How To Buy Cheap Domain With Bitcoin

Almost every corner of the world people knows Bitcoin is the most useful and popular online Cryptocurrency. So to buy digital products like domain hosting Bitcoin payment is important as well as easy too. So, in this article, you will learn how to buy a cheap domain with Bitcoin.

In this modern time, to make a living, people are finding to go with some digital and new ideas. One of them is to earn from online sites like e-commerce sites, blog sites, social media sites, magazine sites, news portal sites, etc.

The first and foremost condition to create a site is to buy its domain name. But it is not an easy task, as I say. So, today I am here to tell you how to buy a cheap domain with Bitcoin properly. You must follow some rules and techniques that I mentioned below while purchasing a domain name for your online project.

Without more intro, let’s jump into the main topic and know more about Cheap Domain With Bitcoin.   

Buy Cheap Domain With Bitcoin – 5 Elementary Steps

Step 1: Select Your Domain Name Cautiously 

Domain Name
Domain Name

A domain name is an identity of a website. It is used for several network connections, particular naming, and location purposes. It starts with ‘http://www.’, then ‘Domain Name’, and ends with ‘.com’. was the first registered domain. Then the time was March 15, 1985. According to the latest record, 330.6 million domain names had been registered until 2017.

So, this step is very important. You should think carefully while selecting a domain name. Because a lot of things including profit or loss of your online business depend on the domain name.

While choosing the domain name, I suggest you keep the following instructions in your mind. However, you can buy a cheap domain with Bitcoin cash, BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.

  • Choose A Name According To Your Working Subject: My first advice to you is to pick a name that is related to your business subject. For example, if you have a catering trade or food-related online business, then you should take a name like ‘Foodie’ or ‘FoodPalace’ that goes completely with your business.
  • Choose A Memorable And Unique Name: While choosing, select a memorable and unique name. We all know ‘To error is human.’ After taking your service, when people like it but just for a confusing name, they can’t receive your service again. That means they can meet with trouble while finding your site in Google. Then, it may also be that they will never search your site again. In this way, a confusing name may lose your business.
  • Don’t Use Hyphens, Commas, Semicolons, Or Any Kinds Of Punctuation Mark In the Domain: Using hyphens, commas, or any other punctuation mark makes the domain name awkward and distracting. People would get dizzy while reminding your domain name. You also may be confused or forget to say hyphens or coma during speaking over the phone, audio clip, or with anyone.
  • Don’t Add Number In Domain: I will favor selecting a name without adding a number. It is proven in research that most of the traffic finds the domain without a number in Google in most cases. So, if you have a domain name with some numbers, but someone has the same domain without a number, then people will search the domain without a number. This is how you may send your traffic to another site owner.
  • Use Notable Spelling: In this step, I want to suggest you keep a name that has memorable and notable spelling. Such as, if you have a cloth-related business, then name it with an easy spelling like ‘FabricMart’ or ‘DressMart.’ Don’t use a name that may confuse people. So buy a cheap Domain With Bitcoin.
  • Use Several Tools: Properly think before your name. You will expend your hard labor and effort on your business. So, name in such a way that your hard-working can’t go in vain. At this time, you can use some tools like a domain name generator, or thesaurus that can help you.
  • Never Select Auctioned Domain Name: Never opt for a domain name that is auctioned. They are normally too expensive. According to my experience, I will never suggest you buy an expensive domain. Because till now you don’t know about the result of your online business. It can be positive or negative. By any chance, your result is negative, and then your whole cost is for nothing. So, start with a cheap domain name.

Step 2: Choose An Exoteric Extension 

Domain Name Extension
Domain Name Extension

The last part of a domain name is called a domain name extension. It is an important part that helps the traffic in Google to reach their desired destination. You should choose one extension that is related to your business. So that, whenever people are searching your domain name, then SEO(Search Engine Optimization) helps them to enter your site.

Till now, there are 280 different domain extensions all over the world. Nowadays, top extensions are .com, .org, .edu, .mil, .gov, .net, etc. Now I am telling you which extensions are used for what purposes. This is the extention of Cheap Domain With Bitcoin.

  • .com is used for commercial sites.
  • .org is for nonprofit organizations.
  • .edu is for USAs’ educational institutions.
  • .mil goes for USA’s military branches.
  • .gov is for USAs’ government.
  • .net is for network technology-related sites.

My view is to take an extension for your domain name that can go with your business topic or site related. Otherwise, you may lose Google traffic for your well-established site.

Step 3: Go With A Well Known Registrar Company

This step is very important. You can buy a domain name from any type of registrar company. But those are not well-established companies, don’t go with them. They would offer poor customer care service.

I am telling you from my experience that purchasing a domain name from a small company may damage your site. Because they don’t provide you with any kinds of customer services like domain renewal systems, site maintenance, etc. But, at the starting point, as you are fresher, the services are very important.

So, while selecting the best registrar company, you must know whether they provide the below services or not. The advantage to buy a Cheap Domain With Bitcoin.

  • Auto Domain Renovation System: Some companies give offer auto domain renewal systems. Thus, you can reduce domain renewal costs.
  • Auto Renovation Cost: There are some which don’t renew your domain automatically. In this case, you have to charge for it. Go with the one which demands low cost.     
  • Hosting Offer: Some companies are ready to give you both a domain name and a hosting system. Buy from them, then you don’t need to go to another hosting company.
  • 24/7 Live Support: As you are a beginner, you may need 24/7 support for your site. Some registrar companies provide support. I will recommend you buy the domain from them. Because, as a fresher, you could make a lot of mistakes. But, they are here all time to repair your mistake.

Step 4: Purchase Your Domain Name For At Least 3 Years 

Buy a domain for a minimum of three years. Then, you don’t have to renew your domain again and again. Thus, you can save time and cost. After that, before selecting the confirm button, read all their services and duration.

Step 5: Buy a Cheap Domain With Bitcoin Payment Process      


Now, it is time to tell you about the payment process. You have the option of going with a credit card. But, sometimes, sharing your credit card information online may cause an unpleasant incident. Then, I will suggest you accept the Bitcoin payment option.

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that can be sent from one user to another user without the need for any media. It was first invented in 2008. One bitcoin equals 31568.90 United States dollars.

To buy a cheap domain with Bitcoin, first, you have to create a Bitcoin wallet or account. It is like a bank account by which you can send, receive and handle your bitcoins. So, you have to create a Bitcoin wallet. During creating a Bitcoin wallet, you must choose a strong password and make sure to have a dynamic backup system.

Now, it is time to send Bitcoin to the registrar company from your wallet. At first, you have to buy bitcoins instead of your dollars. After purchasing, you will receive a Bitcoin address. Copy the address and paste it. Then, write the amount and press send and continue. Now, you have to enter your password and fill up other formalities like two factors. Finally, send the transaction.

Note: At this time, you must enter the G-mail address properly. You will get a confirmation message through your mail-id. Otherwise, you can’t send the transaction.

Now,  I am going to tell you the top 6 registrar companies that allow buying cheap domains with the Bitcoin payment systems. The bellow of a list of Cheap Domain With Bitcoin purchases.

So, to buy a cheap domain with Bitcoin, you need to follow the upper rules. Don’t be so worried. It is an easy process. Be easy and fill up all the requirements correctly. Then enjoy your domain name. Hope you got the idea about Cheap Domain With Bitcoin.

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