Buy Bitcoin In Bangladesh

How To Buy Bitcoin In Bangladesh?

Bitcoin is the most popular Cryptocurrency around the world. So, in Bangladesh also have the use of it. You know Bitcoin is not still legal, in this country. Most of the reputable Cryptocurrency exchange is not allowed to buy and sell Bitcoin directly here. However, in this article I will cover all the way to buy Bitcoin in Bangladesh. Moreover, I cover with resources where to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh. As well as how to purchase BTC from Bangladesh in different payment option.

To buy Bitcoin instantly in Bangladesh there have several things, but not all the places are secure. So, in this post I will explain and step by step guide how to easily buy Bitcoin in Bangladesh. Before go in this article here I explain a little bit about what is Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer to peer digital currency. Over the internet people can transaction Bitcoin complete anonymously. Additionally, this is a cryptographic Cryptocurrency. The transaction process complete with open ledger so call blockchain technology. Satori Nakamoto apparently created this electronics money system in 2009.

Read the article to get an idea about what is Bitcoin?

Different Way Buy Bitcoin In Bangladesh

Already we have mentioned about Bitcoin still is not legal in Bangladesh. So, if you still want to purchase BTC from Bangladesh than you might follow this step by step guide. There have limited option to buy BTC from Bangladesh. So, you need to support alternative payment method to buy Bitcoin.

1. Buy Bitcoin With Spectrocoin In Bangladesh

Bitcoin With Spectrocoin
Bitcoin With Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin is one of the great Cryptocurrency brokerage where Bangladeshi people easily buy Bitcoin. If you want to buy Bitcoin instantly, this platform give you opportunity to do so. It also allow to deposit and withdrawal Bitcoin in Bangladesh.

There has a page where three category payment option to buy BTC at Spectrocoins. Those are the traditional option, gift card and mobile top ups. So. You can buy Bitcoin with Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money and Payeer. Simply to buy Bitcoin you need to deposit fiat money with those payment options.

After deposit money you are ready to exchange directly with Bitcoin. The transaction cost is low to buy Bitcoin. Additionally the exchange gives you a free blockchain wallet. Where you can keep your Cryptocurrency. Moreover, you can withdraw your Bitcoin at any other wallets.

Here is an article about how to buy Bitcoin with skrill through Spectrocoin.

Pros: Different payment method and easy to use.

Cons: Fees is pretty high.

Buy Bitcoin Through Spectrocoin

2. Buy Bitcoin Through localbitcoins In Bangladesh

Bitcoin Through localbitcoins
Bitcoin Through localbitcoins

The second option to buy Bitcoin in Bangladesh is This platform is not only giving you the opportunity to buy BTC but also give you chance to sell your BTC. Though I personally not prefer this platform.

Simply to buy Bitcoin with Local Bitcoin you need to create an account. After creating an account, log in your account. Now on the top right sidebar, click on the Bitcoin buy button. In this section you will able to see from Bitcoin online in Bangladesh.

There have quick buy and sell option as well as seller profiles, payment method and BTC price. Most of the cases as a payment method in Bangladesh Bikash, Rocket and bank transfer etc. You need to put your desire amount to buy Bitcoin. After sending your payment basically it takes a few hours.

Read this step buy step guide how to buy Bitcoin with skrill at localbitcoin.

Pros: There have customer support and user ratting system.

Cons: You need to be vigilant as well as no other coin support.

Buy Bitcoin Through Localbitcoin


If you want to buy Bitcoin from Bangladesh than still not so easy. You need to use alternative payment system to do it. But Cryptocurrency sphere is the prime cause of scammer. So be careful to transaction at anywhere over the internet. You can check top ten Crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin after the Cryptocurrency market.

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