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How To Get Free Crypto Tokens And Airdrop Coins

You can earn money from cryptocurrency a different way. There are many option, where you can make money from cryptocurrency. Over the Cryptosphere there have some offer to claim free crypto tokens. In this article I grab some tips and tricks how to get free crypto tokens. Please check and collect free tokens from current offering list.

Every day you can earn free money from different companies in the cryptocurrency market. Many of them are offering free tokens and coins for sign up refer a friend. Also they offer free token for subscription, social sharing, small task and different purpose. Just get the free tokes and hold it for the future price increase.

Current Free Crypto Tokens Offer List – 2018

You can find all the crypto airdrop current offer in one place. Find and join now to get free cryptocurrency token and coins.


1. Altexch Next Generation Trading Exchange

  • Website:
  • Free token: 100
  • Worth of Value: $10
  • Project Category: Trading Exchange (ICO)
  • Start: Nov 15, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) – End: Mar 15, 2019 (09:00AM GMT)

Short Description:

Earn 200 free tokens ($20 Value) per referral and up to 35% of trading fees from your referrals. It is one of the top opportunity to collect free crypto tokens. Simply go through, the address and sign up with your email and get free tokens.

It provides a secure online cryptocurrency exchange. Here trader can trade safely any crypto through a single point from any time at any place.

After January they provide only $10 worth token until March. So, simply subscribe to claim your free token form the website.

free stellar token
free stellar token

2. Claim Free Stellar Tokens XLM value $25

  • Website:
  • Free token: 90-100
  • Worth of Value: $25
  • Project Category: Airdrop
  • Total Free Token: $125,000,000
  • Start: Nov 7, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) – Limited Time)

Short Description:

Stellar is decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency protocol. It allows to to exchange cross border digital currency to fiat currency worldwide.

One of the open source blockchain base networks. It’s also known as a non profit network.

Get detail about how to claim free stellar token

How do I get free cryptocurrency?

Who don’t want to get free crypto tokens as a startup. Which may potentially demand crypto market any time. So it might be a great way to claim your free crypto coins without a penny. It is a common practice to collect free crypto tokens, and both of them are getting benefited. General user and the ICO’s or crypto company startup.

Free distribution of tokens

“Advertising expands your business” initial business project to attract new users and boost the business provides some tokens for some task. Getting popularity among the potential user or clients and creating your own community is a key to success at startup. So they offer free tokens to get their support and engagement.

ICO need a huge of money on the advertising that could be compliantly different way. The method of promoting your new business with initial coin offering. Here I have mentioned and only two, ways of them.

  • Bounty
  • Airdrop

Free crypto tokens during an ICO bounty

ICO bounty is one of the loyalty program and generally it happens to start up company popularity. The organization offers this program in order to find potential community engagement and delegating certain tasks.

Now most of the company project who want to release there own Crypto products. They offer bounty program to advertise company visibility and public engagement. This procedure help to collect certain amount of money and a full-scale of company service launch. It also have a strict deadline to complete the projects.

The development team generally announces bounty fundraising starts process. You can get free bonus token when you buy a certain amount of initial coin offering tokens from the company.

Free crypto tokens during an crypto Airdrop

People can get free money with Crypto airdrop. The startup blockchain project gives their community free coin or token to get introduced and advertise themselves. It is a ways to promote company, service or products among the community. Airdrop helps to boost company brand and engage people. We also call it as a crypto loyalty rewards system.

So to get the rewarded token or coin you have to need a supported wallet. Most of the cases it supports ERC20 standard crypto wallet service MyEtherWallet to receive your free tokens. You may read terms and condition crypto airdrop page before applying to the project.

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