Top 40 Cryptocurrency Exchange list

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange List  Worldwide

Honestly, it`s not easy to find Top Cryptocurrency Exchange List. But I can give you a clear idea and assist you to choose the right Crypto exchange from the list. Slowly and steadily, Crypto coins and bitcoin bring investors’ attention to the Crypto world. As a result, Cryptocurrency getting safe haven against government inflationary policies.

A number of Crypto traders and investors are searching for top trusted Crypto exchanges. So, in this case, you need to find the right cryptocurrency exchanges. And that’s why we are picking up some reliable and top Cryptocurrency exchanges on our list.

Safe And Secure Crypto Exchange Website Server

A safe and secure website server should consider picking up your Crypto exchange portfolio. So, don’t make any mistake of picking from the top cryptocurrency exchange list. We also consider exchanges that provide transparent data about coins in cold storage.

When it comes to finding a top cryptocurrency exchange list, it should availability to exchange most of the currency pairs: trade bitcoin for USD, Euros, or other fiat money. So, consider it before start exchanging.

We will update you when the new exchange-listed in our article. However, appropriate and top Bitcoin exchange also brings profits for you. Continue to read the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

Before Considering Top Cryptocurrency Brokerage, Think About It

  • Safe and secure website server exchange is better.
  • Lower fees exchange is better than other higher fees exchange.
  • How is the exchange’s customer support?
  • How many trading pairs are available?
  • As much as the different payment method is available.
  • How about their exchange interface? A user-friendly interface is preferable. You might visit in the cryptocurrency youtube channels.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange List

1. Coinbase Exchange

coinbase reviews

Coinbase first bitcoin exchange and USD pair deposit method are included with the prepaid card. However, it is easy to use for beginners, because its interface is very user-friendly. Coinbase is on the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

Only, with a single email, you can buy, sell and send money worldwide. As a result, buying and selling BTC is an ideal cryptocurrency exchange for newbies.

Most of the customers of the Coinbase exchanges are from the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and Swaziland. Not only popular in specific areas but also Coinbase customers all around the world.

  • Pay with Fast-Bank-Transfer, Debit-Card, PayPal, and Web Money. Moreover, vary among the country.
  • Min Deposit Any amount can deposit.
  • Exchange charges are 1.49% fees on bank purchases and 3.99% fees on credit and debit purchases.
  • Country USA

2. Binance

binance review

One of the first growing mobile app-supported Crypto exchanges is Binance. After ending ICO it’s growing rapidly around the world as a popular Crypto exchange platform. This is the best platform if you chose the #1 exchange.

Binance started in China. But now it’s moved the Crypto-friendly Island of Malta to the EU. Although its member around the world.

However, this is one of the top Crypto for Crypto online exchanges. This exchange is popular behind its low trading fees. Moreover, the CEO is a friendly company.

Binance is not only a Bitcoin exchange but also top Crypto to Crypto exchange. Here we only attempt to outline that’s you need to know about exchanges.

  • Pay with Fast-Bank-Transfer, Debit-Card, PayPal, and Webmoney.
  • Min Deposit allows any amount.
  • Charges 0.1% standard trading fee. BNB pays 1st 50% to 6.75% 5th no discount.
  • Started in China but have now Move-in Japan

3. Bitmex

bitmex exchange

One of the popular exchanges is Bitmex, where you can do margin trade. Many people think it is based on Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. A young, talented economist team created this amazing exchange platform with high-volume trade.

BITMEX is a derivative Crypto market. Primary trading currency bitcoin and futures contract. Moreover, no liquidity. BitMEX is a P2P Crypto products trading platform.

Personally, I am not encouraging you because margin trading is dangerous for financial health. In short, this is not spot trading Bitcoin. Also, BitMEX is wholly owned by HDR Global Trading Limited. Moreover, it’s a team of developer-based traders.

  • Pay with: No liquidity.
  • Min Deposit: Any amount.
  • Exchange charges: Bitcoin 100x -0.0250% 0.0750% 0.0500%. Others are also cheap.
  • Back-end country North Korea

4. Bitfinex


Since 2012 Bitfinex is one of the popular Crypto exchanges that is a Hong Kong-based platform. However, it offers mobile apps to trade assert, among the users. You can also lend crypto to earn interest.

Raphael Nicolle is the founder of this Cryptocurrency broker. However, a number of people are trading on this platform. Both intermediate and advanced traders are satisfied here. Moreover, a wide selection of coins is included day by day.

The trading volume is users from all around the world. So, this platform provides more than 16 trading pairs with USD and BTC. Last year they stopped service for USA customers.

More than $2 billion worth of trades a day and more than $600 million volume BTC/USD pairs.

  • Total currency 143 market share 31%.
  • Trades fees vary from 0.1% to 0.8%.
  • Country Hong Kong

5. KuCoin

kucoin exchange

Like Binance KuCoin is another popular, easy-to-use, and hassle-free Crypto exchange. Moreover, it is one of the trusted exchanges that also offers to trade with iOS, Android, and mobile apps.

This modern and secure exchange platform attracts more people day by day. However, Min Deposit with fast bank fiat transfers $50 and any amount with cryptocurrency. Trading fees are cheap and you can trade easily.

It has a fresh interface that’s helped you to understand the platform.

A relabel blockchain passion young group behind the exchanges. Who is already behind giant industrial products like GF Securities and Ant Financial? However, a very clean and fresh interface has drawn new traders to trade on this platform.

  • Total currency 143 market share 31%.
  • Trades fees vary from 0.1% to 0.8%.
  • Country Hong Kong

6. Bittrex

bittrex exchange

USA rules and regulated-based crypto exchange. There have more than 200 currencies to trade. One of the high trading volume exchanges and a well-regulated and safest crypto haven for the Crypto investor.

Bittrex is among the top 3 exchanges in the world. Moreover, a number of people are trading with high trading volume. Also, higher trading limit you will need account verification and two-factor authentication.

Bittrex has been trading since 2014. Approximately $300M trading volume 24 hours. Therefore, to start trading on this platform you need to sign up by email and then fill up KYC with your ID card.

  • More than hundreds of trading pairs with USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • To withdraw need KYC verification and basically verified 3 BTC per day
  • Generally, trading charge: 0.25%.
  • Country Based in Seattle, USA

7. Poloniex

ploniex exchange

Poloniex still dominates as a top-level Crypto exchange. In the Crypto exchange long run it has been staying leader. Moreover, the exchange provides clients’ demands. It`s another biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Poloniex was founded by Tristan D’Agosta in 2014 January. More than 100+ currencies are traded by Crypto lovers in this USA base digital currency exchange platform.

In 2017 Poloniex had a record amount of trade volume. Not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum has a big trading volume. Moreover, Ethereum is traded here number one position. For a trading view, you can use a nice candlestick to check.

The exchange is better for security and decent trading volume. One of the main reasons is Goldman Sachs is backed by this company. They are authorized by the SEC and FINRA as a broker/dealer in the USA.

  • Poloniex charges 0.15% to 0.25% of all trades.
  • Anyone can deposit with USDT (Tether dollars).
  • Country owners the USA.

8. Hitbtc

hitbtc exchanges

Since 2013 HitBTC is an advanced Crypto broker. Also, it’s having a proven history of digital currency exchange. Many beginners start their trading on this platform.

HitBTC trading volume is growing day by day. A number of trading pairs are included here. With a credit card, a USD deposit is available here.

One of the advanced level exchanges as well as a robot system with a high liquidity trading platform. Moreover, as a digital asset trade, there has no limit. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and USDT traded since 2013 with more than 300 currencies.

HitBTC users, from beginners to core traders. Fresh and advanced order-matching algorithms give traders trading flexibility. Professional traders can use API trading bots with high-end order charts. Though, the site had hacked experience in 2015.

  • Traders provide 0.01% trading fees.
  • Hong-Kong-based company

9. Changelly

changgely exchange

Changelly is featured for its advanced service. For example, a client can buy Ripple, XRM, and Zcash with USD from a Credit Card. However, small investors can invest here very easily. Not only you can buy other Crypto coins, but also you can transfer them to your own wallet.

Clean interface, easy-to-use, and beginner-friendly features this exchange give value to the users. Changelly is amazing for the freedom of use of Crypto because you do not need verification for registration instantly. Zero commission fees and real-time exchange rates enjoy the traders.

Simply singe up with your email then the deposit and start trading. Moreover, with USD / EUR you can trade more than 40 currency pairs. However, to get you the best price this exchange boot connects with the real-time server.

  • The exchange fee is 0.5%
  • Country Prague, Czech Republic.

10. Cryptopia

cryptopia exchange

Using Crypto you can buy, sell, and trade on Cryptopia. Badly many undervalued scripts can be found here. Moreover, the low market-cap coin is available on this platform. Cryptopia supports more than 500 currencies. It is another beginner cryptocurrency trading platform.

Low and random coin listings are on Cryptopia. As well as it is highly risky to invest in those coins. Although if you can choose the right coin then it could be striking gold. Otherwise, it is good for beginner and anonymous traders.

The New Zealand dollar is supported as a fiat currency. Who verified with the only email their limit is $500 and with KYC submitted member limits to NZ$50, 000 per 24-hour period.

  • Trading Fee: 0.2% and deposit fees none Withdrawal Fees: Fees vary.
  • Country New Zealand

List Of All Top Cryptocurrency Exchange

11. Huobi

source: Huobi

Since 2013 Huobi is another leading exchange around the world. Moreover, Huobi provides safe and secure, professional, trustworthy services. They lunch their offices in the USA, Singapore, Japan, etc. More than 200+ Crypto pairs are available for trade.

Available on Windows, Mac iOS, and Android trading apps with competitive fees. Trading fees are 0.2%, deposit fees, are none, and no withdrawal fees.

However, this is another one of the popular exchanges. The exchange center is expanded there service. The service included Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Tokyo.

  • Country Singapore
  • Fees as Maker 0.2% /Taker 0.2%

12. YoBit

yobit top cryptocurrency exchange
source: yobit

Russian base Crypto exchange offer with bitcoin, USD, and more than a hundred altcoin pairs. You can deposit money through Cryptocurrency, payer, AdvCash, Perfect Money, Capitalist, etc.

It also has multi-language support. Trading fees are less than 0.2% per transaction.

Since 2015 YouBit has offered trading more than a hundred Crypto assets pairs. Also one thing about YouBit scammers. On the brokerage roaming fraudulent link sharing. So, be cautious about it.

As per pros and cons, trade with about 400 cryptocurrencies. Also, a number of payment methods include. Moreover, rewards are included for regular You Bit traders.

  • Country Singapore
  • Fees deposit and withdraw fees none

13. Localbitcoins

source: Localbitcoin

The best way to, do international money transfers. LocalBitcoins is an amazing platform to buy and sell locally and in any part of the world. To get the best price you can find an attractive offer from other people.

LocalBitcoins ethically gives you an opportunity to transfer your entire money at no cost. In conclusion, there have AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, CNY & 50+ currencies available. Also a p2p transaction Crypto platform.

After the match offers buyers and sellers manually all the translations are finished. The brokers allow direct communication individually with individuals. However, many people are loving this place for the advantage of anonymous transactions. Badly the platform usually prices high.

  • Country Russia
  • Fees average 1%

14. Karaken

source: Karaken

This exchange is an old and popular Bitcoin trade exchange. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are interested to advance level trading with the technician tool featured. CEO Jesse Powell is the founder of this Cryptocurrency exchange.

The top country the US, Canada, and Japan is available for the transaction. Moreover, traders have the opportunity to exchange multiple fiats. Also, have several tiers to trade on the platform.

In the past Kraken, the trading engine was installed and got notorious among the user. However, it started in 2011 and competes with its nearest competitor canvas. In the end, Kraken is one of the top relabels exchanges by international traders.

  • Country United State
  • Fees deposit free, withdraw €0.09 and trading average 026%

15. Bithumb

source: Bithumb

Bithumb is another one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. Many happy traders are trading higher. Easy-to-use website interface real-able for new cryptocurrency traders.

You can check it out. Day by day new user is registered here to trade on various crypto coins.

16. IDEX

IDEX top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: IDEX

IDEX is the main Ethereum decentralized confided in return with ongoing exchanging and high exchange. One of the real-time trading platforms.

Popular crypto exchange to trade Bitcoin and altcoin. Get the opportunity with a universal time crypto price for trading on various currencies.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange To Buy And Sell Bitcoin & Alt-coins

17. Livecoin top cryptocurrency exchange list

Livecoin Litecoin may be a distributed cryptologic cash and open supply programming venture discharged underneath the MIT/X11 to allow for exchanges.

It is like a decentralized exchange of peer-to-peer transactions and open-source software systems. There have many different ALT coins for trading.

source:’s mission is to grant the foremost secure and most adept administration. Join the exchange to trade with low fees and hassle-free exchange.

Low Withdraw Fees and trade assert Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, TRON, and Ripple.

Gate crypto exchange is one of the top altcoin exchanges. is also top cryptocurrency exchange list.

19. CoinExchange

source: CoinExchange

CoinExchange is an online altcoin trading platform focused on usability, security, and client bolster. Their central goal is to end up a column in the online cryptographic money commercial center.

For cryptocurrency coin security you can choose Coinexchange for altcoin trading.

20. Etoro top cryptocurrency exchange list

Etoro top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Etoro

Especially eToro may be a social exchange and multi-resource concern that has listed workplaces in Cyprus, Israel, and the UK. They have expert traders and you can follow them to make a profit.

Exchange and place resources into cryptological styles of cash, stocks, ETFs, financial standards, files, wares, or duplicate driving money specialists on eToro’s problematic exchanging stage.

21. 24option top cryptocurrency exchange list

source: 24option

24option is one of every of the world’s driving Forex/CFDs exchanging stages. So this exchange can give you a better crypto exchange as forex featured.

Enjoy trading with great profit this place is another appropriate crypto exchange. In brief, trade with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, repel, Tron, and other attacking exchanges.

22. Luno top cryptocurrency exchange list

luno top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Luno

The simplest technique to get Bitcoin and Ethereum. Luno makes it secure and straightforward to exchange, store and transfer the cryptocurrency assert.

Luno could be a Bitcoin organization headquartered in London with tasks in the state, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, and thirty-five alternative European nations.

23. Paxforex

source: Paxforex

Use 1:500 l Commission Free l 0.1 Spreads. Individual Trading Lessons. Bolster 24/5. 35% Forex Deposit Bonus. Commission-free is reliable and begins from the $10 deposit.

Began trading here with a very small amount and you can grow a big amount with their trading techniques and their advanced trading tools.

24. B2BX

source: B2BX

B2BX Exchange is a full-highlighted spot, exchanging stage for major computerized resources and cryptographic forms of money.

An ideal platform to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, Monroe, and some more outcomes. Especially as many traders who are experts in the crypto space, they trade here.

25. CEX.IO top cryptocurrency exchange list

CEX.IO top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: CEX.IO

CEX.IO may be a cryptological cash trade and former Bitcoin cloud mining provider. As an internet-processed money dealer, CEX.IO offers to exchange digital currency for act money, for instance, USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB.

Founded in 2013 in UK based crypto exchange. Many fiat currencies and payment options include this exchange.

26. Coinmama

source: Coinmama

Bitcoin and Ethereum charge account credit within the fastest, simplest, and most secure method of this fast crypto exchange. Good to be getting BTC and ETH in their exchanges.

To purchase a number of alt-coin you can join this crypto platform and enjoy trading.

27. Xtrade

source: Xtrade

Day and web-based exchanging with Xtrade Trade Stocks, CFDs, and Forex with our exchanging stage. Exchange whenever and anyplace, open a free record today, and exchange.

In brief, one of the most popular is trusted online cryptocurrency trading places is Trade. So check it out to start the exchange.


source: LATOKEN

LATOKEN is a cutting-edge trading platform that makes contributing and installments simple and safe trade around the world. They are conveying exchanging and managing an account to another age.

Especially this crypto trading exchange doesn’t start a long time, but you can get a better place to start trading.

29. Bitpanda

source: Bitpanda

Bitpanda is Europe’s driving retail exchange for purchasing and offering cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Quick, secure, and trusted digital currency exchange.

Especially Bitpanda is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange through an online platform.

30. Bitstamp

source: Bitstamp

Bitstamp may be a Bitcoin trade set in Luxembourg. It permits exchange between USD money and Bitcoin digital cash. It permits USD, EUR, bitcoin, Litecoin, ice cream, swell or Bitcoin cash stores, and withdrawals.

In summary digital crypto exchange, you can start trading here to get a profit. Here are also the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

Here Are Some Other Digital Currency Exchanges

31. Xcoins

Xcoins top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Xcoins

Purchase Bitcoin with Mastercard at xCoins! Fast endorsement for brand spanking new purchasers, moment for rehash customers. To buy crypto instantly this can be your chosen exchange.

Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal square measure acknowledged. In conclusion, you can exchange many altcoins in this crypto space and you can find here a fresh look interface.

32. Cobinhood

Cobinhood top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Cobinhood

COBINHOOD causes you to augment returns on your digital cash speculation. Third exchanging expenses with no conditions. Simply create an account to exchange crypto.

To be part of Cobinhood and start trading join this platform! Too low trading fees and many resources to learn trading knowledge. Above all, you can visit the Cobinhood crypto exchange site.

33. Coincheck

Coincheck top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Coincheck

Coincheck may be a Bitcoin exchange and trading platform headquartered in the capital of Japan. It was established by Koichiro Wada and Yusuke Otsuka.

Many Japanese like to trade cryptocurrency in this crypto space. In conclusion, the trading volume is growing day by day among Japanese people.

34. Shapeshift

source: Shapeshift is the main moment that processed resource trade, supporting several blockchain tokens as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, squash, Dash, and Dogecoin.

You can exchange a lot of old coins on this platform. Their support team will assist you to get started as per your ask requirements. ShapeShift is also on the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

35. Bitso

Bitso top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Bitso

Where and anywhere you can trade with Bisto? Purchase, offer, send, and get Bitcoin, Ether, and different cryptos from any place. Download #BitsoApp and appreciate the greater part of its advantages appropriate from the site.

Above all Bitso is trusted by many crypto investors worldwide are trading volume is good. The top cryptocurrency exchange list has a position of Bitso.

36. Indacoin

Indacoin top cryptocurrency exchange list
source: Indacoin

Purchase and trade any form of the Cryptocurrency Exchange list, but this is a popular one. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and 700 different computerized financial standards with Visa and MasterCard.

Indacoin was started in 2014 and has been functioning since that time for a word. The trade acknowledges simple credit/charge cards. Our top Cryptocurrency Exchange list enlisted this exchange.

37. Bitbay

Bitbay on top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: Bitbay

One of the greatest digital money exchanges in Europe. Check Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Lisk, Dash, and other altcoins to exchange. So Bitpay is listed as a top Cryptocurrency Exchange list.

Many of the European traders are exchanging here and day by day it`s growing. This space is a worldwide popular and trusted cryptocurrency exchange. In short, we recommended starting a high-security exchange.

38. FoxBit

FoxBit top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: FoxBit

Another place for trading and exchanging cryptocurrency investors. Personally, I do not like it much more for its interface and language support service.

So, you can check it out, to understand the trading platform advantage. Find on the top cryptocurrency exchange list.

39. BitFlyer

bitflyer top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: bitflyer

Purchase and offer advanced cash on bitFlyer’s trades. Secure exchanges propelled diagrams, technical analysis tools, and modern request composes.

A number of cryptocurrency traders are loving this place to trade many ALT-coin. You can get quick support from their support team. In short, visit this online crypto exchange to start trading.

40. Coinroom

Coinroom top cryptocurrency exchange list
Source: Coinroom

One of the Cryptographic forms of money trade and the market is Coinroom: In short, you can trade BTC, BCH, LTC, Dash, ETH, Monero, Zcoin, Pivx, Zcash, LSK, Viacoin, Burst, ETC, and so on.

So in this Top Cryptocurrency Exchange list, Coinroom is listed with good review

Finally, we recommended trading with your own risk because the crypto market is so volatile. Here we only share the top Cryptocurrency Exchange list. We will update our top Cryptocurrency Exchange list very soon. Hopefully, you get an idea about the top cryptocurrency exchange list