platform.

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