How To Submit ICO Project On ICO Listing Sites

To promote and boost an initial coin offering project you need proper planning and proper strategy. 2017 was the golden time of the ICO industry. Over $5.6 billion in funds were collected and approximately 436 ICO projects get a fund average of $12.7 million. In this article, you learn how to Submit ICO Project in Cryptooa. Submit ICO Project.

So it is more than important for a successful ICO project to properly plan and make the right strategy to grow expected money raising. So in this article, I am going to explain how to submit an ICO project properly.

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However, ICO promotion is one of the essential parts of a successful initial coin offering project. So to market ICO, you need to submit your ICO to different ICO listing sites. A proper way to submit ICO can bring more investment to your project. Here I am going to share with you how you can properly submit ICO project details on the free ICO listing sites. Submit ICO Project

Preparing for ICO Submission

Before submitting your ICO project, ensure that you have completed the following preparations:

  1. Project Development: Develop a comprehensive understanding of your project, including its purpose, goals, and roadmap.
  2. Legal Compliance: Ensure that your project complies with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions you plan to operate.
  3. Team Formation: Assemble a team with diverse skill sets to support the development and execution of your ICO project.
  4. Tokenomics: Design the tokenomics of your project, including the distribution, allocation, and utility of your native tokens.
  5. Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify your target audience, competitors, and unique selling propositions.
  6. Budgeting: Create a budget plan that outlines your financial needs for the ICO, including marketing, development, and operational costs. Submit ICO Project.

Choosing the Right Platform

Selecting the right platform to submit your ICO project is crucial for its success. Consider the following factors when choosing an ICO platform:

  1. Reputation: Research the platform’s track record and reputation within the cryptocurrency community.
  2. User Base: Evaluate the platform’s user base and its potential to reach your target audience.
  3. Security: Ensure that the platform has robust security measures in place to protect user information and funds.
  4. Listing Fees: Review the listing fees and associated costs charged by the platform.
  5. Token Sale Mechanism: Understand the platform’s token sale mechanism, including the options for fundraising and token distribution. Submit ICO Project.

Guide To Submit ICO Project In ICO Listing Website

As a part of ICO marketing, there have paid and free listing websites. Here we discuss only free ICO submissions. Though many listing sites offer to promote ICO projects with their team. Some of them simply offer to send ICO detail and they publish them on their listing site. Submit ICO Project.

Most ICO listing site has ICO details form to fill up and reviews with their expert team. After manually verifying the initial coin offering project published in the general category.

Which ICO listing site you should choose?

Submit your ICO project among the best ICO listing sites. The investor is interested to follow the top ICO industry recommendation. People are strongly following investing before participating in an ICO. So, when they search on Google they felt the best, rated, most popular, and most trusted ICO listing site.

When you intend to submit your site just pick on the top ICO listing site. For instant, go and search on Google’s top ten free ICO listing sites. You have seen a number of lists on the screen. Now from the list, choose free and high-volume traffic ICO listing site and find the ICO submit a link.

Some ICO listing sites are very complicated so before submitting your link read their term and policy. Fill in all the necessary detail so that they can properly understand your project and publish as soon as possible. Submit ICO Project.

Here Is the Top Ten ICO Submit Site Link

  1. ICObench: ICObench is the most visited website among the ICO listing sites.
  2. Cryptooa: To add your ICO project without spending money this one is ideal.
  3. ICORating: Here investors can get a fair rating insight.
  4. ICO Alert: Periodically members are able to get ICO alert notifications.
  5. ICOWatch List: Enormously source of ICO project details.
  6. ICO Hot List: Most of the initial projects are listed in this place.
  7. CryptoCompare: Crypto investors love this place for its great ICO source.
  8. ICO Tracker: Gear source of all the news on upcoming, ICOs
  9. CryptoPotato: Maybe you have heard about this initial coin offering listing sites.
  10. ICO Bazaar: To get which ICO is potential, this is a great source.

Step By Step Guide To List ICO In Cryptooa

If you are new to listing that this short guide to help you how to list your ICO project on a site. Do list any ICO project you need to gather detail about the ICO project. So you have all the ICO information to submit here.

Step -1

  • Go to the Cryptooa SignUp page to create an account. Simply put, your Email Address and a user name. Now put in a strong Password. At this time you have got an email in your email inbox.
  • Please check your Spam Folder if you don’t see that mail in your inbox. So, click the account Confirmation link. Now it’s come with an account successful confirmation popup. However, your account is ready to submit ICO.

Step -2

  • Go to your My Account Page. Here you can see the different options menu for ICO listing one is a sponsor and another is free ICO submission. If you want to add your initial coin offering project free then click Free Submission. Simply fill up your ICO project details as the form required field. Submit ICO Project
My Account Page
  • On this general listing page add Crypto Coin Name, Coin Abbreviation, Select ICO Icon, and so on. On the Coin Description (About) write short ICO details with unique content. It assists you to boost your ranking at the top. Moreover, the admin rated your project with a good score. Submit ICO Project.
submite ico project

Benefits Of Listing An ICO project To A Listing Site

  1. After lunch, your initial coin offering is successful now you need to market over the Internet. People will learn about your project on different listing websites. Moreover, it increases your public sale.
  2. ICO listing brings brand awareness and public know your projects. Investors get positive feedback as much as you have listed your project. So submit ICO projects to different listing sites.
  3. The initial coin offering’s main prospect is fundraising. ICO submission sites are well SEO and have high traffic volume arrangements. So it can bring enormous traffic to your initial coin offering project web page. As a result, a reasonable amount of visitors converted into your investors.
  4. This listing on multiple sites can make your page high-quality backlinks and SEO score.
  5. Free listing sites save you money on marketing costs.
  6. Crypto investors will know the new projects and they appreciate or ask questions to know more from that platform.
  7. If you get approval on multiple listing sites and get some feedback review then it increases project trustfulness.
  8. It is an easy way to get feedback from the public. People can ask questions about your project in another place.
  9. If you pay for it then your listing goes top on the quarry. As a result, you have the chance more investors.
  10. Best free advertising system for an ICO project.

Finally, every owner needs to boost their project. So here we have provided how to submit an ICO project on different listing sites. Different ICO submits listing platform is different submission system. Some of them are automated and some of them approve manually. If you see a manually approve system then properly provide your project detail so that they can approve instantly. Submit ICO Project

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