What is GitHub?

Can you show me a developer who doesn’t know about GitHub? It really is a tough matter. You may never find out a professional developer, who doesn’t know about it.

It creates a huge platform the developer to store and manage their codes. At the same time, they can track and control changes their code.

So, let’s have a bird view over this code-heavy website.

What actually GitHub is?

GitHub is a website, using Git which provide hosting service for version control. Generally, it is used for computer code. It is one of the world’s largest source code hosting website.

It offers source code management functionality of Git and all distributed version control as well as add its’ own features.

Importantly, you need to know two connected principles to understand what exactly the GitHub is. And they are:

  • Version control
  • Git

Some open source software, such as- Ethereum, Metamask, Blockchain and other software can be also found here. As it works as an open source software providers. It plays a great role as a software development industry, most of the Blockchain and other cryptocurrency developers need GitHub for Development.

How to use GitHub?

  • Sign up: Firstly, sign up from the front page of the website. It is the easiest part. It is just to set up your account. Later, create your first repository.
  • Install Git: Secondly, as we have discussed about a version control application, which is known as git. You have to do it to manage code you write.
  • Set up Git: Thirdly, make your way into the command line. Process for OS X is: Hard Drive -> Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal. On the other hand, on windows, tell git you name like this when you are ready: git config –global “Your Name Here”.
  • Create your First Repository: Actually, now you have come so far to use GitHub. Now you are going to make your first repository. Click on the button “New Repository” on the top right corner of your account page.
  • Make your first commit: Finally, you commit your files when sending them to GitHub.

Moreover, you can use GitHub at Kinsta, WordPress and many other ways.

Benefits of using GitHub

  • To contribute to your open source projects it makes it easy
  • You can make it easier to get excellent documentation
  • It works as your profile for your working experience and quality for future recruitment
  • To write formatted documents, Markdown allows you to use a simple text editor
  • GitHub is a repository. It allows your work to present in front of the public
  • Track changes in your code across versions
  • It can integrate with Amazon and Google Cloud as well as common platforms

If you are working for any Cryptocurrency, like- Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency related software development project, you can get help with GitHub and help others in that platform.

So, fun begins here. You can get fun if you want to contribute in this site for developing open source software.

It’s not crazy, buddy. Every resources are available here. So why you don’t participate to have fun. If you really are an expert, contribute here. If not, then you might get help.

So, make your own fun now!

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