How to make money from cryptocurrency

A different way to make money from cryptocurrency

If you want to make money from Cryptocurrency then this is one of the great articles for you. You can learn something new and easy way to make money from Crypto. So, let’s start to know how to make money from cryptocurrency.

Here I am going to share with you some of the different ways to earn money in the crypto world. To earn money you need to exchange your knowledge, time, or your computer processing power.

Some of the methods are needed minimal effort and you get the return minimal result. To earn money online you need a certain level of knowledge and expertise to get a lucrative return. If you do not start the right way, you may fall into plenty of cryptocurrency scammers.

Make Money From Cryptocurrency Buying & Holding

How to make money from cryptocurrency Personally, I prefer to make money with digital currency buy and hold. Just buy and hold fundamental use-case cryptocurrency until a fair, reasonable market share price. This is one of the greatest and safest ways to make money from cryptocurrency. For a long time buy and hold process most likely increase the price you bought it at.

Though recently the cryptocurrency market is blooded it will increase for the time being. So carefully invest in this case. Stay news and update when the market goes bull run. Before starting crypto trading you should read the cryptocurrency trading guide for beginners.

Buying & Holding
Buying & Holding

Before buying any crypto you need to do your own research because there are many coins useless or scams. Don’t buy simply or emotionally any coin or crypto-token from the market without research.

Have a glance. Read crypto coins white paper, and road map, follow them on social media, and inspect the current provision, market cap, and daily volume on fashionable exchanges. Moreover, you need the crypto project management team or who is behind the project.

Overall a list of the promising and reliable coins to invest

    • Bitcoin: First crypto coin in the world and domains more than 52% of the total market capitalization.
    • Ethereum: It is the 2nd market capital as per coinmarketcap.
    • Ripel: Though it is not decentralized one of the top popular cryptocurrencies.
    • Litecoin: Like Bitcoin, it is another popular trusted coin.
    • EOS: Application base crypto coin with huge potentiality.

Buy and Hold Cryptocurrencies For Dividends

A number of cryptocurrencies are paying dividends just for holding crypto and you do not need to stake them in any wallet. This is a smart way to earn money from fair share cryptocurrency holding. For your portfolio, you can read some guides about which coin you should hold. Before holding any cryptocurrency we recommended to research clearly. For example, below is some crypto we prefer to buy and hold.

  • NEO: With its own blockchain it is one of the top cryptos that is known as Chinese Ethereum.
  • Neblio: Dapps and ICO launching platforms give you a 10% annual dividend.
  • KuCoin: This world-class crypto exchange provides you with 50% of the trading fees dividend.
  • NAV Coin: It also provides 5% annual profits.

Staking Cryptocurrencies

Another way I prefer to earn and get the dual benefit of price appreciation holding digital coins also reward as defendants for staking of crypto coins. Basically, by staking or holding crypto coin 24*7 in any live wallet at the same time you get rewarded. New coins staking and securing the blockchain network.

Staking Cryptocurrencies
Staking Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has two schools of thought one is proof of the work where mining comes and another is proof of the stake. Proof of stake allows the coin holder certain coins to get interested in supporting the network. You need to purchase any particular amount of a certain currency, create a wallet and node, and send those currencies to the newly created node purpose to verify the transaction on the blockchain.

As new blocks are ad blockchain and users are rewarded. Below are some of the crypto to check such as Lisk, Ark, Neo, Qtum, OMG, Cardano, and Stratis.


Another smart way to earn passive income is Masternodes. It is simply a computer, wallet, or full node that is a full real-time copy of Blockchain. Just like the Bitcoin full node that is always up and running for certain tasks.

Masternodes Statistic

Performing such type of task many cryptocurrency networks will paymaster node owners. However, to get started with a master node you will need a minimum number of coins. With a master node getting started the minimum amount of cryptocurrency can be varied. To start it in the general range need 1000 to 25000 coins.

For example, proof of stake currencies

  • DASH: A DASH master node is one of the trusted places to get rewarded.
  • PIVX: To start with PIVX you need 10,000 PIVX to a relevant address to get reworded.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a new way to make money from the internet. Social media influence, bloggers, SEO experts, and content marketers generally use this platform to make money. You can write and promote a blog site with the cryptocurrency niche and redirect the traffic to any affiliate site as per your niche and you get a commission.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Easily you can sign up on RunCpa for the affiliate program with popular exchanges. So that you can make money from cryptocurrency on this platform. There have many cryptocurrency affiliates of far are available. Moreover, they allow you to withdraw money.

To start a direct referral program you might also choose those crypto platforms.

  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Luno
  • Kucoin

Writing For Blog And News Sites

To earn money from cryptocurrency writing is another great way. Simply write relevant content and publish on your own blog or sell it, although you need professional knowledge to write content on Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. A number of news sites and blogs need a lot of dedicated writers to discuss Bitcoin and ALT coins.

There are limitless opportunities and options to write quality, unique content for the cryptocurrency-related service. As per current demand, the writer is being paid $20 to $250 per 1000-word article. There has the option to get paid with Bitcoin or fiat currency. If you are looking for a job in writing then visit the below website.

BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns

The BitcoinTalk Forum pays a certain amount of money to their users for writing posts on the Bitcoin product campaign in the signature. In the Bitcoin talk forum, payments are dependent on your contribution level. A little amount of Bitcoin is available for it and who are not fully members here. However, at least 120 posts are needed to get a full membership owner.

There have some requirements for posters like minimum word limit, direct advertising in the post, minimum and maximum post count weekly, etc. Earning depends on the number of relevant quality posts that could make a user achieve the word count minimum. It is possible to make $20 – $100 per 24 hours of work. But remember you need a full membership.

Work For Cryptocurrencies

Yes! This is an apt way to make money from cryptocurrency. If you are a blockchain developer or cryptocurrency writer then you can exchange your service for it. You can earn this real crypto job market, there are lots of work opportunities in the crypto revolutionary space.

A number of platforms and websites offer you your professional crypto-related service. Currently, a Blockchain developer’s job price is $50 – $100 per hour. Some of the sites are below.

  • Jobs4Bitcoins
  • XBTFreelancer
  • Coinality
  • Bitwage
  • CoinWorker

Many websites are paying a negligible amount of Bitcoin to click on websites or view the pages. Maybe Ads4BTC is the most famous and very popular paid-to-click website ever. The website allows the user to select viewing ads over 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or 20 seconds, with different fees per view. As per the Ads4BTC offer, if your ads run on a 20-second page view then you may earn less than $10 per day.


Bitcoin Trading

I like to trade and there is a huge potential to make money with Bitcoin trading. It is really profitable for beginner and professional traders who are experts in understanding the market. As Forex trading cryptocurrency trading is growing in popularity and many people make huge money from it. So you can check this way to make money from cryptocurrency.

Generally, arbitrage and margin trading are widely available. Here you can make money with long-term trading and short-term trading. Both tradings need market expertise. Some of the top exchanges are below.

Here is how to make money from cryptocurrency.

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • Bitfinex
  • Kucoin

Microtasks For Cryptocurrencies

You can earn money doing some micro-task for somebody and get an exchange in cryptocurrency. This is such type of microwork generally download a new app for testing, sign-up, or registration and contribute some content, online survey, and watching videos. To start earning from this site check below.

  • Bituro
  • Coinbucks
  • Bitcoin Rewards

Bitcoin Mining

Still, a popular way to make money at your home is through your personal PC or a dedicated PC or even a mining rig. Now a day mining is becoming a very competitive option to make money from your desktop PC or your laptop. You will need some initial investment for a high-end PC and some additional GPU to get profit.

Bitcoin Mining
Bitcoin Mining

It takes some time to get benefited from your hardware investment earnings because it is a slow process earning system. But if you decided to start mining you will use your hardware for something else. You can mine through online mobile mining and browser mining, etc. If you are interested in Bitcoin mining read this article first ” What is Bitcoin mining?

  1. Mobil Mining: With a smartphone, you can start passive earning from Electroneum
  2. Browser Mining: From your google chrome browser you can simply earn money using a tool like the Crypto tab

Accept Cryptocurrencies As a Merchant

As a merchant or shop owner, you can accept exchange cryptocurrency for your service or products. You can get many cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payment processors as a merchant. Many merchants make money from cryptocurrency in this way. make money from cryptocurrency.

For e-commerce websites and online business owners receive cryptocurrency directly. For example, check Storiqa. eCommerce marketplace with the crypto payment system.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

We all know, the cryptocurrency market may be a free market that’s on the far side of the government’s management. The price is distinguished across completely different exchanges and additionally the volatility. Cryptocurrency market fluctuation is a common issue.


The above photo shows you different exchange has a different price on the same crypto asset. So, here get an idea of how to make money from cryptocurrency

Buy crypto from a certain exchange that is being sold at a lower price than any other exchange. As a result, take the opportunity to buy low and sell high on any other exchange to earn a good cut in between. This is called arbitrage. Always keep an eye on the market situation to take the profits in a short time.

Blogging On Cryptocurrency Websites

You can make money from cryptocurrency through blogging and content writing on the website that pays you cryptocurrency. Also, if you write unique, informative content for the reader for some crypto keywords then you can give full content access to the visitors with a little fee. That way you can make money. Some of the websites are below.

  • Y’alls
  • Yours
  • Steemit

Cryptocurrency Faucets

It is an easy way to make money from cryptocurrency, but the earning amount is not so big. Start earning a quick way through cryptocurrency and Bitcoin faucets. To get an idea about the faucet have a look below. It’s a slow process, but you can make money with some cryptocurrency faucets.

Bitcoin faucets are a reward system, in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a Satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website. There are also faucets that dispense alternative cryptocurrencies. –Wikipedia

Lending Cryptocurrencies

By lending your money you can make a return profit. In the crypto sphere, there have many peer-to-peer lending Bitcoin platforms that give you a decent 10%-12% return from your crypto or Bitcoin investment. Have a look at the list, for example, the site. Be aware of this category platform because a lot of scammers are doing to steal money and offering to lend money.

This lending service is highly unregulated and personally, I don’t like it much more, but this is an option to earn money with caution. Before lending your Bitcoin make sure you get your return safely. Many regulated players are involved here like the SALT Lending platform.

  1. Coincheck
  2. Bitbond
  3. Coinloan to make money from cryptocurrency

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