Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

This article will give you a clear idea about the best cryptocurrency wallets. You will find out which cryptocurrency wallet is the best one. So before we continue this article. At first, I will explain what is cryptocurrency wallets. An easy explanation, a cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that’s generally stored a private key and public keys.
It also communicates with various blockchains to enable users to send and receive cryptocurrency. This process also monitors clients’ user balance.
If you want to receive Bitcoin or any digital currency then you need a cryptocurrency wallet. There are different types of digital currency wallets. This discussion first comes to my mind about desktop wallets as Best Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets For Desktop/ Laptop

Desktop wallets is a wallet that downloaded and install on a PC, Mac or any laptop. Most of them are accessible from the single computer in which they are downloaded. A desktop wallet is much more secure than any other cryptocurrency mobile wallet. From the digital currency startup, desktop wallet is the “hot wallet“.

Desktop wallets
Desktop wallets

For a small amount of cryptocurrency or specifically for Bitcoin there have an average good thing. I personally recommended for the big amount of Bitcoin or for ALT-coins use cold storage wallets. To ensure your digital money is safe and secure cold storage wallet is a much more preferable choice. As per cold storage wallet just like paper wallets and hardware wallet is safe for your money.

Now I am mentioning some of the Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Best Cryptocurrency Online Cloud Wallets

An online wallet is a cloud wallet and the proper cloud wallet can use from different parts and different devices around the world. This wallet runs on the cloud server and are accessible from any type of computing device in any location. While they are really convenient to access, online wallets stores.

Online Cloud Wallets
Online Cloud Wallets

There has a security issue that is quite simplest. People can hack your wallets, in many cases, they can clone your mobile phone. For easy to use and for vast, usable area people can access and have the possibility to hack the wallets. Any part of the world that is internet-connected they can access here.

I am pretty disinterested to use online cloud wallets to store my crypto fund.

Mobil cryptocurrency wallet
Mobil cryptocurrency wallet

Mobil Cryptocurrency Wallet

In this explanation, the next wallets are mobile wallets. You can be downloading this wallet on your mobile from the internet app store or google play store or whatever they are. There are many different mobile wallets that’s generally run on an app on your mobile device.

It is useful and you can use it from anywhere, any time including retail store. Mobil wallet is a smaller and simpler device than a desktop. So it’s really easy to carry with your hand.

Mobile wallets have multi advantages with multi-signature access, backup featured, have different phrases and words.

If you lose your phone you can backup your digital currency with seeds words and phrases. You just need to plug in your phone online or desktop and backup your crypto.

Note: Never keep your cryptocurrency under your phone without a lock.

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

A hardware wallet is different from an online or mobile wallet. It differs from software wallets in that case they store user private keys in the hardware device like a USB. To send and receive digital currency from the hardware you need an internet connection. As they store offline which delivered high security.

If anybody wants to keep their coin safe then I recommended using this hardware cold storage wallet. Beginner recommendation for big amount of cryptocurrency holding we can choose hardware wallet. Generally, I keep my coin in cold storage when it is over $10,000.

Cryptocurrency Paper Wallet

Another secure wallet is a paper wallet though I don’t recommend to use randomly. Because many people lose a paper wallet. A paper wallet is a very high level of security and is easy to use while the term paper wallet can simply refer to a physical copy or printout of your public and private keys. It is one kind of top cryptocurrency wallet.

It can also refer to a piece of software that securely generated pair of keys which are then printed. You can store your digital currency in there securely.
The downside is paper wallet is don’t back up and lose. Personally, I like most to store my cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet more than a paper wallet. But you have the option you can choose any of them.

A couple of things you keep in mind about cryptocurrency wallet

  • Backup Your wallet: To make sure your all digital currency wallet is safe and secure and always backup your wallets. Actually, I already recommended it’s before, so I just remember you. Always backup your wallet, no matter what you are using the wallet, it is important to backup your digital wallets.
  • Update software: Updated all your software like any good software and it will enhance security issues. Whatever your wallet, mobile or hardware software just regularly update it. Not only is your wallet software updated but also updates the software on your mobile and computer. Finally, keep extra security like two factors authentic. Make sure you have google authentication that is one of the secure ways to keep a safe wallet. Also, there should have a multi-signature wallet.

Some questions you should have considered using your crypto wallets.

  1. Do you need a digital wallet for everyday purchases or do you want to buying and holding cryptocurrency?
  2. Have you planned to use multiple cryptocurrencies or only one single currency?
  3. Do you need to access your wallet anywhere or at your home?

Take time to analyze this question that will determine which wallet you most require. At this point now I am going to contribute my own opinions.

Bread Wallet

Bread Wallet

In my view, the bread wallet is a very simple wallet primarily uses for beginners and specifically only for Bitcoin not for all digital currencies.

Pros: Security and privacy are very good and newbies and beginner-friendly. One of the very simple and clean, open-source software. However, it’s completely free.

Cons: Everything has some lack of a thing, that’s why bread wallet has no web and desktop interface. It has a lack featured and a hot wallet. It’s not hard to hack or access.

Mycelium Wallet

This advanced-level wallet is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that combines innovation and connivance for the digital currency user. This company starts and was founded with some hardware engineers in 2008. It is fewer considerations as Best Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Pros: Mycelium wallet is one of the good cryptocurrency wallets.

Cons: The downside is it has no desktop and web interface. Also, have no hot wallet and it is not for beginners.

Jaxx Digital Wallet

Jaxx is another cryptocurrency mobile wallet and suet for different class cryptos like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Lite coin, Bitcoin, and many more. One of the greatest features is the user interface UI design that is excellent. You can set it in your own way and privacy, security, multi-currency support, and wallet linking with multiple platforms. You can have your desktop or iPad.

Pron: Multi-currency cross-linking with better security and privacy. Great user support and rich-featured. It is fully free.

Cons: It is not open source and is slow loading. But I like it and enjoy this crypto wallet.

Two Hardware Recommended As Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

1. Trezor Hardware Wallet

Treasure is one of the popular Bitcoin wallets and is ideal for storing a large amount of digital currency. Still, it is popular for security and it cannot affect by malware. Also, never export or stolen a private key and it is really really safe. I think it’s an awesome device and I am personally recommended it.

Pros: Security is great and has privacy. Easy to use with a nice interface. There have a cold storage and a built-in screen. For the beginner one of the idea and open-source software. I think it is one of the Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cons: It is a really pretty high price, $99, and the client must have a device.

2. Ledger Nano S Wallet

Ledger Nano S
Ledger Nano S

The ledger Nano S is another great digital currency wallet that I prefer. I have experience with this device. You can secure your crypto coin with this wallet. It is one of the popular wallets in the cryptosphere markets.

Finally, if you are looking for hardware that is cheap and looks good, then this is the right choice. Another Best Cryptocurrency Wallet is Ledger Nano S.

Pron: It is device-protected multi-currency-supported wallet third party apps UTF support inexpensive $65 etc. You can back up with this wallet multi-currency.

Cons: There has a lack of hidden accounts and no password management.

Finally, I really never and ever recommend putting your cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in exchange. The exchange is always to buy and sell purposes just like a bank. I am not interested to store my money on another platform. Always safety is first and safe your Bitcoin so buy from them and keep it in your own wallet for long time use.

Comment below about what exactly you thought about Best Cryptocurrency Wallets and what is your recommendation.