Top 10 Best Decentralized Exchanges

Best Decentralized Exchanges

Are you afraid of being your cryptocurrency stolen? Are you looking for safer and easier crypto exchanges? Trying to find out the top ten best decentralized exchanges? If yes, then you are at the right place to find out your best-decentralized exchanges.

Best Decentralized Exchanges

As all the exchanges are being exchanged in a centralized exchange. There is a high risk to trade in a centralized exchange. So, it is better to exchange in decentralized exchanges. The centralized exchange actually violets the tenants of the decentralized crypto economy. Above all, the decentralized exchanges are still in process of building. Therefore, we are obliged to use centralized exchanges.

However, there are still some best-decentralized exchanges. For example, Dex, one of the top-class decentralized exchanges in the Crypto community world.

Ethereum Exchange

Ether, the valuable currency of Ethereum that is the medium of exchange for Ethereum exchange. Certainly, the Ethereum exchange has become one of the best decentralized exchanges. Generally, there are three types of Ethereum exchanges. For example,



Trading platforms

Here, the website connects all buyers and users. The buyer states the price and the platform finds the buyer on that bid. Generally, users and buyers do not have any direct communications. To trade is quite the cheapest, but it is also more complicated than other exchanges.


Generally, there are many websites that provide Bitcoin for premium. But, brokers are the easiest way to buy Ethereum. On the contrary, it is also expensive to buy.

P2P platforms

Websites that give direct access to your buyer or seller. That means, through a website it will connect buyers and sellers. While they are too much restricted in brokers, they also take risks to buy from anonymous individuals.

1. IDEX Exchange

IDEX Exchange is also regarded as one of the best decentralized exchanges. Based on the ERC-20 tokens, it supports over 200 tokens. For new users, the interface of IDEX is very simple, intuitive, and convenient. Everyone easily can trade here.

It regulates heavy traffic in comparison with other DEX. Readable ledger stores all transactions. IDEX community maintains a big responsibility for it to have strong security.

Consequently, it is so perfect for the beginner to start their trading and exchanges.

2. Waves Dex Exchange

That is to say that it is one of the best decentralized exchanges that will give you access to two worlds. You can get access through a centralized machine service, where you can store your funds in Blockchain. Moreover, it is a decentralized exchange, which is built upon the Waves Blockchain. That is why it gives access to centralized access as well as decentralized exchanges.

While register in Waves Dex Exchange, do not forget to keep your back phrase, because, this is the only way to keep your funds safe for restore.

3. BarterDex Exchange

BarterDex is a secure DEX. It is built with 105,951 atomic swaps capability, which could be created more in the future. Atomic swaps help the traders to execute trades directly from their wallets in different blockchain networks. That’s why it is regarded as one of the best-decentralized exchanges.

Distributed exchange
Distributed exchange


  • This decentralized exchange uses Electrum servers. Therefore, to use the exchange no blockchain is needed.
  • To verify the transaction of the selected coin network Electrum is a Simple Payment Verification (SPV) service.
  • While using the same fund’s users can place multiple orders simultaneously for different coins.
  • It is much better than manually downloading the wallet of your coin.

4. Deex Exchange

Deex Exchange is another one of my best decentralized exchanges. Because Deex provides a reliable and convenient platform for every individual to trade quickly. Certainly more than 10 cryptocurrencies are available here for exchange. This includes- Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and others.

Blockchain platform Bitshares 2.0 (Graphene), is the most modern blockchain, and its function is based on it. It creates a decentralized transparent blockchain system. DEEX professional traders issue an appropriate stock token with automatic placement on all DEX-Exchanges as well as leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

5. Stellar DEX Exchange

The future of Steller DEX Exchange is really bright. That’s why it also is regarded as one of the best decentralized exchanges as a LOBSTER developer is now leading the future development.

LOBSTER is one of the most leading and modern stellar wallets that supports both in iOS and Android.

In short, Stellar DEX Exchange stores the order book settles transactions on-ledger and it has matchmaking built into the protocol.

6. OpenLedger Dex Exchange

Openlednger Dex Exchange provides blockchain services and creates an opportunity for the developer to custom blockchain development. Based on the revolutionary decentralized networks, Openledger creates new business tools. This opportunity also belongs to you to change your industry forever.


OpenLedger brings a team of experienced blockchain developers for custom blockchain development of your fintech, entertainment, insurance, and other industries.

They are the first DEX, who gives access to decentralized network build for your specific industries.

They help to fuel your growth with an ICO by raise over $90 million in capital through sales of tokens.

It contains more than 50 of the most popular coins, which are added from multiple blockchains. Therefore, it is a secure decentralized trading platform.

7. CryptoBridge DEX Exchange

CrytoBridge DEX Exchange is a decentralized Exchange, supporting the trading of an ever-growing variety of popular tokens and altcoins.

To describe in short, it defines itself in two ways. Firstly, It is a decentralized exchange. Secondly, It is growing and increasingly offers more and more trading options every day.


Secure: It is only one platform that will give you access to your private keys from different wallets. Which contains much security.

Decentralized: Trading never stops. Anyone can get access to the internet access 24/7. Built on the Bitshares platform. Principles of decentralization inform all kinds of trades and accounts. And for this reason, this is regarded as the best decentralized exchange.

High Performance: The blockchain behind CryptoBridge, Graphene, can process up to one hundred thousand transactions per second and has an average confirmation time of just 3 seconds.

8. Bisq Exchange

It is Peer to Peer (P2P) decentralized exchange network. Bisq exchange is an open-source desktop application. It allows buyers and sellers to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for physical national currencies.

Start Now

Starting Bisq Exchange is not so difficult. It will enable the beginners to start trading in less than 10 minutes. So, here is the process:

Download the app.

Add your debit or credit card or cryptocurrency accounts.

Create a new offer or take an existing one to trade.

Follow the user interface and finalize the trade.


  • Instantly accessible.
  • For decentralization and security, it is regarded as one of the best decentralized exchanges.
  • Private, safe, and secure exchange
  • Open to all and easy to use.

9. Exchange Exchange is an Ethereum-token exchange-based decentralized exchange based on smart contracts. It has double-ledger architecture features. One is an off-chain ledger and another is a chain ledger.

While using the Ethereum blockchain for trading, an off-chain ledger transfers funds instantly between users. At the same time, it requires its’ users to have a Metamask wallet to ensure secure transactions.

For its’ instant trading on the chain and using a specific wallet for secure transactions, it is regarded as one of the best decentralized exchanges.

So, here you guys know about the top ten best decentralized exchanges and I am sure that you have a clear idea about what they talk about. And an option, if you are not, then get updated with our next features articles.